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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I LOVE my BG diapers. My DS is 6.5 months old and I tried to start when he was born but failed miserably after a few weeks and went to sposies. At 4-5 months I really wanted to try it again, but decided to go slowly this time and tried a TON of diapers. BG won easily against all others I tried. So for me, the wash routine is simple. I have a FL'er and use Tide HE powder up to just about the 1 line plus a little oxyclean liquid directly onto the diapers. I put it on the longest setting possible on the washer (99 minutes) and that includes a presoak, extra rinse, stain cycle, etc... and it's hot/cold. That's it, I don't have to keep going back down to start another cycle. Then I hang everything to dry on a rack upstairs (in the summer I will line dry) or if I need them quickly I will throw the inserts in the dryer. I've been doing this for almost 2 months now and so far so good!! I still use sposies for going out and when he goes to his granparents house. My biggest mistake the first time around was to think I had to do it 100% of the time. That just doesn't work for me and by using only 5-10 sposies a week I'm still doing pretty good and keeping my sanity!!

BTW, I only have 13 BG's and it works just fine for me


~Megan~ Wife to Tony , Mommy to Gavin (9/25/08) & Caitlin (9/1/11)

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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

Hi! I have been using BG 3.0 OS as well for about two weeks. I have 13 so I wash diapers every other day for my six month old daughter. I had been thinking for switching to CD for awhile and was afraid to try them as I the only other CD mother I knew used ones I thought looked way too complicated. Then I came across Bum Genius 3.0's. I LOVE them. I don't think there could be much of an easier way to switch from sposies to CD.

I do one cold water rinse, then hot wash with 1/4 measuring cup of ALL Free & Clear and finish with one cold water rinse. If it's nice outside, I line dry the diapers and dry the inserts on a medium dry setting. If I have to machine dry the diapers, I set in on low heat as Cotton Babies suggests not to use medium if it is also labeled as perm press. The diapers dry super fast.

I also bought the BG diaper sprayer and find though a little pricey, it has been well worth having. I tried buying the diaper liners to help with easy cleanup, but found they really weren't necessary with the sprayer at home but keep them in the diaper bag for when I'm not at home.

I bought pink/zinnia for regular diapers and white/butternut to use for overnight & naps. I usually stuff the pockets with one regular insert for the pink and use one regular & plus a newborn insert for the white/butternut. That way when I grab one, I don't have to mess with stuffing and I know exactly which one I need.

Hope this helps. I'd be glad to answer any other questions you might have.
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

we love our BG 3.0's!!

We wash on hot with soap and a splash of vinager and a scoop of oxyclean (the vinager and oxy clean are a new addition to our routine, they keep everything sparkling white!) I rinse a second time and then check for suds. Because we live so far north I rarely get to line dry, but if you can I would. If you have to throw them in the dryer once in awhile it won't hurt them!

One big piece of advice...stuff them before you put them away. It's much easier to pull a stuffed dipe out of the drawer and throw it in the diaper bag or on the bum then to have to stuff as you go.
Elaine, SAHM to E (11/07), J (8/09), A (2/11), G (11/12), P (7/14)

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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I've used BG 3.0 OS for almost 8 months and here is what I have found

Pro's -
They are easy to use especially for DH and caretakers, but you'll have to prestuff the pockets for other people to figure out how to use them

The care instructions aren't all that difficult, I just wash once on cold with Allens Detergent then again on Hot with an extra rinse, and then Dry on Medium. Its actually good for the PUL (waterproof outer layer) for it to go through the dryer.

They have never given my baby a rash, but sometimes babies are allergic to the synthetic fibers.

The micro fleece that lines the diaper seems to have magical stain free properties. Stains always wash out after a few washes.

The One Size option is nice. My baby wore them from newborn and is still in them at 24 lbs and 8 months.

The inserts are super absorbent and with the pocket you can always add more for extra absorbency at night time.

My husband says and I agree that they are bullet proof, we never have leaks with them.

