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Re: 3.5 mo eating too often?

My baby is right at 4 months old & he's nursing about every 2 hours during the day. I feed him on demand & it works well for us. I also always nurse him to sleep. He goes to sleep super easy that way & we're both happy doing it.


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Re: 3.5 mo eating too often?

You're good mama, newbies have little's normal to nurse constantly.
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My 4 month old nurses constantly. A friend sent me this article, I really liked it. Course, it's easier when you have just 1 baby.

I think 3-4 hrs is unrealistic for all babies. My daughter was eff and even she ate every 2 hours. Never could get her to 3, which was fine but everyone acted like she should be able to go longer.

It is a personal decision if you want to push it, but even trying, your baby may never agree to 3-4 hrs.
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Originally Posted by HisFadedStar
I'm a lactation counselor, throw the books away and follow your baby's cues! Even eating every 30 minutes is normal, and don't worry about nursing to sleep at this age. I'm on my phone or I would write more!
Yes!!! Those books are terrible. A 3 month old likely won't be sleeping long stretches. You're lucky to have a babe who only wants to nurse 2 times at night!! Trust your gut, mama. My DD was a slow, frequent nurser. I was up every few hours with her at night, and I totally nursed her to sleep till she was ~16 months old. It was hard, but it was what she needed. She eventually stretched out her feedings, and is now a crazy 3.5 yr old who (gasp!) sleeps all night long. It's hard, but you're doing what's best for your babe. Great job, mama!!

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Re: 3.5 mo eating too often?

I've nursed 5 babies, and not one has ever chosen to be on a 3-4 hour schedule. That's not to say that they don't occasionally go that long between feedings, but as a general rule, they nurse at least every 2-2.5 hours at that age. Babies have small tummies, and they need frequent refilling.

Watch their cues: they will tell you when you need to eat. My babies have all put themselves on a loose schedule by around 4 months, but that is always subject to change, depending on the developmental stuff going on at that time. You know your baby better than anyone else (even though sometimes it seems like you don't know anything, lol). Trust your mama instincts. If your baby seems happier when he nurses more frequently, then feed him more often. YOU are the mama.
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My dd is 5 months and she eats....a bunch of times per day.

Throw out the books and the clock and follow your baby's cues. Once you learn what his hungry cry vs tired cry is, etc.... and just go with what he needs, you will have a much happier baby and mama!

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Re: 3.5 mo eating too often?

my 5 month old still eatsc every couple of hours at best, during the day. But he only nurses a few times at night. So there's that.
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Re: 3.5 mo eating too often?

Thanks for the article, I liked it. My child-free friend came over for dinner the other night and made these comments separately.

"wow, I haven't even heard your baby cry yet and I've been here for hours"

"you sure do feed him a lot, how often do they eat?"

Ha, he was so quiet because I was keeping him quiet by nursing often.

I have no problem feeding him often, and I really don't even mind waking up often at night. It is not too hard with one kid. I almost enjoy feeding him more often. We went through a stretch there where he was waking up almost every hour at night, but didn't really seem hungry. It was too much for me, I felt burned out, and someone suggested a book. I started googling "4 month sleep schedule" which was a horrible idea, and reeading in books that not developing a "proper schedule" could cause night waking. He's back to his normal routine at night, a 4 hour stretch and then up every 2 hours or so, which I can handle. Maybe it was a growth spurt?

Thank you everyone for your support. I feel much more confident (and normal).
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It sounds as if you received lots of great advice so i will just echo what's said. Nurse when you need to. I have heard the don't nurse to sleep and don't feed more than every 3 hours. That's five meals a day. No way would my baby manage that. He's 7 months old and we are still feeding when hungry or thirsty, especially now that he is crawling and needs momma for reassurance. If your little one takes a pacifier, you can try that when you are tired of nursing. But exercise caution because they are addicting. Lol.

Hang in there. You are doing great.
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I followed baby's cues and disregarded all comments of feeding baby to often. I also believe they sleep through the night when they are ready... Be it 6 months or 3yo. 1-2 wake ups a night, turns in to infrequent night waking and just needing reassurance someone is there. We're happy to do it, even though we both work out of the house.
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