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Question Bottle/sippy refusal?

This is totally new territory for me, I've never breastfed past teeth before and my boys were always willing to take a bottle from day 1. (literally in Trent's case, I had to pump for the nicu). Katrina used to be okay with a bottle when she was about 4 months old and younger, but these days she will NOT take one. She just plays with it. Same for sippy cups. It doesn't matter if it is ebm or formula in there, she just won't have anything to do with it. Which means I am tied to her every 3 hours no matter what. (she's still nursing that often most days) I'm going to be going to work sometime soon, and I'd like to know that she can live without me for that long! She eats solids great and will drink from a regular cup if she thinks it is your drink, but you have to carefully give her each little sip and it takes forever.

Any suggestions on making her more willing to take a bottle or sippy cup once in a while? She WILL drink her brother's kool-aid and strawberry milk sippies, even to the point of trying to fight him for them (he's 42 pounds, she's 19, very cute) but never anything I actually want her to drink. She's so bad at drinking from the bottle that I almost always use formula in it these days because I don't want her to play with the bottle for 2 hours and then I have to pour out breastmilk! I've had these 6 bags of emb in my freezer for 6 months now because she never takes them so I haven't pumped any new milk to store.


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Re: Bottle/sippy refusal?

Have you tried a straw? I can't really think of anything else to try - my DS is about a month younger than your DD and he loves sippy cups now that he's figgured out how to hold them himself. Hmm...maybe pretend to drink from her cup so that she'll want what mommy has, then let her have it? That works for DS sometimes - he just loves to get his hands on whatever mom and dad are having

You don't need to worry about breastmilk going bad that fast, either. Breastmilk is ok at room temperature for 10 hours, since it is so good at retarding bacterial growth. (that's straight from Womanly Art from LLL) So toss that formula and give baby boobie juice!

If you're anything like me, once you go back to work, nursing won't feel like being tied to your little one in a bad way anymore. I miss nursing my DS during the day so much - I can't wait to get home and nurse! I even wish he was nursing more often, because after being away from him so much during the day, those mom and son times I just cherish so much.

Keep up the good work mama! And in case you are worried, nursing with teeth isn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be!
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Re: Bottle/sippy refusal?

My DD was the exact same way (she's 16 mos) and a straw worked wonders! I had absolutely no idea she could do it until one day we were at Arby's and I, just for the heck of it, offered her some water out of my straw cup and sure enough, she drank it! From then on it was straw cups for us. Munchkin/Sassy makes a good one that's absolutely leak proof with a soft, flexible straw. It may work for you!
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