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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

The center I work at is 217$ a week for 5 days a week. Diapers and food are included, but you are welcome to bring your own diapers. (Rates vary for part time). Local average ranges between 150-200$/ wk ( some not including food or diapers)

I know people that do at home day care and charge various rates between $50-100$ a week but you supply everything.


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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

Around here in-home seems to be on par with daycare at about $700- $1200 per month depending how upscale you're looking for. Due to this, we have decided to go with daycare as I like the idea of my little guy being socialized with many people early on and you don't have to worry that your in-home care provider is sick and can't take your kid(s) sometimes.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that daycare will agree to CD
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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

In home is cheaper here, but when she or her kids are sick, I'm SOOL.
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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

AS a first-time mom, it's hard to see that child care costs so much. I thought the quote of $225 a wk was a lot, but after seeing some of these higher prices, I realize I may have had the wrong expectations.

Thanks, mamas :/
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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

What we're paying currently for home daycare: $135/wk (it drops to $125 when she turns 2)
Local fancy center: $235/wk
Local less-fancy center: $170/wk

We changed from the center to the home day care this past fall, because we had a lot of issues with the center, and the home daycare was in a better location. I did a couple of visits and lots of references/research on the local fancier center. I just never felt comfortable with it- the teachers/directors talked down to me, they all seemed bored/tired/sick of their job... it wasn't a good feeling. Oh, and they didn't open until 8am, and with DH and I both being teachers, this was a deal breaker.

We were nervous about switching to a home daycare, but LOVE IT. She doesn't have a tv in the daycare area. She cooks healthier meals than I do (and all food is provided). She hadn't done cloth before, but was willing to try and has been fine doing cloth with DD. She puts out an annual calendar in January with all the closed days for the calendar year, and it's far fewer days than the center ever had. In 8 months, she has been closed ONCE for sickness (and I think my DD may have given her the stomach bug... oops...). She has been flexible when we have meetings/appts and need to pick up a little late or drop off a little early. I am SO MUCH more comfortable with DD there than any center I've seen.
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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

We only need summer care and for school holidays or when the kids are sick.

We started out at the center at my church. It cost $50 per day for two kids and I had to either pay $2 per kid per day for lunch or send lunches.

Now we use an in home daycare. We pay $20 per day for two kids and I send most of their food. The other upside is that if my kids are sick she will still take them, or pick them up from school if I need her too. And that is even if I haven't used her for months.

I felt bad for stepping away from the center at my church, but to be honest my kids were so much older then the other children that my DS was bored. At 8 he was the oldest and his 5 year old sister was the next oldest. So for me the kids were happier, I'm paying less and the convenience is great. I do wish it were closer to either my work or home. Neither place was truly convenient for that, but that's just my not being a morning person. I did have a lady a few streets down offer to watch them, but I'm not sure I want to upset the apple cart at this point.
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Originally Posted by mibarra
Non-licensed should be even cheaper IMO since it can't go on my taxes if its under the table.
Not all states require day care to be licensed. She could be following her state laws on day care.
As long as your child care provider can give you a EIN then you can claim the care on your taxes or you can show proof of payments.
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Re: In-home daycare rates vs. center rates

In my area, in home daycares are a bit more expensive than centers ($200 vs. ~$150 per week).
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