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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

Originally Posted by twood80 View Post
Don't forget that any animal has their own personality. I'm more a cat person, but the cats I love are more dog-like in that they are people lovers rather than the more aloof stereotypical cat. I suggest getting an older ~1 year old shelter pet, because then you know more about their personality. Then I don't have a problem adding a rescue cat to the household that has already been declawed by someone else, but I also have no problem with clawed cats (and I won't declaw one myself).
I have heard of this stereotype but only rarely actually encountered a cat that did not care for people attention. We had multiple cats all the years I was growing up.


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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

Honestly, the main reason we got a cat was to discourage mice from running about. And it has worked.

Everyone around here has or gets small field mice because of the large lots, and plenty of fruit trees + alot of.ppl allow their plants to grow out of control.

When my in laws told me it was inevitable that we were bound to get mice running through, esp kn the summer when we leave the doors open, I suggested we get a cat.

Im not up to having traps or poison set about. Weve never had a mouse inside since we got the cat. She has caught a few outside, but after killing and playing with them awhile, she leaves them as a gift instead of eating them.

She also catches most of the crickets that come jn as well...and eats them...

But I also like her as a pet. She will have her people time, and otherwise just likes to lounge around and watch us. Sometimes getting revenge on the dog once our dog falls asleep lol...
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

I had a couple cats growing up. I also find them to be less work than dogs... actually less work than most pets. Yes, there's the litter box, but I find that less work intensive than walking my dog 3-4 times a day (we have no fence), or training dogs, or cleaning a fish tank, or cleaning a rabbit cage, etc, etc. However, it's hard to guarantee the personality of your pet, don't be too hurt if your cat isn't a cuddler.

When I was 16, I adopted a cat of my own, she was already an adult. She had an abrasive personality and I was determined to hold her and hug her. I learned to respect her and over time she felt comfortable to come curl in my lap of her own accord.

Anyway, I like cats because they're ultra soft, they make great foot warmers, they're hilarious at times, they chase laser pointers, and (if your cat is shy) it feels like an accomplishment once they've come to trust you and let you be close.

Some downsides to consider:
Many cats like to shred things. Furniture, blinds, carpet, papers left on the floor. You can lessen this by playing with your cat, regularly clipping their claws, and providing things for him/her to scratch. Our favorite was something like this.
If you're pregnant, you can't change the cat litter.
Cats like to hunt, if they have time outdoors, they most likely are killing various small animals. You may get presents brought to you. Unless you had my cat, who was hilariously bad at hunting. (The hunting can be a pro as well, if you have unwanted pests.)
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

I love cats! I have two a Bengal and a Cheetoh. They are so sweet they are two the the cats that are really good if you are allergic to cats they say you can have them. Kids love them! You do not have to take them outside for potty breaks! I love dogs to but cats are my first choice.
Originally Posted by Dinosaursandumptrucks View Post
My kids and I want a kitty, we just moved to a new house and haven't had a pet before .We were thinking of adopting a kitten from the animal shelter but now my husband thinks a cat is to much work and the poop and all that. I'm sad!!! I love cats. I need some good points on why having a kitten would be a good idea.

Thank you my fellow cat lovers - meow
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

Cats are not too much work which is nice. You can leave them for a weekend with a bunch of food and water and a clean litter box. They are also nice for hunting mice if that's a problem. Our cat is very affectionate, he sleeps on our bed most nights.
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

I love my cats they are very easy to take care of and love to cuddle on your lap well sometimes anyways.
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

We have a cat for 3 years already. It's really a part of a family!
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

We have two cats, and they are both rescue. They're calming for us anxious people
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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

Hi, I am a owner of 1 cat. She is a member of my family and she give me many positive emotions.

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Re: Why do you have a cat? What makes a cat a good pet?

We adopted a kitten from a shelter a few years ago. It was a great decision. My kids adore her. She is the most loving and tolerant cat. She lets me kiddos dress her up! LOL! She has been good for my kids because she encourages them to thing about the needs of another living thing. They always check her food dishes to make sure they are full. When we got to the store, my kids always want to buy her toys and other accessories to make her happy. Also, if poop is an issue, I would try an automatic litter box. We bought one with I found out I was pregnant becuase my husband things the poop is gross. Now that we have an automatic one, he changes the litter without complaint. It was money well spent.
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