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Question thumb or Pacifier?

What have you chosen for your LO? My first wanted nothing to do with either, but my second is constantly needing something to suck on. He's 2months and has now found his thumb. He can't fall asleep without his bink which is really irritating when he looses it b/c he wakes up wanting it back in his mouth, but with his thumb he'll always be able to find it... BUt with a bink I am able to take it away when he's older and shouldn't have it any longer although that could bite me in the *** and even if I take the bink away he could resort to his thumb?!...

What does your kid/baby use? What do you allow and think about it?

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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

DD was a dedicated paci kid...but only the nb ones you get at the hospital (the Avent/Soothie ones). We worked on the "you can take away a paci, but you can't chop off a thumb" theory Yes, the waking when she lost her paci at 2&3 mos old was a pain, but she could re-plug herself fairly early. By 6 mos, she was really only using it while teething, & she abandoned it altogether by a year. She never sucked her thumb. It was obnoxious as all get-out that my stupid mother would make faces & rude comments every.single.time. she saw DD w/ a paci. C'mon, it's not like she's going on the school bus w/ it!

I guess you get what you get though, b/c DD is now 29 mos, has been paci-free for about 18 mos...but just in the last couple of moths, she started stroking her nose w/ the tag of her lovey Like, bedtime & naptime she NEEDS it, freaks if she can't get to the tag. So we may have dodged the paci/thumb bullet, but I'm going to have the weird kid w/ the tag thing
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DD had a paci from about 3weeks old to 14months. At 21months she decided to be a thumb sucker.

I guess there are enough pros and cons to both that I wouldn't choose one or the other. The paci seems easier to take away, but on the other hand, she became a thumb sucker so late, I feel like its really not up to the parent anyways.
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

DS1 was a thumb sucker. I tried and tried the paci (since in theory it is easier to take away) but he wanted nothing to do with it. he only sucked his thumb when he was tired though. He wasn't one to just walk around with his thumb in his mouth. I also gently discouraged it any time I saw him sucking his thumb not at bed/nap time. I was preparing myself for the huge ordeal of getting him not suck his thumb when he fell at 2.5 years and scraped up his thumb. I guess it hurt to much and/or he didn't like the bandaid cause he didn't suck it and didn't go back to sucking his thumb after it healed.

DS2 didn't want either thumb or paci.
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Breast. That is the most my daughter would tolerate. She never found her thumb and spit the pacis out. My more tolerant son gave the pacifier a few sucks here and there, gave his thumb a nibble, and in the end can't be bothered.

Just as well, I don't mind nursing them and it saves me from deeming something suddenly illicit.
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

My dd is a thumb sucker. She's 4 now and still sucks her thumb when she's upset or tired. She's cut back on her own.

DS took a pacifier for a few months unhappily. I could get him to take one after I nursed him to sleep. He stopped wanting it around 7-8 months.

Personally, I hate pacifers. I lose them. I drop them. They get thrown. Thumbs are so much easier for me.

DS is 21 months and teething. He would be thrilled to be attached to my boob So, I would really love if he had something else to comfort himself with.
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

never used a paci. I think my 8 wk old is trying to find his thumb. he sucks on his arm or hand when he is laying on my shoulder. To me, it has nothing to do with me "allowing" it or not. It's his thumb and his body, so if he chooses to suck his thumb, for as long as he wants, I wouldn't try and stop him.
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

I would prefer a paci as you can take it away. I had a family that thumb sucked till age 12, so I'm a little anti-thumb based on that craziness.

Neither of mine really liked the paci. I gave them and they wouldn't really take them. DD however LOVES gumdrop pacifiers for teething. She chews on them like crazy. (I even put water in the nipple part and freeze them.) She won't suck on the nipple portion at all!
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

Pacifier. At about that age my son started with one. It helped a lot with the teething and other stuff. I pulled it at about 18 months (it took about a week) but I wish i did it about 12-14 months as that is when he got more addicted to it. I preferred frozen tethers and someone suggested which I started doing around when we pulled it is frozen wash clothes - just use the extra baby wash cloths as they are a nice size, wet, twist and freeze.
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Re: thumb or Pacifier?

With dd she would never take a paci or bottle untill 11 mths (she weaned herself when I got preggo and then took a bottle) She has been a thumb sucker all her life (2 now)

DS took a paci at first but now won't and is also a dedicated thumb sucker. But now will hardly nurse so he gets more bottle than boob now not how I intended it to be.
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