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Re: Delivering at a freestanding birth center vs. hospital

Im an OBGYN and a hippie! I fully appreciate doulas, water births and midwives. 99% of the time birth can be done at home or at a birth center with no problem. HOWEVER, it is that 1% of the time that you need a doctor and a hospital available and when you need it, you need it ASAP. That is why I decided against a home birth, knowing what I know, what can happen, seeing it happen to other women- I would want to be in the hospital. In the US the maternal mortality rate is low since services are available, but in other developing countries fatalities are high since the women can not make it to a doctor in time.

My advise is to go to a birth center that is attached to a hospital or a midwife and a doula in a hospital. This provides some insurance just incase something scary happens. Good luck!


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Re: Delivering at a freestanding birth center vs. hospital

I know this is an old post, but I want to chime in

I gave birth to my first child in a hospital with an OBGYN. I was very young and I put my trust in a system that I believed would be looking out for my best interests. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The interventions started small, but before long a cascade of "necessary" interventions were taking place to ensure that baby and I were kept "safe". What was supposed to be the most natural and empowering experience of my young life had been manipulated into a medicalized mess.
I'm now 6 months pregnant and, needless to say, from the moment I discovered that I was expecting I vowed to do things differently this time around. I looked to alternatives and because my husband was apprehensive about being in an out of hospital setting I thought that seeing nurse midwives and birthing in the hospital would be perfect for my family. But, after attending a few appointments I quickly realized that despite my best efforts I was still finding myself wrapped up in a medicalized model of care. My appointments felt incredibly impersonal and rushed and my blood pressure was 30 points higher than my usual. I expressed my concerns about my blood pressure to my CNM and because I was still within "normal limits" at 120/80 (I'm normally much lower around 90/50) she completely dismissed my concerns. That and the 12 hours it took for her to return my call while I was having pelvic pain (I also have a history of miscarriage and preterm labor) did it for me. I broke down and told my husband that I couldn't go through another medicalized pregnancy and birth. He of course understood and supported my decision to start interviewing out of hospital midwives. We interviewed with 5 midwives and found one that we felt a strong connection to. I can't tell you how relieved I was to know that we had found someone who had a genuine interest in both my well being and the well being of my baby. At my first appointment with my midwife she took my blood pressure. I explained to her that it is usually very low, but that for some reason it has been high the last few times it was taken at the hospital. That's when she looked at me with a smile and said 92/50 perfect. I attribute the drastic change to the relief and relaxation that I felt being in the calm, tranquil atmosphere of the birthing center with a care provider that made me feel truly cared for.

Everyone's idea of the perfect birth is different. For me that means having a natural and undisturbed birth, so being in the hospital (even with alternative care providers) is just not an option. But ultimately this is your decision to make, and an important one at that, so take the time to weigh the pros and cons. If it's a natural birth that you desire, but you feel most secure in a hospital setting, then using a doula and taking out of hospital childbirth classes is a great option. If being in a tranquil, calm and non-judgmental environment is as important to you as it is to me, then the birth center is a great option. Whatever the case don't let anyone scare you into deciding one way or the other. My story is unique, just as every mommas, including yours, will be. Do what feels right in your heart.
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Re: Delivering at a freestanding birth center vs. hospital

I just had my son on March 1 in a freestanding birth center. It was the most amazing experience of my life. The only people in the room were my husband, the midwife, and the birth assistant. We immediately went skin to skin after he was born and breastfed. We also did delayed cord clamping and encapsulation of our placenta all done through our birth center. I ended up have a very short birth and got to the center about a half hour away from pushing. He was born at 9:30 pm and we headed home by 6:00 am the next morning. It was the best thing we could have ever done because I loved the recouping at home. I did have a tear during birth, but my midwife stitched me up and gave me info about caring for the stitches. I highly recommend a birth center to everyone because it was so great.
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