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Refusal to Vaccinate Form

So we ARE vaccinating our children. Just not according to the suggested schedule. We are "cautiously vaccinating" as I tell people, and just spreading them out, with the intention to have our kids have the shots eventually, just not "on time" per say. I had my DS in for a strictly vaccine visit today and the nurse asked me to sign a "Refusal to Vaccinate" form. I refused, because we aren't refusing at all, just delaying them. Then she asked me to sign that I declined to sign the form. To which I told her I wasn't signing my name on their form at all. She gave us the shots we came in for, and was helpful as I asked questions about getting the shots we are missing, but she just looked at me like I was a lunatic for not even touching their paper. (I snooped and saw it at our 18 month check up and had read it already, and was utterly not impressed, so I didn't want anything to do with it.)

Now I'm terrified to schedule our next appointment because I'm afraid they will push it again and forever. I'm wondering if I just signed a piece of paper and said something like, "We feel that in the best interests of our family, we have chosen to create our own vaccination schedule for our children" and see if they will take that instead? I didn't ask because I don't think well under pressure so I feel like I just want them to stop pressuring me, but I want to be respectful to their office at the same time. I don't like confrontation so I really just wondered if there was any legalities with not signing their form? From what I've read it seems like the worst they could do would be to say they won't see us, and that doesn't seem super likely since the nurse did give us the shots. I just know we switched to this doctor from another, and it took me a couple of months to find a practice that would even accept new patients. I generally love the office, I just wish they'd respect parents wishes a little more and not try to force stuff on me. Especially because I AM vaccinating my children. Grrr...


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I would talk to the doc and see what he or she says. Likely the nurse was just following the office policy to get the form signed. I think you're probably over thinking the whole thing. The nurse probably just wrote that you declined to sign the form anyway.

The legality of refusing to sign the form is that the dr can refuse to see you any more.

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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

weird...but every time I go into our Dr. for a well baby check they throw something weird at me....and I have 4 kids so all of the appointments should be the same procedure.

I think just roll with the punches and keep refusing up until they cause a bigger stink (if they do)...I guess eventually if you refuse and they stick to their guns they can refuse you service but I doubt it.
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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I don't see the big deal at all. I sign those all the time. No one has given me any hassle - they just need record of it being offered and me declining it.

They have your records, they see that you are actually vaccinating. Albeit on a different schedule.

We do vaccinate, but I have delayed some in the past for different reasons and I will delay even more in the future with the new baby. I just sign it. I see no reason to refuse to make a record of what I am doing. It protects them. You could go after them and lie and say they didn't offer you the proper vaccinations.

records protect everyone.
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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I decided to delay some of my DD's vaccinations. I didn't have to sign any forms but I made sure the appointment was with our reg pediatrician who's seems pretty cool with stuff like that. It seems weird that they are giving you those forms but the practice may vary not just by dr but also by state.
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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I haven't been asked...I think the main issue I see coming up with such forms is that the language in them sometimes says something along the lines of 'I understand that by not vaccinating that I am putting my child in danger.' The advice I've seen given is to read it all through, and cross out anything you don't agree with, or change it to suit you, and then sign. Or you could refuse to sign, or change docs

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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I didn't read through all the comments, but... having worked as a nurse in a peds office... our docs finally had to have a form for parents to sign. They also had a letter and if you weren't following the AAP schedule of vaccinations, you fell into the category of refusing a vaccine because in essence you are refusing the doctors advice. This protects the doctor because some parents will attack the doctor if their child ends up hospitalized with a vaccine preventable illness. It may also be the practice policy. Our doctors would include in the chart, a copy of any alternative vaccine schedule the parent was following so there would not be confusion with subsequent visits. Our practice requires parents to sign giving permission for vaccines, so it is reasonable they would also need a signature if you are refusing. I know that term sounds harsh, but again, you are refusing the advice of your physician. Oh, our docs also would have the parent sign or initial that form and a letter at each well visit. Part of the letter stated that though the parent may not be refusing vaccines entirely, they were refusing the schedule the practive follows. It also included that the parent should/would keep up with regular well child checks even if not vaccinating. Some parents choose not to see the doctor for well child appointments if not vaccinating and then have complaints if a developmental problem is not caught/addressed which can be difficult if the child is only seen for a specific "sick" issue and not having the focus of well child development/health. hope that helps!
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We do not vaccinate our children. I would never sign one of those forms. Some say you are putting your child, and others, at risk. I don't believe I'm doing so, so I would never agree to sign...anything. Is it possible to find a doctor that supports your decision to delay?
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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

Hmmm... we delay some vax's and I've never been asked to sign anything. I'm a little worried about our next appointment, though. The babies are due for several vaccines and I've been planning to get them one booster and one new vaccine at that appointment, but now my DS is scheduled for a procedure under general anesthesia the next day and they won't do it if he has a fever. Now, I'm planning to delay the vaccines even more because the procedure he has the next day is more important and I can't reschedule either appointment due to my work schedule and his doctors' schedules. Ugh!
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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I've been asked to sign that paper two times now. The first I just walked out and "forgot" to drop it off at the desk. The second time I crossed out some lines and actually signed it. I also asked if I could write my own note for my kids' files and they said yes. So next time, I will be prepared with my own paper that does not have the parts that I don't believe.
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