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Does anyone have a sensory room for their kiddo? If you do what items do you think are most essential? My 6 year old son has SPD and could really benefit from a dedicated space. One of my little babysitting kids also seems to be exhibition several behaviors that my son has so I bet she (and the other kids too!) would enjoy such a space.

My son is mostly a sensory seeker but he has quite a bit of anxiety and noise can overwhelm him so I need lots of sensory input items but also a space where he can get away when overwhelmed because we have a larger family and I also babysit so it's quite loud most of the time.

The thing is that I do not have an extra room to use so it would have to be in his (and his baby brother's) room.


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Re: Sensory Room?

A swing. Hands down a swing is the number one item to have. If yourself or your husband aren't an awesome handyman, I would pay someone to put it in as it needs to be in a stud or two all depending on the type you buy. I would do a spinning eye bolt so you can use several types of swing like a platform, a nest type, and maybe even a hammock swing. Swings can easily be put up and taken down by an adult if you use carabiners.

Past that, I would suggest a mat for the floor, a small trampoline (can be tucked under the bed), and maybe if it can be used responsibly a dizzy disc (also can be tucked under the bed). I have a major sensory seeker and he has to be supervised on the dizzy disc because he will spin himself super fast and it really just amps him up. The goal is to spin one rotation per second for 10 to 20 spins at a time to help them gain some proprioception.

I would add a shelf that can have fidgits such as koosh balls, sand ball, textured balls, thinking putty, soft fuzzy items, etc.

I have a set of kids 3M earmuffs so my son can use them when sounds is completely overwhelming and so we can go to this fun bluegrass festival and it not end in tears. We also have an mp3 player with music specifically for him that he prefers so he can listen to that when he is super overwhelmed by everything and everyone.

We also have a small space between a dresser and the closet that can easily be turned into a nest when needed, such as tossing several pillows and blankets down and let him just wrap up when he is very overwhelmed. We don't leave it all set up though because we have dogs that would use it as a bed as well. We can also turn the bottom bunk into a "cave" by hanging a blanket in the front so it is very dark.

and if all else fail I send him to the tub. He could spend hours in there if I would let him sometimes, but water really helps him to calm down.

Good luck. Mine SPD child is 8 and we are just now really getting into what all is going on. My boys also share a room and we put almost everything under the bed as we are done with them and just added a couple of baskets with our fidgits in them.
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Re: Sensory Room?

Wow, awesome ideas. Also underbed storage bins make good sensory bins. I just bought some water beads off amazon with a plan to put in some cups, plastic animals, etc with them. My kids also like kinetic sand. I'm going to make up a few bins and rotate. I do worry about potential mess with unsupervised sensory bins (and I have all carpet) but many things are easy to vacuum - shredded paper, beans, rice, pea gravel, etc.

I love the look of those ikea ekorre swings, but I am sure I would rip my rented house down if I tried to install one.
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I'm looking at buying a swing for my 80 pound kiddo. We have one outside he uses when he can Other things we have done Use ball-pit type balls in the tub. He buries himself in it and we don't need so many since he has water too. One of those cheapish fish lamps. Not sure why but he loves gazing in those. Teethers. He doesn't use regularly but when stressed he will pull them out To helps him relax. We also keep a bowl with a piece f aquarium tubing. When he needs it I put water in it and he can blow bubbles. The tube is narrow so he has to blow slow We have a brush that I got for "brushing". We don't use it therapeutically anymore but sometimes he will brush himself And we made the space under his bed like a little hideaway. We lifted it up with bed lifters and put a sheet to hang over the bottom
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Therapy balls, beans, disks to bounce, balance, roll on. Pool noodles to do whatever he wants with. Therapists - I got a combo pack off amazon for like $25 with all the different colors/strengths. Swing with a hammock chair holder frame for it to hang from so it isn't into the ceiling. Weighted blankets, building blocks like Jenga. Spike balls (cheap $3 ones from Target that light up)
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