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Double story - my girls share a birthday

I never wrote out the birth story for DD1 and thought I'd share it with dd2's because hers was such a great experience after learning from dd1's birth.


DD1's birth was not a very pleasant experience. From my first ob appointment until the end I didn't really like the dr.'s or the office. They were ok, it just didn't feel personal. At my first ob appointment I was told my pelvis was shaped oddly and I might have to have a c/s so I had that to think about the entire pregnancy. Then when I tried to make my last appointment I was told the ob I had been seeing was on spring break and I had to pick a different dr. So I did reluctantly. When I went back in for a nst a couple days later since I was "overdue" (I disagree with that now but oh well) the ob I had been seeing saw me too and asked why I didn't have the last appointment with him... Anyway I was over due and we decided to induce on Sunday evening (this was a Friday), conveniently his day at the hospital was Monday.

So we checked in to the hospital Sunday evening, apparently they didn't know I was coming. -_- Got checked in and they inserted cervadil around 6pm. At 2am I started feeling contractions, hadn't had any up until then. I was pretty much stuck in the bed because I had to have an iv since I was induced and was stuck with nothing but ice chips. Around 8am I asked for an epidural - I had wanted to do no pain meds but I didn't do enough research to avoid it - and was around 4cm when it was placed. I was finally able to sleep some - I'd been up the whole night. Checked at 10am and was told I was at 10cm and could start pushing. That lasted 3 hours. x_x With the epi I couldn't feel the urge and my nurse "made" me push to a count of 10 which didn't feel good and was hard for me to do. Finally around 12:30 the dr. says that we need to get her out because of how long it had been and gave me the option of vacuum extract or c/s. I agreed to the vacuum because I wanted to avoid a c/s unless absolutely necessary.

After 2 attempts with the vacuum, an unasked for episiotomy and a large tear, dd1 made her way into the world.

Elaine Faith 3/22/2010 7lbs 13oz 21in 12:54pm

Now because of that experience and the care I received from that office later when I was having some health problems/concerns, I switched to a new ob. I liked him better and might have stayed with him but our insurance dropped that provider.

In the meantime I learned that a few friends at church had homebirths and was intrigued by the idea. I started looking into them and thought it was something I would like to explore. Then I found out baby #2 was on the way and I called the local midwife to talk to her about homebirth with my husband. After talking with her we were convinced so our journey began.

The prenatal care I received with her was world's apart from the ob office - she remembered me without a chart and it was just so much more personal and enjoyable. This time I was charting and knew what day I ovulated and my estimated due date was 3/21. So the whole time I thought "my kids could share a birthday but it probably won't happen."


Tuesday - I went for my 40 week appointment hoping to hear that I'd made progress from the week before and I had! But it still seemed that baby was content to wait a little while so I prepared myself to go over due (which I had been trying to do the whole time but didn't really want to). We went out to several stores that evening to get a few last minute things and groceries.

Wednesday - I had been having random braxton hicks for several weeks. This day I have them pretty frequently, about 2-4 per hour so I thought hmm maybe something is starting to happen. When to the grocery store again that evening because we needed something for supper and when I got there I could barely remember what I went for. Later that evening I had pretty steady contractions 5-8 minutes apart for 2 hours. After tidying the house some they stopped and I tried to get some sleep - this was around 10:30pm.

Thursday - At 3am contractions woke me up. Started timing them and they were around 5ish minutes apart. Decided to get something to eat while I could and kept timing contractions. I told dh around 4:30 that he probably wasn't going to work that day. Then it hit me, "my kids really are going to share a birthday!" I called the midwife around 6 - I woke her up and it was a little humorous that I was so awake and coherent and she struggled a little bit to wake up. By then contractions were about 4 minutes apart and starting to get more painful. Midwife called back at 6:30 and contractions had only picked up so she started on her way - she lives about 45 minutes away. During that time mil came and picked dd1 up. DD1 doesn't usually get up that early but once she saw she was going to "mops" house she got excited and told me and dh to wait here on her.

She got here around 7:30am and checked me - I was at 4cm and 100%! She said the longest part was already over and to go ahead and get in the pool if I wanted too. Well dh had to fill it up first but as soon as he did I got in and knew that I wanted to stay in. Contractions were about 2 minutes apart at that time I think. The midwife's assistant showed up sometime around here. I labored in the pool and the most comfortable position was on my back with my head rested on the side with the water supporting my weight. The contractions got more intense and the midwife asked if I was feeling the urge to push yet. I said yes a little and she checked me again - 9.5cm! and she said to start pushing whenever I felt like it. I think this was shortly before 9 - looking at a clock was the last thing on my mind. Shortly after that I began pushing. I don't know how long or how many contractions but it seemed like not time at all almost. Dh was so supportive at this time and the midwife was very encouraging and best of all they left me alone and didn't bug me with a million questions and didn't touch me except dh who was holding my hand. Pretty sure I was quite vocal at this point too as I felt each contraction come one. Shortly after beginning to push the midwife said she could see the head. Then a few minutes later dd2's head was out and I could reach down and feel it. Several more contractions later and my daughter was born and put immediately into my hands.

We stayed in the water for a while and just snuggled, great skin to skin because I didn't want anything on in the pool. Tried to get her to start nursing in the pool but I couldn't get in a comfortable position to get her latched on so we moved to the bedroom. DH took dd2 and the midwife and her assistant helped me deliver the placenta and checked for tears. I had a few tiny tears and got 3 small stitches - huge difference than the mess after dd1.

DD2 started nursing after that. Then I got up and rinsed off in the shower, the midwife checked dd2 out, apgar score of 9 and got back in bed with her. DH and the assistant cleaned up during this time. They waited a little while to make sure things were going ok, then the midwife and her assistant left around 11:30am.

Mercedes Hope 8lbs 8ozs 21in 3/22/2012 9:17am

So dd2's birth went much better and if we have any more children I will plan on having them at home too. I don't know that I can even describe how much better it was having her at home vs. my hospital experience.

And here they are, my beautiful daughters that share a birthday.


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What a special birthday present

Congrats on your two princesses.

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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

Thanks for sharing. Your girls are so precious.

My birthday is also 3/22 and I had my 3rd child on my 23rd bday.
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

How sweet!!

I'm due on my ODDs 6th birthday (6/22) and my friend is due on her ODD's 2nd birthday (5/22)!
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

What a beautiful baby!!!! Congrats. I'm glad you had a great birth experience!
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

Awesome birth story! I didn't realize that they shared a bday.
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

beautiful story! I love to read about beautiful birth experiences!
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday sweet those pictures are! Two of my uncles share a birthday and then two of my aunts share a birthday.
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday


They're beautiful, btw.
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Re: Double story - my girls share a birthday

Congratulations!! What beautiful girls they are
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