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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

This is Ryan, age 7. He has epilepsy, PDD-NOS, combined type ADHD, sensory integration disorder, IgG deficiency, recurrent/chronic sinusitis, and a benign tumor called a schwannoma in his brain. It's on one of his oculomotor nerves, so his right eye doesn't move as well as it should, which causes him double vision and then headaches. He also complains several times a week of leg pain and overwhelming fatigue, but no one's been able to find a cause yet. He stopped sweating completely over the last few months (he never sweated as much as most children) and overheats badly if he's active, even when it's cool out. He's now wearing a cooling vest much of the time and we're always looking for other ways to help him regulate his temperature. We're waiting for results of some DNA sequencing as his doctors are sure he's got a genetic syndrome that ties it all together, but no one knows for sure. He also recently received a referral to look into the possibility of mitochondrial disease, but won't be seen by that doctor for quite some time. Of all things, that referral is the one that's terrifying me.

His appointment calendar is pretty ridiculous, but he makes up for the stress by being the most cuddly, sweet 7 year old little boy that I've ever met.

This is Leo, 19 months. Leo has asthma, multiple food allergies, and IgG and IgA deficiencies. We think that he also probably has epilepsy, as he's had numerous suspicious staring spells, but his EEG did not pick up anything abnormal, so we're supposed to just continue to record his episodes and retest in the future. I also have some concern that he may be joining his brother in having an autism spectrum diagnosis (based on avoidance of eye contact, obvious sensory issues, slight speech delay, and some flapping & pinching movements that he's always done, but which are getting more and more noticeable), but I haven't called to get him on the waiting list for an evaluation yet.

He's an ornery little man, but brightens our day every single day with his silly dances and babble-singing.


Michelle, homeschooling mama of 4 fabulous boys - Tyler 8/99 Ryan 5/05, James 12/06, and Leo 10/10
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

I just wanted to pop in and say your little ones are all absolutely beautiful children!! SOOOOOOO darn cute! I dont have a SN child myself but I work for a Behavioral Health agency and we serve children and adults, and I must say, the kids are such a joy!
~Cristina - wife to my best friend R , and Mommy to Eli and Nora, our Rainbow baby!!
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

Rebecca will be 4 at the end of July. She has Mowat-Wilson Syndrome. She is non-verbal, develepmentally delayed (about 18 months), she has feeding issues and oral motor issues, and seizures.

Richard is 6 and possible ADHD and anger issues still trying to get some answers.

And here they are together! They are each others biggest fan! They are the best of friends!

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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

heres 6 yr old josh. hes currently being assesed for ASD, aspergers and sensory issues. he is very hard work but i wouldnt change him at all.

young single mum to 1 little boy joshua. 12 weeks early and still my little fighter

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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

ah- thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful children with us
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

Here is my little dude! He has a significant developmental delay and speech delay. Possibly some other issues but not 100% sure yet as they could just be due to age.
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

This is Kennah. She is 2.5 years old and she has FCD (focal cortical dysplasia, a specific type of brain damage). This causes her to have delays across the board as well as sensory issues that are off the charts in some catergories. She is teaching me so many things! Even though parenting her is a stuggle, she is an absolute blessing.

This first picture is of her at gymnastics, which is part of her PT regimin. That's also her in my avatar.

And playing at the park.

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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

So many beautiful kids and everyone is growing up!

This is Kearnan. He just finished his most recent evaluation and his diagnosis has changed slightly again. He is 10.5 (he will be 11 soon and that is very important to him) and his diagnosis stands now at high functioning PDD NOS, SPD and we just added Anxiety NOS. In December he also started treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency (pituitary dwarfism) and it is working quite well. We are all excited by his present growth rate. He is my sweet little science obsessed boy.

This is Tharen. He doesn't have an official diagnosis yet though he has been seeing his pedi for quite a while for behavioral therapy. I am fairly certain we are looking at either ADHD or ODD (I think ODD as I was diagnosed with it as a teen but I am also bipolar). He can be a very difficult child, no impulse control and contrary, but he is also very cuddly and sweet. He is always so full of energy and super clever.

ShannonInk'd, Atheist, Liberal, Part Time Large Equipment Mechanic, HS-ing, Mum to ASD Ninja Kearnan (8-4-01) & Derby Boy Tharen (12-1-05)
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

This is Lilli. She is 21 months old and currently undiagnosed. She has sleep apnea, gerd, dsyphagia, aspiration, gastroparsis, low muscle tone, and speech delay. We are currently doing some evaluations to includes sensory concerns into that list. She can be a handful but I love her more than anything!
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Re: Share pics of your SN child! 2012 Edition

This is my Lyam he wll be 5 in August, he has been diagnosed with ASD they are leaning towards PDD-NOS at the moment with a suspicion of Asperger's. He has a mild speech delay and SPD as well.

Rosina, mommy to L (02-08-07) A (17-02-09) & A (05-06-12) the lights of my life, married to B my superhero!

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