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Re: Structure - how much is enough??

Originally Posted by diaperangel View Post
Hmm, very interesting! It sounds like you are very good at inspiring intrinsic learning, lucky kids!! Thanks mama, I will think about this more. Do you have a time schedule, like wake, eat, outing, eat?? Or is everything more random?

Everything is very very random, but I indulge in that possiblity because of our life situations right now. DH is a cop who's shift changes every 4 months (he's on swing shift right now (2:30pm-10:30pm) but we just changed over from graveyards (10:30pm-6:30am)), I am self-employed and work either at home during naps/down time or at my mom's (and the kids love playing at grandma's!), plus we homeschool. So aside from DH's work we are not tied to a schedule in any way, and we change our hours around DH's hours so as to spend the most time with him.

We go to bed when we're tired. That includes the kids. If they're sleepy before I am they are more than welcome to crawl into bed or crash on the floor or (most common) ask to be put to bed. That rarely happens, though. They're more than happy to hang with us until all hours of the morning. (It was around midnight-ish last night.)

We wake up when we're rested. For DH, DS, and I, this was around 11am this morning. DD slept until 1. This will have to change when DH starts a day shift and has to be up at 5am, but in that case our schedule will work around to going to bed much earlier.

We eat when we're hungry. It's not uncommon to hear my two year old say, "I'm hungry. You hungry, too, Mama?" because I'm always asking the kids that. Some days we snack constantly, some days we have two meals because we're otherwise busy and can't be bothered. Just depends.

We run errands or do fun things as required or available. Luckily, we live just around the corner from the museum, library, park, and Dairy Queen (with a play center inside) so walking out the door on a whim is common. DD will say, "We haven't been to the museum lately." and off we'll go. Shopping is a fun thing to do and we all look forward to it. (My friends think I'm insane (for many reasons) but also for enjoying shopping with kids. They're always saying, "I'll watch them for you!" No, thanks! I want 'em with me!) We get popcorn chicken and water when we first get there, then walk around munching, singing, reading packages, talking about sizes and colors, debating the merrits of this cereal vs that one, etc. Then we walk around and look at clothes or toys for a long time (usually while the icrecream melts... oops.). Shopping trips (without DH) usually last 3-4 hours.

So, to make a long story even longer, no, we don't have a schedule, even a rough one. My work gets done when it gets done. If I'm up against a deadline, then I will get up after everyone is asleep and finish things up then. I love the flexibility and spontenaity and I am greatful every moment that I'm in a situation where this is possible because I know it's not for many (most) people.
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