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Breech baby

I found out today at 34+6 that baby is breech. I know there is still time for her to turn, and have a version of necessary. However, I am completely uneducated on C-sections. I like to know as much as possible. So, in case I need one, what should I know?


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Re: Breech baby

I had a breech baby by c-section in December after a (very painful!) failed ECV . The things that no one told me to expect after were, that I couldn't wear jeans or any sort of restricting pants for the full 6 weeks and to brace your belly for sneezing and laughing! ouch!
Hope baby turns. Good luck!
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I also had a csection mine was emergency so I was knocked out for the process but after for the healing. Have yoga pants or soft pants & granny panties as I call them cause I usually wear a lower rise but you will not want anything touching it. Keep a pillow with you so if you cough, sneeze, or laugh cause it hurts. The sooner you move the better but it will hurt like h e double hockey sticks the first day or so. I was like hunch backed walking around. Also poop as soon as you can after I had major issues with this & though I would die on the toilet. My cousin just had a planned csection & pooped immediately & started moving around so her healing has went way smoother than mine but I was on magnesium before & after my surgery so I was out of it so it took longer for me so don't get to concerned I'm a wimp!! Just relax & stay in soft clothing & it will all be ok. Good luck mama!
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Re: Breech baby

I had a failed ECV with my 2nd son and other circumstances that proved c/s were safer for my #2,3,and 4th babies. I had the ECV done at 39wks and 5 days since we didn't know he was breech until last minute. A 10lber so not so shocking it didn't work... no room to move! It was worth a shot though.

A few things I learned (some the hard way by not doing them the first c/s)....

WALK, WALK, WALK. As soon as they let you after the c/s. It helps reduce adhesions and speed up healing. It's painful at first, but sooooo worth it. For the first day it may just be from chair to bed to chair to bed. Next day, around the room. Next day, through the halls.

I second the yoga pants and knit skirts... Maybe it's from multiple c/s, but the the first year anything with zippers is super uncomfortable.

If you start getting a spinal headache... get a blood patch. 2 out of my 3 c/s have ended with a spinal headache for me (google it). The anesthesiologist don't like doing them or say it could make your headache worse, but it's worth a try because it's just so dang painful (side note: I don't know why both my anest. didn't want to do it... it's a miracle relief... maybe they are just busy and want to get on with their day). I waited too long to get the blood patch each time and was miserable/not bonding/wearing sunglasses in the room/cringing at any noise above a whisper and then 30 minutes after each blood patch the pain just disappeared and all was well. It's amazing. So just keep that in back of your mind incase.

Stay on top of medication. You are not a hero if you suffer through it... you are just in pain. It's much better to just keep on top the pain. Make a timesheet for home, so when it's 1am and you are groggy you can see what you need to take super easy (they usually send you home with 4 meds... motrin, pain narcotic, iron, and colace).

This mantra helped me: First week is hardest, Second week is hard, and 3rd and 4th are doable! It just helped me remember there is light at the end of the tunnel with how I will feel.

If you have family to care for, making freezer meals is helpful. I never want to cook the first 4 weeks. Also, if you have other little ones bring someone out to help with them if your hubby can't. You want to avoid bending and lifting for a bit.
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Re: Breech baby

I have had 2 classical c-sections. Both relatively planned (one was not planned for that day but I went into labor and with triplets they sort of make you wait if you can and then plan it at that time). Classical C-sections are a vertical incision on the inside. If you have this type of c-section then you CAN NOT do v-bac later. They are rarer in today's society.

My son (born at 38 weeks) was VERY breach and was sitting crossed legged in side of me (like children do in circle time). He wasn't going to be coming anytime soon if he had anything to say about it.

Both of my recoveries were relatively easy. I have a high threshold to pain and it wasn't that bad. Both times my babies were in the NICU so NOT walking wasn't an option. I was up when they let me get up and the first day I would go down in a wheelchair, the second day, I would push the wheelchair and by the 3rd day I would be fine without the wheelchair.

My first pregnancy (triplets born at 24 weeks) I was off all my pain medication within a week. Now some of this could have been because my children were VERY ill and I thought I was being a wimp if I didn't at least try to be as brave as them. Or it could have been that I was really feeling well enough to not need the pain meds anymore.

My second pregnancy (c-section) I was on the pain medication in about a week and half. My son was in the NICU but wasn't THAT ill. I actually had flashbacks of my triplets and talked to his doctor about how ill he was compared to his siblings and he assured me that I would be taking my son home. So the stress level wasn't nearly as high as it was and I was still off the pain meds in relatively short time. They gave me 30 days worth both times, even though I told them the second time that I didn't want that many.

My understanding is they can deliver a breach baby via normal (not Classical) c-section. So if you want to v-bac please make your intentions known. The only reason why they did a classical on me again was because they thought DS might be a bit transverse and I had already had the classical c-section once. So it wasn't a huge deal. Transverse babies are harder to deliver via normal c-sections but even they can be done is my understanding.

The pant thing I don't remember. I don't have many elastic waist pants and I don't think I was living in them after I got home from the hospital. I know with the triplets I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes within 2-3 weeks. DS I never really did get back to my pre-pregnancy pants. He really stretched me out and I took it as a sign that I needed new clothes. I did get down to my pre-pregnancy weight eventually, but not my pre-pregnancy shape. KWIM?

C-sections are just like any other major surgery. It will take time to recover but it shouldn't be that awful. If it is then you need to talk to your doctor about pain management or other issues. You don't want to go up and down stairs that much, nor do any lifting greater then your baby for a while. Other then that you should be good. Freezer meals are a good idea, but that is only if your DH is a bad cook or doesn't know the way around the kitchen. We are going to be making freezer meals for this baby that can go in the crockpot/skillet in one big swoop. I found a great E-book on this topic and plan on filling my freezer with many meals from it:

Good luck! It sounds scarier then it actually is. Trust me if I can do this twice and look forward to doing it again in a few months, ANYONE can do this.

Jennifer (39) - Wife since 12/2003 with 5 children - 3 waiting for me in heaven , and 2 delighting me everyday ! Lymphoma survivor and mother to baby born post pelvic radiation!
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