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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I do in home care and I charge a flat rate per week ($250) for my one full timer--includes meals and snacks and I never charge for late days.

I have a few part time kids---just a few hours a week. I charge $9 or $10 an hour for them. Well, I charge $9 but 2 of my 3 part time kids' parents give me $10 instead because they said I wasn't charging enough, lol. I only have 2 kids other than my own here at a time---only one on Mon and Fri.

I live in the DC suburbs---I am way cheap compared to daycare centers around here. It is really hard to get part time care here too. Daycare centers charge full rates for part timers because they take up a spot. I can't even find preschool for my 4 year old that is just a few hours a week (there are a few but they fill up years in advance).

I am a former teacher (still licensed) turned SAHM. The only time I get $15 an hour is for tutoring.


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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

wow that is alot. I pay $140 a week for DD in a caycare center. Most in home daycares around me are a little cheaper than that. I would call around to other in home daycares and see what they charge. Then you might send an email to her saying something to the effect of "I have called around and the going rate for an in home licensed daycare is XXX"....thay way you are getting your point across without calling her a lunatic!
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I pay $40 a day for a full day twice a week. I have paid as much as $48 a day and as little as $35 a day. I wouldn't pay more than $45 now.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I pay $150 per week for five 10 hours days so it rounds out to about $3 an hour. I have no idea what the part time kids pay.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

around here the going rate is $20/DAY for daycare. i personally watch kids in my home (same thing, playmate and a little extra$) for $15/day because i'm not a formal daycare. if she's not certified there's no way that she should even be THINKING about asking for that kind of $$. for sibling groups i discount some. infants cost more than the one i am watching (2yr old) because of the attention they require. (my DD is 16mos). a friend of mine works at a day care and she earns $8.50/hr. this is a licensed daycare that charges parents $20/day for drop ins (less then 5days/week) or $125/week for infants or $115 for toddlers.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

wow.. That is nuts.

I charge $25 a day for part timers, and 115 a week for full time.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I am in the process of hiring a nanny full time and paying 12/hour. And I live in the very affluent N.Atlanta subburbs. And she will be coming to my house, caring for 14 mo, 2 dogs, light housekeeping and cooking (even helping prep ingredients for dinner like browning meat or cooking rice/pasta, chopping veggies), doing baby's laundry, changing baby's sheets, cleaning toys and the playroom! The only nannys here who make that much have been doing it for 10-15 years and caring for 2-3 children! And never if they bring their own kid, that will get you 8ish/hour, if you can find someone who'll allow that!!

Right now, DS is in daycare and its 210/week.

She must be insane!
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I know my post will start out sounding like I am arguing with you so I will start by saying that I agree that $15.00 an hour is high for a SAHM who gets to work from home. However, I have come to realize that being a nanny, even as a SAHM is sort of a catch 22. Here are my thoughts:
You are hiring a nanny because you are a working mom. If the nanny is also a mom, she is technically a "working" mom(I realize ALL moms are working moms). Say hypothetically you make $15.00 an hour. Since you are both working moms wouldn't it be reasonable for you both to make the same amount, or somewhat close depending on what you do(I realize if your job may have a higher pay scale--this is somewhat hypothetical)? BUT, in the line of work she has chosen she does get to keep her kid at home and does not have to pay daycare costs so maybe that would be taken out of her pay. Let's say Daycare costs $3.00/hr(and it appears that this is high--I don't know, I don't have my baby in daycare). So now her wage would be $12/hr. And really, I don't see this as unreasonable because that is the career she has chosen and it is just as valuable as the career you have chosen. However, it is unrealistic because that gives you a take home of $3/hr, which then, what would be the point! So, I think IMO $15 is high, but is not really unreasonable considering it is her "job"--but on the other hand I think people that choose to be a nanny need to realize that their salary has to fit into someone else's budget, and that is unlike any other type of job. I guess as a former nanny and someone that is trying to decide if I want to take another child into my home to make some extra money, it is sometimes frustrating to see people think that a decent salary is unreasonable for a nanny to make. In the same way that you go out and work really hard each day, a nanny does too. They just may not have the leaving the home aspect, so that maybe is worth a smaller salary, but they should at least be making enough to contribute to their home.
The other factor, is that a nanny, if they are honest, still has to pay taxes but gets no benefits, no option to have their employer pay into their retirement, no paid vacation, etc.
I think that what happens with a nanny situation is that you suddenly have 3 people that are being paid with 2 salaries. Depending on what those 2 salaries are, this can be difficult for everyone to be happy.
IMO, a nanny, SAHM or not, should make at least min. wage. But I also know that realistically this also is hard for many people.
Also, IMO, you should not have to provide your own snacks! Especially with $15hr. I could maybe see for the $20-$25 a day, but even then, if you are going to have a child in your home, you should gladly feed them.
Anyway, I don't mean to offend. I know we are all struggling to make ends meat and give our children the best and I hope you are able to find a situation that works for you.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

that is INSANE. Im in Chicago and I know the common rates I;ve heard are 250-400/week with food included. And thats for 40 hours a week, not 3 days! Good heavens.
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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

We pay $45 a day and SHE provides the food/milk.
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