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plugged duct

any advice? i've switched bras, put warm compress on it, fed her often. i don't think she's getting hardly any milk out of it, so my instinct is to pump anything out that i can. is that a good idea or bad?


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Re: plugged duct

personally, pumping is what gave me mastitis/ plugged ducts.
pretty recently i had a duct swell, and burst... it was really nasty and still looks not quite right.
if you pump THOROUGHLY clean the pump...
alternate between cold and warm compresses...
drink a LOT of water, and take motrin for pain.
this is exactly what my lactation consultant had me do, also, i had to go on antibiotics....but try the other means first!!
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Re: plugged duct

My sympathies, mama! Plugged ducts suck! They're a pain (no pun intended)!

Some mamas recently talked about them on this post - they talked about a trick to do with cabbage leaves that may work.

As an EP'er, I pumped my clog out. Mine was on the underside of my breast where my bra was catching one of the girls the wrong way, and I wasn't able to massage it out... so I got some help.

And you can smile/laugh as you're picturing this... I got it out by hanging off the bed with my head pointing towards the floor so that I could compress and massage the undersides of the girls (which are now on top) while DH held up the horns on for me... it was a great moment in spousal team-work.

After the clogged duct from hell got sucked out, I started taking a soy lecithin supplement which helps thin out your milk if you're prone to getting clogs.

HTH, and best of luck!
Carolina Kel
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Re: plugged duct

I've had 2 in the past 6 weeks, same location and pretty bad both times. I rarely pump because dd won't take a bottle, but I used the pump to clear it the first time along with manual massage. The second time I used a small hand held vibrating massager for two 30 minute nursing sessions and that worked great too. My problem now is with a nursing blister that looks like a sesame seed on the nipple that just won't go away. Not sure if it is the cause or effect of the plugged duct, but it hurts like crazy and I don't know what to do about it.
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Re: plugged duct

I currently have this problem too. ::sigh:: Sounds like you are doing what you can. Pumping seems like a good idea, massaging and a heating pad has worked for me in the past too. Soy lecithin (like the pp mentioned) worked for my sister. Good luck!
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Re: plugged duct

What always worked for me was to lie face down in the bath with boobies submerged and massage them like that in the warm water. It was a bit of work supporting myself on one elbow while massaging with the opposite hand, but felt so so good to push that milk out...
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Re: plugged duct

When I get a clog, always in the same spot, always when I have not pumped/nursed enough the previous day, I do some of the following things:

~Massage and hand expression in warm water (although I always feel sad squirting my milk down the shower drain
~Pump while nursing to stimulate extra letdowns
~Massage that area while nursing and pumping
~Make sure to position the baby or pump towards the clogged duct, so you get full suction on that spot
~Pump/nurse more often

I have heard warm washcloths and cabbage leaves, although I have never done them.

For me, I got mastitis twice with Sofiya and I would have died had my 16 month old not chosen to start breastfeeding again. Tandem nursing saved me from becoming an EPer. I needed to produce lots of milk because you never pump as much as you produce, but Sofiya doesn't nurse off both sides. Of course, I know Catherine is your only child right now so tandem nursing is not really an option for you.

Good luck, Kalli and please pm me if you need anymore advice!
I am moving on in life, if you need to get in touch with me, please email me at
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