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Sanitized Dishes?

Keep having an argument with my boyfriend about cleanliness in the kitchen. It began over my reusable bowl covers. I have cheap plastic store-bought reusable covers that he insisted I throw out "because they could never be sanitized".
They were on their last days of life anyway, so I tossed them. Today I mentioned buying some of the nicer WAHM ones, which could be put into our kitchen laundry hamper when dirty. This led to the argument again.
He says there is no way they are safe because they cannot be sanitized. I argued that, why would these need to be sanitized if our regular dishes and pans do not have to be? He believes that most dish soap sanitizes the dishes and because I don't buy chemical dish soap (I buy stuff like Seventh Generation) then we are eating off of un-clean dishes.
Sanitizing everything seems like a bad idea to me. And besides for maybe when infant bottles had to be sanitized, I have never done such a thing! Clean was clean to me. We do not have a dishwasher, I wash all the dishes by hand. Besides for personal beliefs that products such as Seventh Generation are healthier for us, I am allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate (an artificial ingredient in almost anything artificial, makes my hands itch terrible and break out in eczema.)
The only method I understand to sanitize items is by using bleach. We use Seventh Gen disinfectant on countertops now and then, otherwise I just use soap and water. Maybe a few times a year I will bleach things, like we just bleached the kitchen floor, but I don't like to use it often.

Umh. This argument just makes me infuriated. I think he is being a total moron. Or am I? Do you sanitize everything? Tried to Google it and everything said USE BLEACH! SAVE YOURSELF FROM LISTERIA!


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Tell him to boil everything

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I think our culture is over sanitized. I never worry about it. Hot hot water and a good Eco soap is all I've ever needed. I loathe bleach and only use the non chlorine kind for diapers if I absolutely HAVE to. Never ever for anything else.
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Soap and hot water here.
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Re: Sanitized Dishes?

That's the mindset about clean in this modern culture. Really though most things that are perceived as clean and sterile really only just look clean.
When I clean I wash under my stove and fridge, etc. I mop the floor until the water is clear.
I also avoid hand sanitizer because I believe that most bacteria are actually good for you. Of course the entire 5 months my DD was in public school I was constantly sick with some bug or another. I have not been sick since I took her out of school to home school her. By the way she wasn't ever sick. Just me most likely because I volunteered 3 days a week with 30 kindergarteners.
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I am weird about dishes (and incredibly NOT green about them either, just giving fair warning). I wash everything until it looks and feels clean, then it goes in the dishwasher to be "sanitized." I have no idea if my machine actually does sanitize anything, but in my mind the heat does. I think I'd be okay though if I didn't have a machine, as long as the sink water got really hot.
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Re: Sanitized Dishes?

If your not dead or constantly sick I suspect your dishes are clean enough.
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Re: Sanitized Dishes?

A certain amount of bacteria is good to help build immunity. The only sanitizing I do in my kitchen is antibacterial wipes to clean the sink and/or counters if raw meat was handled there. I'm not a big fan of those natural or eco friendly dishsoaps only because I find they don't cut grease as well. And I have never found an eco friendly dishwasher detergent that cleans very good so I never stray from cascade.

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Re: Sanitized Dishes?

People use to wash dishes with lye soap and a basin full of water and they didn't least not from dirty dishes. Soap and hot water are good enough to kill most germs. The purpose of soap is to lift the dirt from the dishes so it can be wiped away, most green soaps work just as well. The important thing is making sure your sink and dish cloth are clean. One study showed that cleaning around your drain with baking soda got rid of e.coli and salmonella so bleach or other cleaners are not necessary.
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Re: Sanitized Dishes?

I sanitize most things and I bleach the crap out of many things. Just the way I do it. Makes DH nuts that I use bleach on his hardwood floors, but I don't like icky. Too much Microbiology? Quite possibly, but hey speaking of, I need to get on those counter tops.
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