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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

You might like the blueberry trainers if the small is small enough for you and you can find them at a used price. Otherwise I think Flips are great if you don't want to use prefolds.


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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

We have gDiapers that I bought with DS, and a 2mo girl that I'm using them with again. They are overly complicated. And poop often leaks onto the gPant, and always gets on the waterproof liner. It's time-consuming to need to snap the liner in, and then squash the disposable insert in - especially as things shift around and need to be repositioned when you put it on. I've also tried the cloth inserts and they don't really work well either. We're using them in conjunction with sposies, but I'm looking to switch to prefolds and covers to use with EC. Good luck!
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

For home use we used prefolds with snappis. I used prefolds with homemade pull on fleece covers, over fleece split crotch pants, by themselves, or without snappis but in a cover (homemade wool velcro or reg. store bought covers). We also used very cheap (elastic gone) fitted flannel diapers and they were some of my favs! they don't make them anymore but I would buy these again, personally if you are really dedicated to EC fulltime.

I didn't see the point in using expensive diapers marketed to regular folks. I did have a few B'Undies. 1 was waterproof and 1 was not and we LOVED these, but I can't say which EC type trainer would be like them as I don't have the funds to try the EC trainers on the market. But those would be something I would buy due to them being less absorbant, trimmer, and often you can change the insert on the waterproof ones without needing to wash it. These encourage EC more than regular AIO or super absorbant diapers.

I forgot to add I liked the AIO and ESP.!!! the snapping side trainers made just for EC when out and about. It all depended upon if I knew if the bathroom would be close by, if it was a long trip, etc. And when the child is younger having waterproof covers is needed on longer trips because you can't always pull off the road immediately. So for these situations you may like more "normal" diapers....

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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

I use prefolds at home because I want both LO and me to know when she's wet. When we're out and about I use AIO's because I don't want LO to get uncomfortable if we miss a pee and they're easy on/off.
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

We use gDiapers and LOVE them. I agree that they are good at keeping baby feeling dry. That makes them great when going out. We are trying to EC part time. We use prefolds and covers at night with a gdiaper insert on top. That setup holds the most and keeps him feeling dry at night. We both work full time so sleep won out over trying to EC at night for us. I find gdiapers more affordable than some of the pocket diapers. Also depend if you will be doing daycare or not. We have to have 6 stuffed gdiapers every day at daycare and do a load of laundry about every other day. The more covers you have to buy the more it will cost. I can see why some people wouldn't like them. I think they are great at containing messes though. Just don't try and do them as tight as a disposable or you could cause leaking. If I was staying home with him I would probably use covers and prefolds most of the time and just use the Gs when we went out.

This thread was a good reminder for me that it keeps him comfortable when he is wet and I want him to realize what is going on.
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

Originally Posted by shen7 View Post
GDiapers are very expensive and unnecessarily complicated IMO. They have their fans out there though. I would go for something like Flips if you want an easy hybrid system with disposable option. Or just get Thirsties Duo or any old PUL covers and trifold prefolds in them, and you can also use any brand of disposable insert in them too.
This is exactly what we did/do. Covers with tri-folded prefolds are super fast to get on and off, and the prefolds feel wet right away, so the baby learns that sensation (unlike pockets or aios that have a stay-dry lining).
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

We do prefolds and snappis at home, trifolded prefolds in a cove when going out... very easy and fast. Now (at almost 6 months) looking into making pull-up trainers.
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

4 years ago I did EC and Bum Genius. I got by with 15 diapers for her entire diaper stage.
If I was washing all of them, and ran out, then she went naked or in a disposable -gasp!
Whatever works for you is the best! My goal was just to get out of diapers before 2, and we were in underwear (that was always too big and had to be tailored or homemade) by 17 months.
My second time around I might not do so much EC, as I don't anticipate having as much time to spend in the bathroom, like I did when I had one.
I like Bum Genius, but have discovered there are many less bulky versions out there now like: Tots Bots, Rumarooz, and Bumkins. I am getting used to the no pocket concept, just an insert laid in the cover, we'll see how that works out.
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

I didn't like the gdiapers. They always leaked for us. I did use the g-diaper disposable inserts in flip diaper covers, and that worked except my son got bad rashes (probably because of the way that the gdiaper disposable absorbed liquid and then rubbed him - I don't think it was an allergy thing).

I eventually gave in and got regular disposables - Naty Naturecare diapers are cheaper than gdiapers if you order from amazon, environmentally friendly, and my son didn't react as badly. We use those when we are on vacation and don't have access to laundry machines.

Flip covers+prefolds or flip inserts worked much better than g-diapers for us. Even flip covers+gdiaper cloth inserts worked better than gdiaper covers+inserts. And flip covers with snaps go great over disposables once your baby learns how to take them off. And flip covers come in cuter colors.
DS born 8-15-2011!
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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

We've been ECing since DS was 8 weeks old... 17 mos now, and using the same system we finally hit upon after he was 4 or 5 mos old: a diaper belt (just an elastic waistband cut off a pair of unwanted pjs) with cheapo prefold or old fitted with shot elastic or broken snaps/velcro tucked into it. No cover. So easy to get on & off, and just enough coverage to catch a pee. Legwarmers or open-crotch pants in cooler weather. All my EC friends have marveled at my ingenuity, and asked why they didn't think of it, but I learned it here!

We only EC during the day, so he's in triple-stuffed Flips at night. And we have a handful of pockets around to use on roadtrips so we don't have to worry about him wetting in the carseat, or sitting with the moisture next to his skin.
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