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selective/ delayed vaxing questions

okay so I want all the imput you feel like giving up. I am have one bachelors degree in microbiology and am working on a scond in nursing. Obviously I have had it pounded into me in class after class how important vaccinations are and heard immunity and blah blah blah...... I want to hear the other side. The more research DH does in the developmental biology lab working on his PhD the more we are beginning to question what all of these vaccinations REALLY do (other than obviously causing immunity to the virus) and what side effects they are having on a mass population level. EDUCATE ME PLEASE!!!

why do you choose to do some vaccines and not others?
which ones do you do?
why delayed?
and where did you get your info from?

I am really starting to question everything i have been taught thus far.


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Re: selective/ delayed vaxing questions

I don't know how helpful this will be but I asked about select vaxing a while ago and you can read the responses I got.

And hear is a link with millions of links
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Re: selective/ delayed vaxing questions

my main reason for delaying is this...sorry I dont have the link and I am going to parapgrase....

One of the people that made the vaccines quoted that they were never intended to give to children under x age (I think it was 18 months, but might have been a little younger then that). That was the first thing that made me re0think...following reasons is why we dont vaccin

2nd reason I was told if I delay a specific shot then instead of having to get three, they would only need to get the shot twice

3rd I had a child that had NO developmenal issues before his 18 month set of shots...after 18 months he showed some real signs..coinscience, maybe...but too close to home..he was our last to get vaccinated...we have 4 others that have not

4th. there was an outbreak of one of the things that we get shots for....many kids that had the shots got sick kids breakout was no worse then theirs

5th. they still dont know if some of the shots need boosters...

6th. they started some of the first vaccines with aborted baby tissue
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Re: selective/ delayed vaxing questions

I am delaying based on Dr. Sears The Vaccine Book schedule. Dd will eventually have all the vaccinations required. However, I don't feel comfortable giving them to her on the regular schedule after doing research. I, too, am studing nursing and took a micro class, so I really do think they are important. I just want her to have a more gentle experience than my other kids. SHe has never gotten a fever or had any adverse reactions, although my other kids did when they got up to 4 injections at once. I am really happy with our schedule.
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Re: selective/ delayed vaxing questions

we vaxed our first, with some and then at a year pretty much stopped. our second had 1 round of vaccines and we stopped our 3rd had none and neither has the 4th.
i am an RN. and we vaxed all of our NICU babies. but i worked with other nurses that did not vax and it peaked my interest.

basically for us, the more i researched the more i realized these weren't illness to be terrified. at least no more so than some others out there. i have posted before about things like whooping cough and scarlet fever and rhuematic fever. all can be treated with antibx. and yet for some reason we are told to fear whopping cough and not scarlett fever and rhuematic fever ( and actually strep throat which can cause both of those fevers). rhumatic fever can lead to rhuematic heart disease in children and also often to a lifetime on prophylactic antibx or death. and before antibx people died for those three illness.

so, once i educated myself about the actual illnesses i realized there was no reason to vaccinate because as long as i know what i am looking for i will act on it. also, the older kids get the fewer vaccines they actually get/ need. a baby by a year has received a ton of vaccines. but if you delay till they are 7, they need an insanely number less ( not 100% sure of the number but say it's under 10 total).

you and your hubby need to do research on the illnesses and their signs and symptoms. after you've educated yourself on those things, you will be in a better position to judge the vaccines themselves.

delaying is a great idea, but only if you're prepared for the illness itself. my ped in MD supported non vaxing as well as delayed. she felt that all babies should be breastfed till 2 and then have the vaccines after 2 if the parents wanted them. the would need fewer with more space between them, and their bodies would be better equipt to handle the toxins in the vaccines themselves.

good luck with your decision!!!!
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