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Why team green?

I have been debating on whether or not to find out the gender at my ultrasound. I have always found out with every other pregnancy and I'm entertaining the thought of waiting until the end this time since its our last baby. Is there anyone that has experienced both finding out and also going team green with a different pregnancy? Was it worth it? What are your reasons that you would recommend someone to wait?

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I have always found out too, and wanted a surprise for our last one. DH on the other hand wants to find out. We have 2 boys already and both of us are hoping for a girl, and I don't want to be disappointed if we find out it's another boy. I'd rather wait to find out and not have time to think about it too much.
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Re: Why team green?

My first three were surprises (and boys). With this one, I was fine with another surprise, but my DH REALLY wanted to find out, so we did. I have been good with both . . . after having three boys already, finding out has eased pressure for having a girl (he's another boy). Honestly, I love not knowing, because once I'm to the pushing stage, I have one more reason to get the baby out! I also found with not finding out, it's worse for others than for you.
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Re: Why team green?

I've found out with all but 2 of mine. Waiting to find out at birth was sort of anti-climatic for me both times. It was like by the time the baby was out I didn't care what the sex was, because I was just so relieved to have labor over with. I prefer finding out during pregnancy for a few reasons. I like to start thinking of the baby as "he" or "she", it's sort of a bonding thing for me as the pregnancy goes along. I like gender specific baby things and love shopping for those things during pregnancy and having it all washed and ready to go before birth. In short, finding out during pregnancy brings me more moments of fun and joy than if I wait and find out at birth, and it's still a huge surprise even mid-way through pregnancy.:-)
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Re: Why team green?

Originally Posted by bruenderbaby View Post
I also found with not finding out, it's worse for others than for you.
I agree with bruenderbaby, she said it well. With our first we did not find out and I loved it but it was upsetting for all the grandparents etc. it was like I purposefully did it so they couldn't shop
With our second we had the u/s tech write it in a sealed envelope and we opened a month later on our anniversary. This sounds adorable and I still love the idea, but it went terrible for us. Prego hormones took over big time and even though I had convinced myself I was fine with either, when I saw the blue booties I cried for the entire day. My dh was sorta disgusted with me and I was furious with him, why? Good question, but it didn't matter, it will forever go down in history as the least romantic anniversary in history
Needless to say we will not be repeating that one, since this time I reaallllly want a boy! Will I never learn? So I think we will just do it the conventional way at the 20 week u/s. Hopefully in public I will handle better
I did think waiting was the most fun, and it was sorta great getting stuff in gender neutral colors instead of all the pink and blue blah blah. I wish I was tough enough to wait this time
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Re: Why team green?

This is our last as well. We are team green and will remain that way. I've always found out with previous babies but lol I'm forcing myself for a surprise. With hubs genetics I'm thinking another boy lol a girl would be quite the shockers it would be the first girl in the family.
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Re: Why team green?

Once we have at least one boy and a girl (already have a boy) we will wait until the birth. This is baby #2, and we plan on finding out, mainly for planning purposes. Like all our baby gear is neutral, but if it's a girl, I am definitely going to want girly clothes. With DS we had all the baby clothes thru 12 mos already when he was born and we ended up traveling and moving shortly after he was born, so I was glad I didn't have to keep shopping for clothes. He blew thru sizes fast, and I plan to have the clothes thru 12m size ready before baby comes in case this one grows as fast. But once we have both a girl and boy, I think it would be fun to wait-- and drive everyone else crazy with not knowing!
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Re: Why team green?

We found out w/the 1st 2 & none after. I don't do US unless medically necessary, though after my US for my last pregnancy (they claimed I was measuring 2 weeks behind & wanted me to get one so I did to avoid issues at the end & of course, I was right on the money to the exact day) a MW assistant keep saying stupid things about when she had HER 1st boy... or the baby sure was a busy boy & then 5 seconds later she said, "Or girl..."

We had 3 DDs so I didn't think we could make a DS... & I wasn't sure if she was slipping up or just a goofball & I didn't ask because I didn't want to know. If we'd need another US this time I would say I don't want ANYBODY to know the gender & don't want it in my chart at all because of that moron slipping up. Oh AND to top if off after the baby was born my sister told me how that same assistant or whatever she is TOLD MY SISTER (who didn't even ask & would NEVER have asked!!) I was having a BOY... which my sister didn't tell me because I said I didn't want to know.

So if you say you want team green, make sure that EVERYONE is clear on that.

I was pretty irked that lady did that because it was just wrong to tell anybody, especially another FAMILY member!!
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We were team green for our first two (both boys) and will be team green for this one as well. I've debated finding out since it is our last but I really do prefer waiting. I asked that the sex not even be put in our ultrasound report because I don't want the midwife or secretary knowing if we don't haha. I have a feeling this one is a boy as well and we are both equally as excited for either gender no preference. (I will also be having a planned c-section so really don't want to know birthdate and gender)
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Re: Why team green?

Prepare for everyone to be irritated with you! lol What's the first questions you're asked by a complete stranger. When are you due? What are you having? They'll never see you again but yet if those questions are unanswered it messes up their routine. lol And then every one else probably just wants to buy you stuff. We personally love the surprise, something awesome about pulling a baby up to your chest and that perfect moment is completed by a gender reveal <3
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