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Loving this thread! No one has asked me this yet, but I've always wondered if the people who ask that think that all public school graduates are perfectly socialized?? I went through public schools and I can definitely remember some classmates who were "awkward", didn't get along with others, or who could be called "unsocialized". PS doesn't magically "socialize" you.

Also, if you asked an educator, school board member, even parents of public schooled children their reasons for education at PS I don't think "socialization" would come up AT ALL. So why is it so darn important for homeschoolers??


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Re: "You know she is going to need....

Lots of really good points, and incredibly helpful to a mama who is JUST strting to contemplate this and ALREADY getting the comments. ARGH.

Thanks Ladies!
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Re: "You know she is going to need....

Originally Posted by Jaxence View Post
Ya the social argument is fun... lol...Really people just don't understand that you are broadening their social skills by not limiting them to a single age group...So many home school moms will tell you that their children spend time outside the home, and have very little issue communicating with people of all ages...If anything I believe home schooling removes those shackles that public school can place on us socially. I went to a small public school and still wasn't welcomed by anyone that wasn't my age...In fact I remember it being one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new...And don't get me started about speaking with adults and how that can be stunted by teachers and authorities through school...Did you ever like talking to your teachers if you were public schooled?...The only social anxiety I've ever seen in Home schooled students (we had a couple home schooled kids start public school in HS) is that they don't understand that a clique, by definition, means you're not welcome. So they talk to everyone...HMMM...I think I'll spare my children this lesson because once school is over this particular social quirk is massively destructive to their social lives...just my 2 cents...
I love this! PS is not anything like "real life." Once you graduate and get a job, you have to learn to work and socialize with people of all ages. I've worked closely with people who could be my grandparents and also with people who were a good bit younger than me. I also have friends of all ages through Bible studies and such at church. When I was in school, it was odd to be friends with anyone from a different "grade" than you, especially in elementary. The first question you asked someone before playing with them was how old they were and often if they weren't your age, you didn't play with them. That doesn't seem like very good socialization. If I limited myself like that as an adult, I wouldn't have any friends. Why people think our kids need to learn to socialize "in a bubble" is beyond me.

I have enjoyed reading this thread.
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Re: "You know she is going to need....

When my child was in public school she was alot less social than she is now as a homeschooler.
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Re: "You know she is going to need....

I am just planning to start hs this fall, and everyone I have mentioned it to has said something about socialization.
My younger DD has always been shy, and putting her in public pre-k and K has seemed to help a bit, but I'm sure she is just growing out of it as well. My older DD was in daycare and ps since she was an infant. She is very outgoing, never met a stranger! She is just starting to see the negative aspects of ps "socialization" now at middle school level. I hope it is not too late, and that she hasn't "seen too much" already!
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Re: "You know she is going to need....

this same friend is a public school teacher who openly hates her students. UGH.

But she has also told me that "WHEN I end up putting them in public school" (Because I will change my mind Im sure.. whatever!) that my kids will be behind and weird. She straight up told me that they would be WEIRD.

Honestly, you are all right.
1. Its not like kids(in ps) have any free time during those 8 hours at school to just mingle OR to just be kids. And play. Use their imagination. Its all about who is wearing less than cool clothing and who sucked at PE today and OMG why does she wear her hair like that!?! And yes, it starts early. Maybe not in EVERY town and maybe not EVERY child deals with this. But in my town...yes it happens. And it happens early. My niece is in 2nd grade and will cry on the floor of her room if she doesnt have acceptable clothing. I hate that education is reduced to wardrobe competition this early on.
2. Fast Forward to college and real life when you are thrown into a pool of people who are NOT your age and you have NOT known them your whole life and nobody cares what brand of shoes you are wearing. My kids will be TOTALLY fine in that situation because they LIVE. IT. DAILY.
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Re: "You know she is going to need....

i was homeschooled for 12 years. i just laugh when people talk about the "socialization" part-- they must not realize that putting a child in a room with 30 other children the exact same age breeds immaturity in most. too bad the one-room schoolhouse model is gone!

not having friends, not being "socialized" has nothing to do with where you go to school, but everything to do with how your parents raise you. i had so many friends as a child i didn't know what to do with them all! --from church, from homeschool group, and as i got older, from co-op classes and from the community college where i was dually enrolled.

of course, homeschooling is not for everyone. but the social skills aspect has more to do with personality and lifestyle than schooling.

(by the way, i'm not against traditional school-- i'm a high school teacher!)
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