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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

I'm a former NICU nurse, and I'm happy to hear that your LO is doing great! In response to your original post... I used to always encourage moms that wanted to breastfeed to do so as much as possible, even if it seemed like it was holding their baby back from progressing through the stages of feeding (our hospital did things slightly differently than what you described, but the general idea was the same)... the reality is, that in most cases preemies struggle with feeding until they don't... it's almost like a magic switch goes off all of a sudden and they just get it. So even though you felt like the nurse was "messing things up" by getting you to breastfeed... she was actually doing a great thing, by encouraging you and baby to have that experience together and for baby to start associating the breast with food. In the end it probably doesn't affect an NICU stay very much, and it gives mom and babe a bonding experience and practice time that they will never get back if they miss it. Hope that kind of helps explain things Good luck!


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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

Ask to talk to the speech therapist, if you haven't already seen her. She will be the one to talk to about feeding.
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

Update. He went home at 37 weeks gestational age. He still wasn't breast feeding. I pumped and fed him with bottles until he was two months old when he got his tongue tie fixed. In the nicu, the doctor said he might have a slight tongue tie. My son's pediatrician said he didn't have one at all, or a lip tie. I pursued it further with a lactation specialist, who fixed the tongue tie. He could breast feed after that, but it hurt me horribly. The 4th of July was the big day, he started breast feeding full time and refusing the bottles. So a couple weeks later we got the lip tie fixed too. Now he is breastfed completely with no pain for me. He is growing and doing great. At his 4 month check up, he was 13 pounds half an ounce and 24 inches long.

I've changed doctors between the two month check up and the four month check up. The new doctor was quite surprised that he hadn't been referred to the birth to three program to check for any delays and referred him. We don't think he has any delays. He's between three and four month level for everything as far as us and the doctor can tell, but just in case.
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

Glad everything is going well. Don't know how normal the feeding chart progression is in NICU's. My son was fully TPN (IV feeds) dependent as a newborn and his 7 weeks were spent weaning from TPN to TEN (tube feeds) so obviously goals were different in his case.

As young infant it is really too soon to know if there will be developmental delays. There hasn't been enough time for developmental gap to show completely but if there is one it will likely show soon in the next few months. The evaluation is a good idea because ped's even good ones are totally horrible at discerning possible tone issues and doing in depth developmental evaluations. Although I can't help but wonder if it would be better to wait 2-3 months. I would ask EI directly when they think the developmental evaluation should take place and how long their wait list is to have the initial evaluation.

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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

I'm so glad that he was able to come home and that he is breastfeeding.

I was only in the nicu once and there was lots of time spent on encouraging breastfeeding and pumping all the time.
Here to help if I can.
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

My Lo was a late term preemie and we still struggled majorly with feeding. Many tears were shed because we had to fight for eveey single drop!
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

I hope both of you are doing well with the feeding issue. I just wanted to say congratulations and offer the personal story that my four year old was born one gestational week more than your lo. He spent a week in NICU and we used a nipple shield and bottle feeds for a while. That was annoying but we got through it and I breastfed until he was 14 months. He just quit one day and I accepted that. We are grateful in that he has had no issues whatsoever with his development.
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

That's interesting. Both of the NICU's we were at just tried to nipple a feed every time and if it didn't go well or the full amt was not ingested, they would gavage the rest. I had a 34weeker with lots of feeding difficulties and a 33 weeker who nippled all feeds from day 1 without more than the normal struggles keeping her awake. They had to nipple all feeds for 24 hours before being cleared for home(obviously with the car seat test and no A's and B's). But we didn't have phases like that. And my 34weeker was on primarily NG tube feeds until 10 days old.
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

Good luck. Our preemie had to be able to take 8 bottles and gain weight. It was hard but she is a thriving 4 year old now
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Re: is it the same in all nicus?

Our LO was born at 34 w 6d. She automatically went to the NICU (hospital policy). I was encouraged to breastfeed from the start (once her nasal cannula came out (it lasted all of 10 hours)). However, she didn't quite get the whole latching thing. In terms of feeding, she needed to have 35-45 mls at every feeding (I was pumping and formula was added to get 35-45 mls). If she couldn't, she would need a feeding tube. She took the bottle feeding right away. Since she was taking the 35-45 mls every feeding, after 24 hours they decreased her IV fluids and increased her amount needed to take. She needed to take 45-55 ml every feeding. At each feeding I was able to be at, I would nurse her after her bottle feeding so she could learn to nurse.

She came home after 6 days in the NICU.

Sadly, my supply diminished significantly, even with pumping every 2 hours.
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