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Help with older child & rash

I have a 4 year old who still wets at night. I had her in disposables at night until recently, then decided to try cloth since itís just occasional overnight pee. I cloth diapered from birth until about 18 months and figured this would be easy. So I bought 4 pairs of overnight Super Undies thinking these would fit her until sheís 5 or 6. She developed a pimple-y rash on just her butt within a week. We werenít sure if the rash was caused by the Super Undies or if it was just a fluke, and since we still had a box of disposables, we switched back over to test. The rash went away within a few days, so it seems to be related to the cloth.

Weíve now run out of disposables again and Iíd really rather not buy another box and try the Super Undies again. They werenít exactly cheap 😂

She doesnít have any allergies and we have tried a couple of different detergents. From what I understand, Super Undies donít require as careful a wash routine as regular cloth diapers. Right now we are using the Kirkland red bottle detergent but sometimes use Arm & Hammer. Itís the same detergent we use for regular wash so I donít think itís a reaction to the detergent itself. I thought maybe I wasnít putting enough clothes in for good agitation because I was initially washing just the 4 diapers on their own, but even when added other clothes to make a small load she still has the rash.

Any suggestions on wash routine or what could be causing this? I donít think itís yeast since it went away after going back to disposables.


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Re: Help with older child & rash

Maybe the type of fabric in her cloth is not wicking away the urine she has at night time so it is an ammonia type rash from her pee being against her skin for so long? I'm not sure but I hope this problem went away!
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Re: Help with older child & rash

It gets tough when they're older. The urine is different.

Since these are brand new, I'd think maybe not enough washes before use and/or detergent. The difference between cloth diapering and regular wash, is that the diaper will be wet and contacting skin for prolonged periods, so detergent left in them can have a different affect than it would on just dry clothing.

I think I'd start with stripping them. An easier place to start would be adding a stay dry liner to see if it's that element. I agree you should add more than the 4 to the load for better washing. WAIT, does that mean you were going 4 days between washes? If so that'd be the absolute first thing to change. Wash daily. At that age the overnight diapers have to be done daily (around here, that is). At the very least a thorough rinsing first thing in the morning and washing every other day, but since you'll need to add them to regular laundry anyway, I'd really do it every day.

If it doesn't look like she'll be dry anytime soon, the best advice I can give you is to go ahead and buy another small pack of disposables. Have them on hand to be able to use while you get this figured out. In the next couple years you'll likely go somewhere overnight where you'd rather not bring cloth anyway; the disposables will get used at some point, and you won't be stressing so much about figuring out how to make the cloth work--take some time and figure it out, rather than panicking and giving up on it. A small pack of spouses give you the cushion to be able to do that.
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