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Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

I woke at 12:20 after dreaming about a sort of “pop” sensation. I headed for the bathroom just in time, as my water had broken and I lost a large gush of fluid rapidly. No contractions right away, so I went back to bed with a heavy pad and waited. Within a few minutes, contractions began. I got up to make some tea and a snack while I timed contractions. They were 2-3 minutes apart and about 1 min long and I was having to breathe through them but could still speak freely.

I woke DH and gave him the info, he decided to get up instead of getting a little more sleep. We called the midwife and talked through a couple contractions. She asked us to call again in 30 minutes. We spent the time readying the basement and I tried lying on my side to rest – but this slowed the contractions to 7min apart.

Once the midwife arrived around 1:45, I alternated sitting on the birthing ball and standing leaning over the couch. Contractions were strong but still spaced a bit. She recommended we all try to get a bit more sleep if possible, though I was full of nervous energy.

I dozed and contractions increased to where I was having to begin low “O” breathing and really ride through them. The student midwife arrived and did a few checks of heart tones. I was able to doze and dream a bit between waves, and I made a goal of dozing until it was at least sort of morning. Just before 6am, we decided it was time to fill the birth pool and I went back to the birthing ball.

I told the midwife I was scared that standing would make the contractions stronger, and she reminded me that strong was good.
I went back to standing over the couch arm and immediately had major contractions and the urge to vomit. Vomiting while contracting was not a fun activity! Thankfully, the urge passed after two contractions, though the strength and length of contractions was increasing and I was fully moaning in “O” sounds throughout. I began to think fondly of a “simple” c-section, and started to do “labor math” and worry that I couldn’t bear another 20 hours of this. I focused on the idea that my body was producing the pain, therefore I was strong enough to endure it. DH was right there reminding me to stay loose and moan low – LOW really made such a difference!

I asked the midwife whether the “rest” periods between contractions would go away as I got closer to pushing, so I could prepare myself. She said there would still be pauses, and I decided to switch to hands and knees against my birthing ball. Within a few contractions, I began to feel strong pressure and the urge to push.

They hustled to finish off the birthing pool, and I was already feeling “fire” by the time I got in the water. I had NO idea I was so close. The water wasn’t as warm as I hoped, but I was already beyond stopping and pushing was happening regardless. The midwife checked me for dilation (the only vaginal exam we did the whole time!) and said I was clear. I laid my head on the edge, pushed down with my hands, and pushed like crazy. DH was right there leaning against me over the edge. Our friend started taking pictures.

I could feel her making progress but it hurt and the pressure was so crazy. I thought my hips might break apart. She began to crown and the midwife let me feel her head. I kept thinking, “the only thing that will make this stop is getting that baby out!” When I felt her start to slip back, I redoubled my pushing, sometimes so hard I lifted my knees off the bottom. The midwife asked me to “hee-hee-hee” but then decided my body was moving at a safe pace and said to push when I felt the urge.

Now I was impatient and it was almost hard to wait the few seconds between pushes. DH moved behind me to catch her. I made the most phenomenal push and felt her head go – the midwife helped John catch her and slide the cord off her shoulder as she slid out. Then she SWAM to my arms and I held her as she pinked up and began to cry. It was so unreal. I was deliriously happy but also couldn’t believe it actually happened.

We warmed her up while waiting for the placenta, and I stood up to push it out when it didn’t come right away. We all moved to the couch and she latched on to nurse almost instantly. I had a 2nd-degree tear but no other issues for me or baby. Looking back, I never once thought about my incision!

Some comparisons for all the other VBAC/HBAC hopefuls:
Total HBAC labor time: approx 7 hours, 1.5-ish pushing.
Last labor (C/S for cascade of interventions): 35 hours (back labor), 2 hours pushing, then surgery.
Recovery time: Up and walking (stiffly) within 10 min.
Last recovery: Struggled to the bathroom with assistance after 24 hours.


Wife to my best friend , SAHM to DD1 (4/15/10) and DD2 (5/16/13)
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

Omg that sounds like an amazing birth! Congrats mama!!
im a breast feeding cosleeping laundry loving cloth diapering fluffy mail loving homeschooling mom of three adorable kids
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Wow what an empowering story! Congratulations.
~Danielle~ Wife to Christian Mom to Luke 7 Years Old and Malorie Elise 5 Years Old and Twin Girls Harper & Everleigh born August '13 after a tubal reversal and ectopic pregnacy/tube removal
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

What a great birth stores! Hoping to add my own vbac after 2 csection story sometime in October.
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Great story!!! Congrats mama!!
Mommy to Fiona 12/09 and new baby Layla 3/12 a HBAC!
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

Shannon, Mommy to Claire (10/09) and Alice (vbac 3/12)
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

Wow great job Momma. We got our VBA2C in April and it was hard work but totally worth it =)
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

Thank you for sharing, sounds amazing! So happy for you
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Thank you so much for sharing your story - especially the comparisons between your two births! My first LO is only 4.5 months and I'm already thinking about my next birth (I desperately wanted a natural birth and ended in emergency c/s after 28 hours - I had pressure from hospital staff to intervene because my water had broken over 24 hours earlier). Seeing how much shorter your second one was is so encouraging to me!
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Re: Coral Mei’s Successful HBAC Birth Story

Congrats!! Thanks for sharing!
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