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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

I agree with most everything you ladies have already said. I've had 2 c-sections, first was after 36hrs labor and 2nd was scheduled after I was 9 days overdue. Here are my tips:
-your incision might start to smell, but that can just be from water getting inbetween the butterfly bandages and incision.
-take the stool softener!
-you might feel more comfortable sleeping in a recliner for a week or so.
-planned c-sections tend to lead to a better recovery than laboring for hours before having one (at least in my experience).
-if the pain meds are knocking you out (they did with my first) ask for something different the second go around (made my recovery so much better with my second).


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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

Definately use the mesh undies the hospital gives you, I actually asked for more so I could take them home and I ended up with enough to wear for the first 2 weeks or so!

I took stool softener and ate prunes, it wasn't fun afterward but I think it helped speed things up.

Move around as much as you can.

Take a shower as soon as they let you! I had to have DH help but it felt so good to be clean and it forced me to move.

Take the steri strips off when they tell you to (do this in the shower), I waited because I was afraid and they were very stuck.
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

The 2 biggest helps for me were the belly band the hospital gave me and sleeping upright so I didn't have to go from flat to sitting when it was time to breastfeed (or anything else).
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

take stool softners!!

sleep in a sitting position...with dd1 I popped a few stiches trying to get out of the bed...after that i slept in the recliner part of the couch...and with dd2 did the couch from the get go and didnt' have any problems

use the peri bottle to mix up a wash soluation and have DH wash the area every sure to dry it very well...use the hair dryer if needed!

if you are like me and "fluffy" your gut may try to hang over the sure to keep it dry so that it heals...use something between the folds of skin, panty liner, wash cloth, anything to let it get air...

the staples don't hurt when removed!! my dr leaves them in for about a week...with DD1 i made myself sick thinking about it and ended up almost passing out on the table when dr said he was about to take them out...they have a special tool that opens them back up and they come right out! every now and then i felt a tug but nothing bad!
some folks i know had theirs removed before they left the hospital...I have never had this happen...dd1 was a week...dd2 was longer...the longer ones were a little harder to get out and i did feel it more...but still wasn't bad!!
**Please forgive any typos!!**
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

This are all great tips! I now know what to ask at my next appointment so i can prepare more!

i totally didnt know about the pp support or belly band idea.. im going to see about looking for one on FSOT (you think ill find one?) or add it to my wishlists.... great idea!!

Im also down for ideas with toddlers.. i dont see DS3 being very okay with me not holding him/picking him up.. but i know he will have to get over it ( I just hate that thought) poor guy

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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

Try to get glue or stitches for your skin closure. I don't have any personal experience with stitches or staples but heard that staples are a harder recovery.

DITTO on the moving around! Move around slowly, but MOVE it! I felt almost completely back to normal two weeks after my c-section and I think all the walking (and standing up straight) I did helped a lot.
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I agree with the others on the stool softeners-if it is a planned C, start them a day or 2 before the surgery date.

If you have glue on your incision, it is essential to keep it dry & don't pick at it when it starts peeling off! Use a hair dryer to make sure it is completely dry.

Press a pillow against your incision if you have to sneeze, cough, or laugh.

Get up & moving when you can, but go slowly or you can get nauseous.

With my second I had excruciating gas pains... Writhing in pain unable to move or call out for help kind of intense pain. If you're having gas pains, talk to the nurses/dr about what can help. I didn't realize what it was initially & waited longer than I should have. I needed an enema to get some immediate relief, but it helped nearly immediately.

Stay ahead of the pain. For the first few days at least just keep taking the pain meds offered. The more comfortable your pain level, the more you can move around & overall the easier your recovery.

Someone asked for suggestions with a toddler. We just told DS I had an "owie" so couldn't lift him up (of course I still did, but tried to limit it). Instead I would have him sit with me on my lap or next to me. This really worked well for him. The first day I picked him up from daycare he got excited to see me, then pointed at the chair & said "mama, sit" and then climbed up on my lap to cuddle. The owie explanation worked well, but i had to show him my owie & he asks to see it frequently during the day even now 3 wks post C.
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

Don't drink POP!!! Found that out the hard way.
Take stool softners and gas X.
Post partum support belt is a life saver.
Have a pillow for the ride home to hold against your tummy so every bump doesn't hurt.
Rent a hospital bed for the first week or two at home. A neighbor suggested it and I didn't believer her until after the fact, will def. do it again.
When people ask what they can do to help, TELL THEM!!! Dishes, Laundry, Vacuuming.... Do not vacuum or mop for at least 3-4 weeks, just trust me on that one, the motion is not good. Even bending down to load/unload the dishwasher and laundry was not good.
Get up and do things, but be careful what you do.
Whatever you do, do not lift your 90lb doberman into the counter height washsink at 2 weeks post c section. Believe me that is just one you're really going to have to trust me on. That one made me start bleeding and almost put me back in the hospital.
Listen to your body, don't ignore the warning signs.
Take the mesh undies home with you and ask for a few extra pair. I ended up having to wash mine a lot until they almost fell apart because regular undies rubbed wrong and hurt.
Plan on hanging out in night gowns for a few days. Any pants with elastic killed, I did have a few yoga pants with a soft band that weren't to bad, and I could fit in other loose pants with the PP support belt. But weight wasn't the problem, after a little while in "real" pants the inscision would really start to hurt.
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

stool softeners! pp belt! when getting up use your arms to take the pressure off your core. for laundry, my mom bought me a rolling cart so i could still keep up with it. (i getoverwhelmed if i dont keep up with laundry.)
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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

Well I am done having kids, but I did have 4 c-sections so I thought I'd pop in My tips:

Use a folded in half body pillow instead of a boppy. Brings baby up higher and doesn't squeeze around your mid-section.

Stay in the hospital for the recommended amount of time! I was in such a rush to get home after my 1st that I left a day before I had too. I could have used the extra rest

When they ask if you have passed gas before letting you have solid foods do NOT lie!! I lied b/c I was starving and I paid for it dearly with gas pains so bad I though I was having a heart attack.

Also the mesh underwear. Ask for some extras and also the hospital post partum pads! The pads come up high enough where the mesh underwear don't stick to the steri strips or staples. I loved those things!! (never though I would say that but I did)

And definitely get up ASAP. I was up and walking within 12 hours with all 4. It helps. The longer you stay in bed, the harder it will be to get out of it.

As for pain meds, I don't take anything that is a narcotic, and I did great just taking Motrin. Yea it was still uncomfortable but not excruciating. I have had headaches cause more pain that my c-section recovery.
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