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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

i believe my dd's body was made perfect the way it is and as such I shouldn't inject toxins into, we are overseas and I still won't do it, as she gets older I may reconsider on certain shots depending on where we move to and depending on where her dad deploys to. I also feel that parents shouldn't have a say on if part of their son's penis gets cut off, the person whom the penis belongs to should be the only one making that decision.


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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Hunter was being vaccinated on the normal schedule at first. But then at 18 months he started having seizures and after a vaccines he'd sweat to the point of dehyderation. That's when we started to question the vaccine schedule and what was in them. I did a lot of research and I'm not convinced that vaccines are totally safe, atleast not to every child/adult. We no longer vaccinate Hunter and our Pediatrician thinks that's a good idea. Liev, who is only 4 months has had no vaccines. We aren't even going to discuss it until he's atleast a year old and then we'll think about it if we're going to, and if we are which ones and at what time. Breastfeeding helps keep Liev healthy and I'm a SAHM and homeschool so my kids aren't as exposed to some stuff as daycare and school kids are.

As for circumcision, well, we had a homebirth and I felt like if I took this approach to avoid all those things that get done for no reason, then I shouldn't cric for no reason. I know men who are intact and have had no infections at all. Keeping the penis clean is usually all it takes.

All kids and families are different. I do not judge those who vaccinate/not vaccinate or circ/not circ. Each family has to decide what is right for their family and children.

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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

I don't vaccinate, based on the research I have done (starting with Dr. Sears' book). It's a personal decision, and I don't begrudge anyone the right to make a different choice. I do, however, think that everyone should be informed of the decision they are making.
I'm not going to enter into the circumcision debate. I've been called a monster a few too many times on that one.
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post
I don't use anecdotal evidence to make my decisions. I'm just using it as an example of what I'm trying to avoid and why I vax my kid. And it just hits home harder when you hear of these things from people you know. Like my neighbor got into a car accident when he was sleepy - so yes, naturally it makes me want to be more cautious about driving. KWIM?

I have a question too (for the non-vaxers): Will you vax later on in life, when most development has already occurred?

I was thinking about this because one of my co-workers (not a friend of a friend of a friend) got German Measles when she was pregnant and her baby was born mentally retarded, physically disabled, and has other health issues as well. My co-worker was not vaxed, and was in her 30's when she contracted it. Will you (non-vaxers) vax your daughters (or sons) when they are older? Aren't you worried at all about when your DD gets pregnant when she is older and has no immunity to these diseases?
We do a select/delay schedule with my ds and our plan is to have him up to date by the first day of kindergarten. Once he's older I have less concern that vaccinations will have a negative impact on his system. My dd's are fully vaxed and they get their booster vaccinations on time. So for me personally, I'm not anti-vax as much as I'm anti getting them all so close together when my child is so young.
There are a couple exceptions-he did not get the rhoto vax and that's only given to babies so he'll never get that. And none of us get the flu vax because I don't think they work so he'll never get that.
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

We selectively vax our kids now - well atleast thats what its apparently called. We also have a medical exemption for the vaccines the kids do not get.

My daughters step mother HATES it - because haley missing 2 shots " puts her kids at higher risk for getting sick" ( even though her kids all got the swine flu vaccine and guess what they ALLLL got swing flu I refused it for dd and threated my ex that I'd take him for full custody with only supervised visits and win if his wife signed that consent form ( yes she tries stuff like that because she now has the same lastname as dd and most people wont question her ) )

But both kids ahve exemptions for any flu vaccines ( they both had severe reactions and ended up in the hospital) and chicken pox - both kids had the first vaccine and ended up with severe severe cases of chicken pox , and both times it was a weird strain and DH ended up getting it as well which was disasterous - so our dr has decided it absoloutely best that they not have flu shots or the chicken pox vaccine again since they've both reacted to it so negatively. And FWIW - the only time either kiddo has ever gotten the flu was after getting the shot. I've never had a flu vaccine and I've never had the flu .
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

We no longer vax, and will never circumcise again. I wasn't told of all the possible and likely complications of circ either, I don't even remember signing a form. It was probably shoved in with the rest of the stack of paperwork I had to go through. Vaccines, after reading much more than some people's "opinions" on the internet, I decided I was not at all comfortable with. I will admit I started actually thinking about it reading about other parents' horrific experiences with vaccine-caused injuries and deaths. I really find it very annoying when random people on the internet say parents who don't vax don't have "accurate" information and "found it all on the internet". And because I don't choose to believe the disproven misinformation that doctors (who are given very nice incentives by vaccine manufacturers) spout off, doesn't make ME irresponsible. I very rarely see anyone "judge" someone who vaccinates, but its the other way around. I don't believe in sacrificing the few for the many. EVERY child's life and health is important, not just the "general public".

And may I also point out, that the infection rate with these "deadly" diseases occurs at the same rate, if not higher, in vaccinated children as unvaccinated. I love how the unvaxed get blamed for it all, if these vaccines really worked, then why should it matter if I don't shoot my kids up with toxins?

And the whooping cough, it is a NEW version, that the vaccine does NOT "protect" against, because of the vaccine it mutated. And the vaccine will not keep a child, or adult, from getting it or giving it to someone else. It merely lessens the symptoms.
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post

My friend's cousin got whooping cough, and was coughing so hard that her retinas detached and now she is blind! Did I get the vax for my son? You better believe I did! And when an outbreak came to our area, I was really thankful I did. I don't think I could pass on vaxing. People argue that vaxing doesn't work or doesn't stop diseases, and I am not moved by that argument. There are a lot of terrible diseases that used to be common that are now very rare because of vaxing. And I do feel that my child getting vaxed, helps protect other people that aren't.
Ahh, pertussis. That disease seems to love my family. My older brother (fully vaccinated) contracted Pertussis from my (vaccinated) uncle (assuming; they both came down with it at the same time). My brother had a BAD case, too, so I don't believe that vaccinating against it guarantees a less severe case. FTR you do not gain immunity to Pertussis, by vaccine OR natural contraction. The vaccine is "supposed" to lessen the severity.

My younger brother had a severe reaction to the DTaP that landed him in the hospital. Two times. After his two month and four month vaccine. At that point his pediatrician signed a form refusing to give him another dose of that specific vaccine.

All of this to say -- One brother contracted the disease. Coughed like hell, but recovered smoothly. My younger brother ended up in the hospital. because of the vaccine.

I'll take my chances with the disease. But FWIW I don't refuse vaccines because I believe my child(ren) will never contract a disease. I just have full confidence that my children's body will do its job and fight off the disease, like it was intended to do.
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

yep we fully vax. I think there are risks no matter which path you take and this path has the least amount of risk for my children and for the population at large (no I am not uninformed either, I have read Dr. Sears and several other delay/anti vaccine books). That said everyone makes their own choice and I don't fault them for whatever they decide.

As far as circ, we don't do it. I don't see the need for all the reasons that other pp already said. We have never had any trouble getting DS to keep it clean either
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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by Samandy View Post
That's really easy to say when you don't have a dead baby. I have to live the rest of my life knowing that my "bagging my garbage" killed my daughter.
I really hope that you never have to know what that feels like, then to have people tell you oh well, less people will die because of it, and make stupid little analogies about garbage.

I don't understand how people can think getting a disease by chance is the same as injecting something into your babies body that has a "chance of a reaction" and killing them. And can someone point me in the direction of all the scientific research regarding vaccinations and side effects. Who is doing these studies?

I know my pediatrician did not even report my daughters death, she tried to tell me that we didn't tell her office, that's why they never reported it. For the record, they were told by us on several occasions, including right after she died when we called to cancel her next appointment.
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