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My first was 10lbs 7oz, and while no one used the actual shoulder dystocia term, I was told, 'she's stuck, don't push, the nurse is going to push on your stomach, I'm going to rotate her, then you push when I tell you to.' And she was out exactly as the Dr said. Healthy, large, tall baby. From the first push to baby, it was 1hr 56 minutes.

My second was also 10lbs 7oz, and they did say that he had shoulder dystocia. Same maneuver, same result, very healthy baby, also large and long. An hour and a half of pushing for that guy.

Even though I had passed the GD test just fine with those two, my midwife for my third baby (spectacular OB moved between babies ) was worried that it was inaccurate. Had me test out of the blue at an appointment and it was fine, as was a scheduled glucose test.

She was still worried, so we compromised a bit and planned to deliver vaginally, but in a prepped OR, just in case. As usual with me, things suited up nicely once my epidural was placed and I relaxed, and I progressed super quick. She checked me. My husband went to tell family they were going to move me, they got to prepping, she checked me again, and starting switching my bed. There wasn't time. My husband came back, we looked at each other shocked, she said push, I pushed, and out came a baby. Less than a minute. Hello, 8lbs 12oz slides right out!

So, awesome news that your ultrasound showed a nice average weight! And here's to hoping you get a nice normal sized baby that just makes I've speedy entrance and you need no interventions. if things change and your provider gets worried, maybe you can compromise instead of scheduling a C.

Oh, and my first two were within ounces of their weights, if you add the normal amount of gain to their 38w U/S weights. My third was estimated 9 & 1/2 pounds a few days before, when we scheduled my induction for 39w. These were two different clinics, two different techs.


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Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
No one can make this decision for you, but honestly *I think* I would try and opt for a vaginal hospital birth with the MW as primary at least initially. That way you can try and get the vaginal birth you want but still be at the hospital in case something goes wrong.

Here's hoping your baby stays "average". Hugs!

My dd was just over macrosomic at 8. 13. She did have a shoulder dystocia but was fine. My ob handled it well. And she was my 7th baby. Dystocia can happen at any weight and is a risk to anyone giving birth. But if it suspected that baby is large a hospital setting is probably best.
I didn't tear or need cutting with my SD baby.
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Re: Suspected macrosomic baby

Thanks ladies! I am delivering in a hospital, with CNMs, not at home. I'm soooo paranoid about everything this pregnancy! My 9 lbs 9 oz DD2 came out with two pushes so I'm not sure why I'm so concerned maybe I feel like my pregnancies have been too easy so far. I don't know! But thank you all for the support!
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Re: Suspected macrosomic baby

Great news about the average weight. All the best with the birth!
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