Cons -
The velcro tabs are very quickly starting to wear out. They collect all kinds of lint, hair, and strings. They are starting to curl at the edges and sometimes they don't stick very well and once or twice now they have become unstuck and rubbed her belly really bad and caused a bad leak. I think it is very unrealistic that these diapers will last beyond a year and definantly not for another child. It kind of defeats the purpose of a diaper that is supposed to last until potty learning. These diapers definantly will not last 2+ years without the velcro being replaced or the diaper being converted to snaps. The other thing is that because the velcro is wearing out, whenever she is just wearing a diaper with nothing else on, the tabs rub against me and they are scratchy and hurt, and I really like cuddling my half nakkie baby at nap time without that scratchy velcro rubbing on me.

I hate stuffing pockets. I do diaper laundry every 3 days and it takes me 45 minutes to stuff 24 diapers. So I stuff them as needed. But its still a giant hassle.

Bum Genius doesn't have a lot of prints or colors to choose from. They did add 4 more colors which are nice, but I like variety.

Because of the negatives of Bum Genius, I have started to experiment with other diapers, and I have found some good success with it. I really love the Drybees Hybrids. They are an All in One diaper (no stuffing) with a pocket that you can add more inserts too for night time use. They still have the velcro but its covered so no scratchiness. Drybees also have ALOT of different colors and prints. I also have tried Very Baby AIO and I really like those too. I'm waiting on a BG snaps diaper, and I hope that I like the snaps and they are easy enough to use, because except for the velcro issues I love BG.
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I use them,. and I use all free and clear for now, cause my DS has sensetive skin...though i do want to try a natural kind in the future. i put them in the dryer though i want to try and line dry them when we move into our new home...ive heard thoughw tih line drying that still putting them in the dryer for a few minutes is good because they otherwize get stiff?
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

They're so easy, I have all BumGenius diapers (I have 21) for my son and I use the "Normal" cycle on my front loader, with 1/4 of the Tide HE detergent I'd normally use, a Hot wash, 2 cold rinses, and I dry them on medium in the dryer. Feels no different to me than washing clothes, its simple.
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I just follow the BG laundering instructions. I've tried Seventh Generation, BioKleen, Allen's and Charlie's and found Allen's and Charlie's work best. We use an HE washer and dryer. I try to line dry every few washes just for a change of pace.
Megan (37), office-workin' mama to H (newly 2!) and wife of 5 years to A (39)
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I have used BG 3.0 for a while now and I really like them...My wash routine is first I do an initial rinse (cold, no det.), then I wash on hot (w/ det.), and finally do an extra rinse to make sure I got out all the soap. I originally used All Free and Clear and it was not working for me (the dipes were still stinky)...I then went on to try Tide Free and loved it, but the enzymes in the det. was bother my daughters skin...Now I am using Nellies Laundry Soap and I love it. I have noticed a big difference in my daughters skin and the det. gets the dipes very clean. One other thing that I have recently started using was Bac-Out (some other pp's have mentioned it), and it has worked for me...It helps a lot with smells.
My only real issue is with the inserts...microfiber can get really stinky! I just try not to let the diapers sit uncleaned for more than a day.

I also use prefolds and fitteds...I use those more now than I do my BG.
Hi I'm Sarah
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

I have 12 BG OS, along with some FB's, HH and Thirstie AIO/ Pockets. I do a cold rinse if there is not a lot of poopies. If there is I do a full wash on cold (no detergent). Then I do a normal wash cycle on Hot/Cold with less than 1/4 c. detergent. I use Kirkland Free & Clear. I then dry my inserts, doublers, fleece liners and prefolds. I line dry my pockets and covers. I have a very simple wash routine and it works for us.
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Re: Advice for using BumGenius 3.0

BGs are definitely the way to go. you might even want to try the BG AIOs...that is a super easy switch if coming off of disposibles like I did...I wash them in planet or allens and dry them in the dryer. in the summer i may line dry them
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