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What style of homeschooler are you?

Classical, Charlotte mason, unschooling, Montessori, Waldorf, eclectic, unit studies, etc?

What do you like best about how you do it/what drew you to that particular philosophy?


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We are eclectic Charlotte Mason. Where we don't mesh with CM philosophies (or execution) we just pick and choose what appeals to us.
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

The Charlotte Mason philosophy appeals to me the most. However, my daughter enjoys a more textbook approach. So we read a lot of living books but we also have workbooks so she has something tangible. Eclectic is what I would say we are. It's the same way my DH was homeschooled. They did unit studies, they read living books, they did workbooks...they did a bit of everything!
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

I honestly don't know. We just learn.

We are probably eclectic. I just follow my kids' leads, use what works best, and go for it.
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

I fall under classical. I think I lean towards this direction because of my degree in teaching, it is hard for me not to think about teaching my kids in a more hands off approach.
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

Highly relaxed. Not radical unschoolers but we lean heavily in that direction. I teach the kids to read, when they ask me to generally, then pretty much present them with opportunities and let them direct their educations. Heavily child led and experience based.

I can count on one hand the number of things I've learned and retained that I didn't learn this way, despite public school in a gifted program. So I figured, why not just skip school and let them live and read and travel and learn as I did, without risking the horrific abuse and bullying I got in school? I believe children are natural learners and if we surround ourselves with opportunities, my kids will learn what they need to know, most importantly they will learn to learn and be able to teach themselves later anything they later decide they need to know.
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Oh gosh...I was a teacher for the last 8 years and even in that I was very eclectic I would say. I like direct teaching, but I also like cooperative learning. I like Charlotte mason but also like workbooks, etc etc. What I found though is it really doesn't matter what I like. I chose something that works best for each girl individually. So, it's a big mix. I am definitely not an unschooler at all, though I do think that everyday living provides great opportunity for learning both life and educational lessons. For example, at the pet store my 4 y/o started naming the numbers on all the fish tanks (look mom! Fish 78!). At the time I had no idea she recognized numbers above 20. I've taught her how to read this year, because she asked (ok, begged), but other than that I haven't specifically taught her much. She just picks it up. That being said, she loves, loves, loves workbooks. My 3rd grade dd on the other hand cannot stand workbooks. We do most of her work orally when possible. I also do not place a huge importance on history and science. Truth be told, we've basically skipped history this year. Instead my older girls took/are taking geography and public speaking from a co-op. Science we do at a co-op as well and it requires work at home. I don't particularly like science so this works for us. We also school 4 days a week and the 5th day the co-op. But, if life gets in the way I don't stress. I have a weekly plan for each girl, and aim to get it all done sometime between Monday-Sunday. Our official school days are mon-weds and fri but for example this week I knew we were going to be busy mon so we did Monday's work on Saturday. Today we did extra english bc I knew we had plans tomorrow, etc. So basically, I have a plan of what I want to accomplish but am flexible on when it gets done as long as it does fit in a certain time frame.
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

charlotte mason! but a workbook quasi kind lol
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mel j
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

Probably eclectic. I mix and match and do as much as possible based on my LO's interests. I don't have a set schedule but have been wanting to try to have one. It's just that whenever I do it gets messed up anyway.
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Re: What style of homeschooler are you?

Hi everyone!

Like Mel j, we are also eclectic. I have 4 DDs who are 6, 10, 13 and 14. We do LOTS of stuff out of the house. We are @ the art museum at least once a month. We just started this new thing of meeting up w/ another homeschooling family once every 2 wks at the art museum and we go on tours. My DDs usually don't like the guided tours because there is a bit of standing. Hoping that w/ someone they know it will be more interesting. My 2 olders are also taking @ class @ the art museum on printmaking. The older 3 go to a performing arts after school program once a wk. We also do other field trips. We go to dance performances about once a month.

At home I don't have certain assignments for them to do on a regular basis. If we are home they are free to explore, play, draw and listen to audio books. The only thing I don;t allow is access to screens. In order to watch a movie or get time on the tablet the girls must do an assignment, this could be reading an article and writing a summary, doing math problems or whatever.

We also don't have a set schedule unless we have some place to be like the days we go to the afterschool program or the art class.

I know that I have all the fun out of the house stuff beyond covered. I do ask myself about more academics for my girls.

I do have a teaching degree and I am always looking into professional development so I can get continuing education credits. This also benefits my DD because I learn about new resources and approaches.
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