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Can't take any more

My ds is currently a little over 5 months and still ebf. About a month ago he started this business where he is a total maniac when nursing. He pulls on my clothes, smacks me in the face, grabs my arms, scratches my chest, and kicks my arm. It is really starting to bug me. I have a large personal space and all this rubbing and touching is about to do me in. I have a nursing necklace and he pulls on it so hard it leaves red marks on my neck. i cover up with blanket when we're out in public (sorry lactivists!!) and it looks like I have 2 fighting pigs under there. I want to breastfeed until he's 1 but when I think about how bad it's going to get I dread it. Suggestions?


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Re: Can't take any more

well my ds is almost 7 mo and he was the same way.. i started pulling my shirt to wrap around his legs while he was nursing and it holds him tight. he doesnt seam to be as crazy since i started doing htat. try and hold his hands... move them around... i actually have a scar because my ds2 was sooo crazy... heleft me marks!
good luck.. dont give up!
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Re: Can't take any more

I think generally this is probably just a stage, or the frantic business may mean he is having trouble with letdown or is so hungry he is going crazy for the boob Margo will still act this way sometimes if my letdown is too slow. But by and large she has grown out of the frantic, abuse-mommy-while-nursing stage. Maybe take him off when he acts like this, tell him to calm down, and try to latch him again?

Two fighting pigs

Hang in there, mama!
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Re: Can't take any more

I have one too, mama! All of the necks on my shirts are stretched out because he pulls so HARD! I have stopped covering in public because he just fights it and it takes twice as long. (the 2 pigs comment reminds me of Steel Magnolias, hee hee) He also shakes his head like a shark and can't get ahold of anything, so he gets really frustrated!

I don't remember the girls going crazy like this, must be a boy thing! They always just grabbed fistfuls of my boob as they nursed! It was sort of like one of those stress balls that you squeeze, that was fun!

I am with you in hoping that this passes soon! It's starting to get to be painful.
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Re: Can't take any more

Hey missykay, don't give up. I'm currently nursing my second child, and each has gone through tough nursing stages; but they were just that-- stages. Like Rosella said, when he gets aggressive, I would take him off the breast and sit him in the floor until he calms down. It's like biting or any other aggressive behavior; it's not acceptable if it hurts mommy. We didn't go through aggressive stages necessarily, but we did go through biting. And it only took a few times of removing them from the breast to stop the biting.

Also, this may be of no help, but you may want to consider different positions. My DS is an active nurser, and I notice he's calmer if we do a side-lying position. Sometimes we also do a football hold so that he can kick his legs behind me rather than on me.

Hang in there. Dismiss all those thoughts of this continuing for 7 more months because it will pass sooner than that.
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Re: Can't take any more

My DD got like that too with the added bonus of biting. Hang in there - it will pass.
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Re: Can't take any more

My son recently weaned at 2.5 years old. When he was about your son's age, he was also superwiggly when nursing, just couldn't stay still at all. He would spin 360 degrees around while nursing and step on my head while still latched on...ouch! I found that side lying position did help him calm down. Also, stopping him, removing him from the breast, and firmly telling him that what he's doing is making you uncomfortable also may stop the behaviour. My son did eventually stop but he still retained the fidgety hands, he just loved to grab onto anything while nursing; that's where some toy or necklace came in handy. Good luck and hang in there, it does get better eventually.
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Re: Can't take any more

I agree with others. This is a stage. Almost all babies do it at some point, but if you establish boundaries(as in not letting him go completely hog wild and delatching him if he goes too far), he will stop doing it.
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Re: Can't take any more

My 3mo dd is crazy to. Keeps popping off and on. Crazy kid!!!
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Re: Can't take any more

I agree with others about it being a stage. With dd I would hold her hands for a few seconds and then say :let's be gentle" and then I would softly rub her arm or cheek to help her understand.
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