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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

Not much this year...we just got hit really badly, financially. I have some Amazon GC's set aside that I was hoping to use just for one special toy for each kid, and then they will probably each get one new outfit and that'll be about it. Thankfully, they are very young and will be tickled with just about anything, and also thankfully my inlaws are getting the kids an outdoor playset so really they will ignore everything else anyway.


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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

Too much.

We live overseas and so we order early. The problem with that is that I then end up picking things up closer to the holiday. I can't help myself this year. He is so adorable about the holidays. Everything is so exciting to him and he really gets it. He talks about the toys he would like "Maybe? If Santa has it please?" That kid. He knows how to work his mama, lol.

I was hoping to keep it under $200. Honestly I think that's too much for a preschooler.

We've already bought a bunch of Melissa and Doug stuff. The fold n go castle and dollhouse. The birthday cake set, see and spell and whittle world cargo ship and truck. We also got a Dino Dan Christmas special dvd, some dollhouse accessories, a few extra Thomas cargo trains and some Cars chapsticks.

He has repeatedly asked for a kitchen. I'm hoping to find a used one.

We don't send a lot of gifts to other people. There are 11 people total that we buy for including us so we're lucky in that we get to splurge a bit on our nearest and dearest.

We're hoping to keep Christmas under $800 this year total.

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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

I don't set an amount specifically, but it's not more than $100 or so, I don't think. Honestly, we really can't come up with anything right now that DS truly wants or needs. I almost find that embarrassing. Compared to our friends he really doesn't have that many toys I don't think, but he also isn't really "into" anything in a big way.

Plus, we have one full set of grandparents living, and my mom living, plus 3 sets of aunts/uncles that spoil him silly, and a set of great grandparents that send money. We put all the money we get from family into an education account, and we ask my mom to only buy small gifts and to give money for the education account instead of a large gift. Education is the best gift because it builds a foundation for the future.

I think one grandmother may get him a balance bike. I am not sure what my mom will get him. I'd like for him to have a set of loose train tracks (right now he has an assembled track that is glued down), but if we buy those I will be looking for a set at consignment or on ebay--I don't mind having used toys--at his age he won't know the difference.

I also really like the playmobile sets. I may try to find one or two on sale or on ebay for him. He liked them at a friend's house, but I think they are a bit too old for him yet.

I do have a few stocking stuffers put away for him already, mostly some things I found at TJ Maxx in clearance, or Tuesday Morning really cheap.

We just don't need anything. My mom and his other grandmother buy him toys all year long. I have a hard time buying toys when he has so many he doesn't play with, and there are people who don't have anything at all. My bigger goal is to figure out which toys I can get rid of so he will use the ones that are available!!!
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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

Yeah we don't do the commercial Christmas either BUT we have 6 birthdays between now and the end of Jan and this list has some great bday gift ideas
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New 3ds
Couple games
Wooden doll house
Dress up clothes
Barbie toys
Princess toys

Tablet android or iPad
Video games
Decorations for his bedroom

And stocking stuffers for both kids plus clothes and new Jammies

We will spend about $500 on each kid maybe more.


She will get some new toys and puppy treats. I might spend $20-30 on her. Maybe get her a new outfit!
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I don't know the amount because I've been working on it for a long time. (A lot is used and traded from here, we don't have a lot of money this year. Everything was and will be purchased cheaply.)

Together gift (Santa):
Thomas the Train scooter
Thomas the Train bike (these were $15 together on CL!)
Sensory stepping stones
Foam pogo stick thing

Ds1 (almost 5):
Coin counter with a bunch of coins
Perplexus maze
New style vtech kids camera

Ds2 (2.5):
Thomas lunchbox filled with unusual (used) trains
Some bridge or Thomas station

I'm kinda ridiculous because I fill their stockings with gift-type things instead of small stuff. We don't do candy either.

Ds1 stocking:
Seuss book
Maze book
Big horseshoe magnet
M&D expression stamps
A transformer (he knows nothing if these but thought it might be fun?)
Mexican train domino game ($2 kohls!)
Addition wrap up
Beleduc boy body puzzle
Book called Stuck
A used wii game

Ds2 stocking:
Nip train
2 Thomas Christmas books
Thomas Christmas DVD
Thomas necklace
Thomas sunglasses
Thomas bathtub squirters
Small train tunnel
Thomas coloring thing
Thomas flashlight

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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

I'm not sure how much it will be all together. We are getting a Wii for everyone, and I'm going to get that uDraw game and one game for each kid. My oldest DD will get an American Girl doll, maybe an outfit, and then a few books and some new art supplies (crayons, coloring books and paper). For my DS we are getting him a big Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship play set, and then some books and some clothing. For the youngest DD, we are getting her the Little People princess palace and some extra little people, maybe the Ariel carriage to go with it... and then some new sippy cups, and plate set with fork and spoon, etc. Probably about $100 per kid (a little more on DD1 because she is getting the AG doll), and then however much the Wii is, but that's a family gift for all of us.
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I don't have much a set budget, but we're not big spenders in general. Most likely, I'll spend $100-150 per kid. Plus $50-100 for DS1's birthday less than a week before Christmas. I have no idea what they'll get exactly but it will probably be something along these lines:

DS1 - 5 (including his birthday gifts)
1-2 hats
Lego game thing (he saw it on a commercial and I need to figure out what it is)
New quilt
Some sort of car race track
Homemade jammies and robe

DS2 - 22mo
A couple of M&D toys
Homemade jammies and robe
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Re: How much are you spending on you kids christmas presents?

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
This is a great idea! I love LHOTP and so do the girls. I never thought to do a whole family gift. It would be just as much for me as for them!

ETA: yikes, can't afford the whole complete set. I think I'll start with the first two seasons! LOL
I got the whole set on Ebay for $100, brand new, shipping included.
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Originally Posted by jen_batten

I got the whole set on Ebay for $100, brand new, shipping included.
I haven't found that great a deal. I'll keep looking
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