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it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

got my first notification of the impending IEP meetings for next school year!

I have two boys, 8 and 4 with active IEPs.

Just wanted to open a thread to chat about everything IEP


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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

We are in the process of getting an IEP for speech, OT, and PT for my youngest (we've had evaluations, and agreed she needs the IEP, we go back sometime soon to set up the actual IEP for her).

My middle son has had an IEP for speech and OT for apraxia since Kindergarten. He's in 3rd grade now. I am really nervous about next year, and need to make sure we have the right things in his IEP next year. One of the things he struggles with is handwriting. It's gotten better since he learned cursive, but it is still well below what is expected by his teachers. Next year he is actually graded on his penmanship, and I really, really don't want to see him fail for something he can't help. I have faith in his 3rd grade teacher, and very little in the 4th grade team.

And my oldest. He has 504 for Aspergers. I wish he had the protection of an IEP, but he doesn't. According to the school he is too smart, he doesn't need an IEP. The 504 so far has been useless (we've gotten very little support from it).

Honestly... I hate IEP meetings. I leave them so confused and stressed everytime!!
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

We are still pretty new to IEPs my oldest is going into first grade and we renew his IEP soon but it looks like there will be a few changes already. So far he has only been in for speech but his fine motor has come under scrutiny all year and he is finally getting new evals. I am actually happy he is getting the evals since I have asked his dr for what seems like forever. He tries so hard to write neatly and gets to the point of frustration and crying
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

My daughters is this afternoon---that feeling never really goes away no matter how long you've been at it. My youngest sons' is in May too--he's turning 3. The only thing I've learned is NEVER SIGN IT there. Take it home and digest it first.
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

IEP meetings always make me feel like I'm being called to the principal's office.

I'm currently fighting with my 9 year old's school. They are trying to ignore her psych & learning eval from an outside source (we went to a children's hospital since I don't trust the school). She has diagnosed problems but the school says she doesn't (they didn't even know how to read the report). I am trying to deal with sugery in 2 weeks for myself & fighting the school. Very frustrating.

My oldest has an IEP but should be graduating in June if everything works out (she's on an alternative home school program this year). She is 18 now and a senior.
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

Both mine have IEP's as well. Miranda has Anxiety (severe) and apparently Autism, so her dr said, Thanks for telling me. ugh. the school doesn't believe Autism though, and either do I. I think the Anxiety makes it seem like she has Aspie traits..

Anyway, we are all done with the IEP stuff.. we just had a conference. She's doing good. A letter below where they want her in reading, but they weren't expecting her to stay at grade level either really, so she's in her own range.. as always we're sure she can do more than she's letting on.. the anxiety holds her back. She's got speech, and OT right now I believe.

So far it's been very nice having it.

My younger son has one as well. Speech and OT once again. lol His conference went very well. He's doing great. his speech has come a long way.
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

We have my oldest son's in Oct so beginning of the year, not end. I like having it then since it's applicable to the year of school he's actually currently attending but late enough in it that the teacher has had a chance to get to know him. Especially since I've gotten the vibe at the beginning of the school year from his teachers that they think we're helicopter parents. Then they get to see him in action and realize there really are concerns.
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

I have my first IEP this Monday for my deaf 3 year-old daughter starting preschool at the elementary school. I am so nervous!!!
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Originally Posted by Evadiva
I have my first IEP this Monday for my deaf 3 year-old daughter starting preschool at the elementary school. I am so nervous!!!
Don't be. Decide ahead of time some things you know she needs to successful. Does she do sign or have aids/implants or both? If she does hear some you want an FM system, and a program focusing on spoken language. If she signs you want a program focusing on that. Also, you probably want a hearing impaired specific classroom instead of a mix of all disabilities.
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Re: it is IEP season!!!! Let's chat!

We are lucky, my son has an apraxia diagnosis (apraxia of speech as well as global apraxia/dyspraxia) and hyperesthesia/sensory processing. He gets speech, OT, PT & special ed teacher - 11 visits total each week - all itinerant at home. He's been getting services for 2 years now and this is our 2nd annual IEP meeting next month, but our 4th meeting(we had our initial mtg 1.5 yrs ago and a mtg to add OT services). They don't stress me, I know what he qualifies for, I know what he is entitled to get, I know what is best for him and I have the backing of his teachers/therapists as well as recommendations from his neurologist and developmental pediatrician. Yes, they always give the "he should be in program since he gets so many services" spiel every time, but we counter it with the facts that his individual circumstances as so that he is better off at home. We get what we want every time, no matter how much back and forth we do with the school district, and I have no problem signing it at the time of the meeting. I have learned that the key to getting what we want - and what my son NEEDS - is being educated, knowing what we want & telling them exactly why we need it and providing supporting information/dr's reports. The ace in the hole is also knowing that the day they give us a hard time, we make that magic phone call to the educational attorney - the school districts HATE legal intervention and will bend over backwards to keep from having it!

Know what you want, what your legal rights are, & don't back down.... I also go to the meeting with my husband and all four of our children come with us. (We homeschool so I have no choice but to bring them anyway) I want them to see the CHILD these decisions are affecting, not just the papers.
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