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Re: Paci at 4 please

My daughter will be 3 in October and we just got her off of hers last month. I was so stressed about her being 3 with one and she would use it during the day and at night. We tried the "cutting the nipple" but it didn't work for us. She just cried and told me that it was broke! We tried taking it away and only allowing it for bed or nap but it just kept being an issue for us. We tried all sorts of ways and then finally I said "ok, let's just do it". I took it away and she fussed for about an hour and then moved on but the problem was bedtime and naptime. I knew it would be much harder since she's never fallen asleep without it. But it wasn't really that bad. I took it away and when she asked for it I said she was a big girl and she couldn't have it. Honestly the first night was the worst. She screamed for an hour before falling asleep. (almost caved, I felt so bad) then the next night was 15 minutes of screaming and then nothing. She's been fine ever since. So really it only took two days and the first one was the worst. So glad I did it!!! And it was quick... my advice is to rip it off like a band-aid!!


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Re: Paci at 4 please

My SIL just weaned her 2 y/o son off the paci. She started by only letting him have it for naps and bed time. Then she started cutting the tips off of them when he wasn't looking. When he'd see it she would point out that it was broken and have him throw it away. They all ended up getting thrown away and he didn't have a problem.
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Re: Paci at 4 please

DD had her binky until she turned 4. We tried to get rid of it for a couple of years, tried all kinds of stuff. Cut the tips off, binky fairy, new toys, etc. Nothing worked because I was a wuss and gave in after she would cry and cry for it. We just ended up telling her that when she turned 4, the binky was going away. We talked about it for weeks, she would cry about it, knew it was coming. She LOVED her binky. I think we let her have a fun day for her b-day and then the day after it was gone. We cut them up and threw them away. She cried. I think it was hard for a few nights but she got over it, I thought. Just maybe a year ago, at 6 1/2, out of the blue she said, "I still miss my binky." Wow. Good luck mama, it will be tough but I think at 4 they are old enough to understand when/why it goes away.
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Re: Paci at 4 please

oh my this will not be easy matter how it goes down ... i would say get rid of em all .. all at once and tell her that they are gone and give her lotsa snuggles .. the only gift i would reccomend here is a new story book to read with mom and or dad before bed so that your LO can get lotsa love and snuggles ... good luck
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Re: Paci at 4 please

I'm having a huge issue as well. My son turned 4 in June. He gave up the paci at 18 months on his own... just didn't use it anymore. When he was almost 3, my twins were born. E decided that he wanted to use a paci again and now he has that darn thing 24/7!! My twins are 17 months and haven't used one since 6 months because we lost the ones they liked, and by the time I found them 3 days later, the babies wouldn't take them.
I'm sick of the hunting, of buying new ones when they rip from him chewing them. I am also trying to wean him ( AGAIN) on the sly because I am really getting uncomfortable having 3 kids fighting over my breasts LOL
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Re: Paci at 4 please


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Re: Paci at 4 please

My boys were 2.5 and 4 and looooved their "tee-tee's". We gave them to the cashier at Target in exchange for a toy. They mentioned it a couple times, particularly our 4 yr old, but got over it without any major problems. I worried it would not work (thought I acted very convinced and firm with them!) b/c the baby had/has a paci, but when they would steal hers, we just acted like they were being silly b/c pacis are only for babies and took it.
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Re: Paci at 4 please

My son got rid of his binky a few weeks before he turned 4. We were at the store and there was a bike there that he really wanted. So my hubby jokingly said that if he got rid of all his binkies he could have it. We went home (minus the bike) and he gathered all his binkies and put them in a box. No tears or anything. I had him pick his 2 favorite binkies and we went to the Build-a-Bear workshop where he built his "binky bear" and put his binkies inside his bear. We went and got him the bike the next day. He still sleeps with his binky bear every night and you can actually feel his binkies inside the bear. Worked for us!
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Re: Paci at 4 please

We got rid of his when L was 3 1/2. For the last six months it was only for bedtime (he didn't nap anymore). What we ended up doing was to cut the nipple part off and say it broke. This was around the time he understood that things break and can't be used anymore. So we didn't really take it away, he just couldn't use it anymore. We still have the broken binky around and he usually feeds it to the bear toy we have in the baby bouncer. The transition to binkiless nights went really smooth, he kept on talking about it for a few days, never crying, just mentioning that binky broke.
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Re: Paci at 4 please

DD had hers (in bed only) until she was 3. What we did was very girly but you might be able to figure out a similar alternative. We had her put all her binkies in a little brown bag and leave it on her dresser one night for the "Binky Fairy." We spent a few weeks talking up the Binky Fairy and explaining that she came and picked up all the pacifiers from Big Kids and gave them to new babies who needed them. Then that night we went in, took out the binky that she had snuck out of the bag and put in her mouth () and all the rest and left her a little gift. We sprinkled glitter around and wrote a teeny tiny note thanking her for sharing with all the new little babies.

I think there were a few tearful goodnights in the week that followed but it didn't take her long to accept that they were all gone.
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