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Re: "That's not REAL homeschooling..."

this is kind of a silly discussion i think, like katie said its just semantics. homeschool is such a vague term it encompasses a lot of different styles and systems...or even NO style or system!

i was homeschooled through a christian school in another state. this was before cyber school lol but i had books and work sent to me and i sent it back snail mail to be graded by a teacher who was not my mother. i guess it was more like independent study as my i got no direct contact with teachers other than assignments and grading and my mom only "taught" when i needed help understanding something. i even got really awesome kits for dissection. we never got any funding for materials and we paid a regular tuition just like the kids who went to the actual school. it might make me a little less trendy but it didn't make me any less of a homeschooler.

there's no way that you could get into our state schools without some kind of diploma or equivalent in addition to SATs. i don't really know how it works for independent homeschoolers. at the time i was homeschooled there was great debate about it and entry into colleges (another reason i chose a homeschool program from a regular school) so i chose to go back to public school for my senior year. it was solely my choice, i didn't want to jump through hoops or defend myself or our choice to homeschool. i don't know if it was just my area or the time but it was a very controversial thing to do. i only knew one other family who homeschooled and it was more like unschooling and the kids were all much younger.


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Re: "That's not REAL homeschooling..."

Kinda late to the conversation, but I don't see how any type schooling at home can't be called homeschool. It's taking place at HOME. I don't care if you are unschooling, using a made for homeschool curriculum, or a made for public school curriculum. Religious or secular. It's still learning taking place at home. I have a friend who uses K-12 and has some pretty strict regulations. It is still at home. And I bet if you were to ask any public school teacher, she/he would say that my friend is a homeschooler and her children are homeschooled.
Do I agree with every way to BE homeschooled? No. That's why I didn't choose that way. But I would still consider other "versions" homeschool.
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Re: "That's not REAL homeschooling..."

I guess the term homeschooling can mean different things to different people. To me homeschooling is teaching at home. It doesn't matter if you're doing it through a school or not, it's still school at home. Right now we do not go through any type of school system for our homeschooling, but we may in the future, I don't know. I have looked into a few things that basically just help you keep track of your progress and say what kids of x age should be learning, but they don't tell you what to teach.

As for SATs, it's different for each state. Neither DH nor I took the SATs and we both went to college. I held a career for years before becoming a SAHM and now I have my own business at home. When our kids are a little older we will do the test at the end of the year to see their progress.
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Re: "That's not REAL homeschooling..."

I bit of background
My DD attended a brick and motar charter school from preschool (early intervention for speech) - first semester of her second grade
K12 a virtual academy from second grade second semester- just this past month
were are now "off the grid" HSers..

From a strictly personal level yes I do consider VA as homeschoolers I was still the one deciding on what was taught how it was taught how much was taught yes I had guides and materials but I was till the main one resposnible. Her "teacher" had little involvment..

However from a LEGAL POV I think its VITAL there be a diffrence, I watched how in jsut under a year my overall remote location to my states VA headquarters allowed me as a parent more freedom to more and more deemands and ridiclous standards being placed on me. I do think we need to deffend the rights of parents to stay "off the grid" and to teach our kids without geoverment involvment.

I haven't decided if I want to be invloved with HSDLA I havent done enough research and a of now we have enough nickle and dime obligations.. I also have seen that "there not off the gride" non TRUE homeschoolers POV taken to the extreme and its has issolated the VA community actually forcing them FURTHER into goverment cluches than allowing a safe transation out or a right to fight regulations they currently face.

Luckily I had support from places like here that welcomed and encouraged rather than the local HS that flat outr threw us out as SOON as the discovered we were K12ers.. (but instantly welcome us in now..)

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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Re: "That's not REAL homeschooling..."

In the eyes of the law, I'm not technically a "homeschooler" at all. I register under a salttelite campus school, so I'm actually consisered something of an on-site teacher for THEM. However, I do this simply because it affords me the most freedom when it comes to educating my children. If I registered as an actual homeschooler, I would have to abide by the regulations of the local school system. By operating under the umbrella school of my choice (a non-religious "church-related school"-- go figure), I am allowed complete freedom. I choose the curriculum, the schedule, the EVERYTHING. So I am a homeschooler by my own definition, and that's really all that matters to me.

If I happened to choose a pre-made curriculum, that wouldn't change the fact that I am still homeschooling my child. I think that any time you take your child's education into your own hands and make the choice to keep them out of a public school, then you can be considered as "homeschooling". Unless you're sending them to an on-campus private school or something. LOL. Seriously, though-- who cares what qualifies in someone else's mind? If they feel such a need to categorize other people and make sure they fit into their specific ideas of what "homeschooling" should be, then there's clearly something wrong with them.
I'm C.
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