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Jobs for little helpers

OK, DJ is almost 2 and is in that stage where he just LOVES to "help", unfortunately, it's sometimes hard to come up with things he can do that really are a help. So I'm thinking, for me, what tasks can a 2-year old do that really will be helpful to mommy and for everyone else, what age are your kids and what jobs do they like to help with?

I'll start...DJ's almost 2 and some of his "jobs" are:
* Taking dirty clothes out of the basket and giving them to me to put in the washer (yeah, it's lame but I'm 8 months pregnant so it's nice to not have to bend over and at least if he's standing there next to me, he's not climbing the curtains or anything!) He's also good for putting clothes in the dryer as I pull them out of the washer and taking them out of the dryer and putting them in a basket to be folded.
* I do most of the laundry folding but Daddy has to fold his own socks. DJ's gotten pretty good at going through the basket (of course, he would be doing that anyway!) and pulling out all the socks to give to Daddy. Sometimes when he's done hunting down socks, he'll sort the remaining clothes for me...all the shirts in a stack, pants in a stack, etc. That's just busy work but it keeps him from unfolding what I've already done and I figure he's learning to sort...right?
* I haven't had much luck teaching him to fold yet, but we do have this little dance sometimes when he wants to help with folding towels or sheets.
* If he's calm enough and in the right mood, he can take dishes from the bottom rack of the dishwasher and hand them to me to put away (again, saves me from bending)
* I've tried to get him to help with setting the table but he seems to be in a "sorting" phase and prefers to put all the forks at one seat, all the plates at another, etc. so I don't think we're there yet!
* When I'm cooking, I can measure ingredients and let him pour them in. He gets a real kick out of operating the handheld mixer too...although it tends to get messy.
* He's fascinated with sweeping/mopping/vacuuming but he doesn't really have much coordination so it's a little dangerous when he's swinging the broom or mop around. I have had some success with letting him use the "dustbuster" to get under the edges of furniture and things while I'm vacuuming the main part of the floor.
* He likes helping Daddy wash the car but Daddy's not quite as patient as I am when it comes to accepting "help" from a 2 year old so I have to supervise closely.
* He helps to pick up trash, toys, sticks, and rocks out of the yard before we cut the grass.

Looking forward to seeing what other kids do to help!


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Re: Jobs for little helpers

I have 2 kids I will start with DD who is 3

SHe helps collect all the laundry and put in the basket
pick up toys and put away
make the bed and change the sheets
Clean up after meals
wash the table
Wash the windows
SHe puts her own laundry away after I fold it all. I have her drawers color coded and I hand her a stack and say yellow drawer or Blue drawer and we keep giong until it is all put away.
She helps pick food up off the ground

as for my DS he is 17 months old

He is learning to follow sissy around and do what she does.

He puts laundry in the basket
Picks toys up and moves from one place to another (not really putting them away but the concept is there)
He picks up a rag and washes the windows and table and chairs.
He is really good at cleaning the walls
He is learning his colors so he can put his own laudry away. right now I open a drawer and have him put everything in the drawer.

Tha is all I can think of at the momeent.
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Re: Jobs for little helpers

I'm watching this thread because I've always just assumed ds was too young (even though he's really smart, IMO )...and I'm beginning to have him help me with things..but I've accepted the fact that it may mean that I'm spending twice as much time doing the task. He really likes helping...but he gets distracted really easily and I have to work to keep him focused Oh, and he'll be 2.5 next mo.
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Re: Jobs for little helpers

dd's not quite 2 yet and laundry is our big one. she loves helping "push" things into the dryer - we have the kind that the door flops down on - so i just put the laundry a bit at a time on there and she gets it in. she also likes taking things out of the basket to hand to me.

not as good with helping with the dishwasher.

she loves to copy us sweeping (like outside) - i need to get her a little kid sized broom.

we haven't ventured in to helping with cooking, etc.

she does help me pick up a bit around the house.
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