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Re: FTM natural birth in hospital

I also suggest hypnobirthing! I read the book and took the class and it helped me stay calm through 2 brutal back labors. Had I not prepared I KNOW my outcome would have been different. I would have freaked! I had 2 natural, relaxed hospital waterbirths with midwives.


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Re: FTM natural birth in hospital

I've had 2 unmedicated births at hospitals. For both I had a doula and a birth plan that spelled out my desire for no epidural.

This time I don't think I will have a doula, but I will have a birth plan. We will be clear as soon as we arrive that we are having a natural birth- last time they wrote it on the board so any nurse that came on duty would be aware.

I also discussed it with my OB before the birth and gave him a copy of my birth plan. I sort of made sure my birth plan was everywhere- in my file, with my chart, at the nurses desk, etc.

You need to make sure your husband will advocate for you too. There will be times you are literally unable to speak for yourself. good luck!!
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Re: FTM natural birth in hospital

I planed for unmedicated hospital birth but then choose to get an epi. My contractions were 5mins apart right from when they started and then started coming 2 mins apart very strong but I wasn't progressing. I was just too much with no break so I wanted the epi and loved it. The hospital was great though. all the nurses read my birth plan. They didn't offer any meds, I asked myself as I had put in my birth plan. There was meconium in the water when they broke it so the nurse said I might not get my baby on my chest right away and the cord would have to be cut right away but she went of her own accord and asked if the neonatal team could check the baby on my chest. They said no, they needed to move her to the mobile unit in the room. However my daughter was very responsive when she came out so they didn't have to do anything.
My suggestion is to watch lots of natural childbirth videos and get some books and read them. Practice relaxing techniques and put together a CD of relaxing music that you practice relaxing to. Hypnobabies material is supposed to be really good to. Also labour at home as long as possible (we were an hour away and so left too soon not knowing what to expect and wound up walking the halls as they wouldn't admit me yet. Get a doula if you can and make sure your husband is prepared too.
Also, don't be rigid in your plans. Things can change. Many natural birth materials make out that any intervention or medication is going to make it so you can't bond with your baby, you won't be able to breastfeed and your baby will cry for two months straight. It's not true. My daughter was great, we breastfed well and she slept great and I recovered fast. Everyone's experience is different. Aim for natural but be flexible. Understand what other options are and how they work so that if things go differently, you're knowledgeable and prepared for a different course of action.
Oh, and make sure your husband is prepared to be your advocate if you are being pressured to do something you don't want. It's hard to stand up for yourself when you're in labour. You need him to know and understand your wants and to voice them for you.

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Re: FTM natural birth in hospital

I found helpful insight in the book Birthing From Within. I was very glad that I used a midwife associated with the hospital instead of an OB, the two that were on call the day I had my DD were so encouraging and wonderful. One thing I had read and did myself was to labor at home as long as I could. I was concerned that going to the hospital early would result in my case when I arrived at the hospital I was complete and ready to push. I couldn't have had an epidural at that point anyways.
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We had panned a birth center birth with our first, but were risked out due to pre-e. Laboring at home for as long as possible is great, but absolutely wasn't an option for us as I needed to be monitored a little more closely. I didn't have a birth plan for the hospital since I hadn't been planning on going there, but since we had a midwife instead of an ob, we were treated differently, with less intervention by the nurses. I had been expecting a long labor (16 plus hours of contractions) and had a short labor (less than 5 hours of contractions) and when I hit transition I thought "This is impossible. I physically can't do this for 10 or 12 more hours" so I asked to talk about pain medication. The nurse that came in told me exactly what my options were and what the side effects were and how each option could affect the baby. That was the most helpful thing ever! It helped me decide that I could wait another hour and then I was pushing within an hour. Because she really took the time to lay out the side effects of each drug, I was able to make a clearly informed choice about what I wanted. If we were to have a hospital birth again, that is the biggest thing I would put in my birth plan.
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Thank you so much, ladies! This has all been VERY helpful!
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Re: FTM natural birth in hospital

well mine was 13 years ago and i don't think they had birthing plans back then lol but I would've/would if i went ot hossy saying "natural birth in progress please don't offer meds" or something like that because the nurse kept offering very annoying when you are in a lot of pain. I also waited a long time before arriving and still felt like i was on their clock. Also would make sure you get hep lock instead of full iv connected and ask for non-continuous fetal monitoring so you can be free to walk around. And if you don't want things like eye goop, hep b shot, I would put that right on the door and a sign in the room too and make sure dh knows to speak up too:
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