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Originally Posted by Rhianna'sMommy View Post
I'd take them in a heartbeat but that is our family dynamic. We wouldn't do that kind of vacation without everyone. I've taken a 3 month old and a 15 month old to disney world and loved it. Ds at 15 months was fascinated but everything about him - he loved just watching people and peeking in windows and watching the rides (he didn't like the round and round type rides at that age like dumbo but LOVED small world and always fell asleep on small world so it was a nice way to get him to conk for a nap). I don't have twins so I don't get the dynamic of twins so I get it might be tougher than with one. But we never had issues with a stroller and I loved taking ds at 15 months. But our family dynamics are such that we wouldn't consider not taking a child with us on vacation no matter what their age.
This is us...we have taken very young infants on 10 day Disney vacays. We also wouldn't consider vacationing alone.


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Re: Disneyland with almost 1 year old twins

About 6 yrs ago we went with my then 5, 3 and 14mo. And we had a one-to-one ratio. The hardest thing was that dd had just learned to walk, so all that stroller/carry time drove her batty!

We are going again in a few months with a 11, 9, 7, 4, 2 and almost 7mo. So...We're crazy enough to do it again!!

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I took my baby to Disney World when he was 9 months old. I won't be going again anytime soon but here's my take on it (and I am seasoned Disney-pro, but no experience with Disneyland -haha):

Check what the weather will be like. If it's hot, forget it. It's a beast to go during hot days.

What's the typical wait times for rides for that time of the yr? You will probably not get on much, but still, it will be difficult to manage with 2.

Will you be able to pop back in to your hotel fairly quickly, and how will you get there? Sometimes the biggest pain is getting into and out of the parks!

How will you feel handling twins out in the sun and in a crowded area all day long? At least here, there aren't many shaded areas to take shelter.

Are you nursing? I hate park food and I hate carrying baby food. There was no win for me in this regard. There are baby care areas which will help when you need to feed/change diapers. But you will have to circle around to them and there aren't many in the parks. I think Magic Kingdom has just the one.

With all that said, I was amazed at the number of newborns and babies brought to the parks. I saw brand new babies and a few twins in the hummer-like baby strollers (talk about a challenge to load those in the trolleys).. Truth be told, I had never noticed how many tiny ones are brought to the parks on any given day, so it's ether a lot of people making the same mistake or people actually enjoy this kind of torture.

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I wouldn't because I think this is something special for dd and your husband. If the twins were there, he would lose a lot of time with her. I feel like it would be really special to have the full attention of her father and grandmother.
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We went with our 3 year old and 3 month old. DH gets motion sick on most rides, so he spent the trip with DD2 in the carrier and I went in rides with DD1.
DH won't say anything to me, but I know he feels like he missed out in some of the trip. It was everyone's first trip to Disneyland.
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Do it! We took both our kids to WDW 3 times before DD2 turned 1 and we had an awesome time. DD2 was/is not a baby who falls asleep just anywhere, but she always falls asleep in the stroller at's exhausting in the best way. If you have or can borrow baby carriers (like Ergos) so you and your DH can each wear a baby in line I bet they can rest in line and your whole family can ride everything but rollercoasters together.

PS you can bring a baby on any attraction that doesn't have a minimum height one has to miss out to stay with the baby for most things.
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We would never do a family vacation without part of the family, so we would go together.
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Re: Disneyland with almost 1 year old twins

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
I wouldn't. But I'm odd and would rather stick forks in my eyeballs and toothpicks under my fingernails than go to Disney with small children.
I didn't want to be the lone dissenter but I'm with you on this. Screw that noise. I had a hard enough time taking a 3 year old, 6 year old, and 10 year old with my exhusband.
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