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October 2012 introductions :)

Let's get to know each other! I'll start:

Name?: Sheena

Age?: 32

Children?: 3 girls, in my siggy

Occupation?: Currenly SAHM, was an Esthetician

Favorite color?: Pink, obviously.

Favorite food?: If coffee were a food, it would be my favorite... but since it's not, I'll pick cookies. Chocolate chip.

Hobbies?: Besides running carpools from dance team, to soccer and back again? :P I have sewing machine and tons of knitting stuff that I really will learn how to use someday!

Number of months TTC?: Not sure exactly, a little over 24.

How many babies do you want?: 5... but DH only wants 4 so until I'm pregnant with twins, this will be our last.

Type of birth planned?: Homebirth! Yey! I'm SUPER excited about this. It'll be my first.

Blog/website?: I'm boring and only have FB and Pinterest:

Anything else you want to share?: I am in an eerily similar position as I was with my last pregnancy.
Last time we were in the middle of buying our (dream) home- we actually technically bought the house, as all the papers were signed and the only thing left was for the sale to be recorded... and the seller backed out. No I'm not joking, and not it's not legal. But because they were getting foreclosed on we really couldn't do a darn thing about it! So we lost our house... and I lost my baby... AND I hit my last lost babys due date, all within weeks of each other. It really was an awful dark time.
THIS time, we are in the process of buying the same home (it's now bank owned so zero chance of the seller backing out!), I'm very newly pregnant again... and my son's loss date in next month.
So to say I am a little freaked out right now would be a bit of an understatement. FX'd this is just the universe righting itself! :P
(okay, I didn't mean to write a book about myself! LOL!)


Sheena, SAHM to: PaigyPrincess, AddyBoo, RubyJane, And Mr.Nolan

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Name?: Laura

Children?: 2 boys. Phinehas any Silas

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: black/brown

Favorite food?: I love food!!!

Hobbies?: hobbies hahahahaha

Number of months TTC?: we weren't but we weren't avoiding

How many babies do you want?: as many as God gives us

Type of birth planned?: Planning our 3rd homebirth.

Anything else you want to share?: I am pretty boring...I am mid huge house purge, love it. I am working on finding to sew again!
Half hoping for another boy this time just to show my MIL that 3 boys are awesome, she had three boys and never stops talking about how bad it was! But half of me would die for a girl!!!!!
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Maaike (it's pronounced My-kah)

Children?: 2 boys, Brennan is 3 and Camden is 20 months

Occupation?: SAHM, I have a bachelor's degree in Psych and Interdisciplinary Health Services and am currently going back to school for my RN-BSN degree! (I could be a brain surgeon if I hadn't changed my mind so many times...)

Favorite color?: Pink!

Favorite food?: I love salty foods. I can eat a bag of potato chips in one sitting. It drives DH nuts.

Hobbies?: I love to read! I never have time for it. I also love to sew and knit but I'm really, really bad at it.

Number of months TTC?: Since June of last year.

How many babies do you want?: 4

Type of birth planned?: VBAC in the hospital. I'm too chicken to do it at home and I love the after care in the hospital.

Anything else you want to share?: Even though we've been TTC since June, this baby is kind of a surprise. I had a chemical in November, got pregnant again right away but had another miscarriage in December. After that happened DH and I decided to TTA until April so that I wouldn't be due in the fall (which is when I'm in school). My levels never came down to below 5 and somehow I got pregnant while technically still pregnant. So, it was a huge surprise but we couldn't be more thrilled!
M. - married to my best friend J. since 2006 ~ liberal, semi-crunchy, vegetarian, babywearing, CDing, Extended RFing, ER RN mama to my greatest loves B. (9/2008), C. (5/2010),V. (9/2012) and A.(7/2014). Always missing the ones we didn't get to hold.

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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Alice

Children?: just one pup Soqueta!

Age: 25 now, 26 when baby arrives

Occupation?: desperate housewife... I do lots of yoga if that counts. I was going to go to work starting next month but now probably not. I should of been working long before but the whole learning a new language thing kinda threw me for a loop but I've been here 3.5 years now so that's not really a valid excuse.

Favorite color?: Blue.

Favorite food?: I'm the most carnivorous person I know. I'm 100% happy eating 100% meat. So I guess that? And second to that is lemon sorbet. (Favorite liquids? Wine and coffee are tied.)

Hobbies?: Reading, yoga, playing with my dog, living vicariously through my friends on facebook, complaining about living in Argentina, bragging about living in Argentina, and now due to Sheena's bad influence... stalking spots corner for fluff, etc etc. I'm sure all you busy mamas hate me for my life of leisure but as my husband loves to remind me, that's coming to an end come October And I couldn't be happier.

Number of months TTC?: 8 months... I had a chemical at 6.5 weeks in July, which was our first month TTC. That wasn't fun especially since it took 8 months to get another bfp and everyone and their mother got pregnant during the time. But I'm sooo grateful for what it taught me... about the struggles women go through. I realize now one early loss and 8 months TTC is nothing and I have nothing to complain about. And I made such great friends on the TTC #1 board. I'm desperate for one or two of them to join me.

How many babies do you want?: I say 4 but I'm going to take it one by one. If we're happy and fulfilled with one, then that's perfect. If we end up wanting a 5th or happy after 3 o whatever, that's perfect too.

Type of birth planned?: Hospital. It's not even legal to have home births here. But that's okay. They have fancy pants maternity hospitals and I want the after care pampering and to come home to a clean home, etc. I will have a doula too... whose actually an American nurse. Random fact.. they shave babies heads here. Which strikes me as totally weird. Nobodies gonna be shaving my baby's head. That's for sure.

Blog/ website?: Blog link in my siggie (click on my name) >>>> I also have pinterest. I LOVE pinterest

Anything else you want to share?: In case I haven't mentioned it 950,000 times, I live in Argentina. My husband is Argentine. I met him while studying abroad here in in 2008. I was supposed to stay here 6 months and almost 4 years later, I'm still here. The first question everyone asks me you plan to return to the US? And the answer is no. Also... I'm fully bilingual and becoming fully bilingual as an adult is a traumatizing experience. I don't recommend it. Do your kids a favor and force them to learn like 12 languages before that age of five just in case they fall in love with a foreigner
Wife to Ivan, Mama to Leon Andres 2.2.13 and furbaby Soqueta

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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Alice, you crack me up. Your little one will have such an advantage of being submerged in one language, and having mama speak to them in english. What a lucky little one. I keep hearing about chemical pregnancies. What are they?
I'll do my intro later. My DH is having surgery tomorrow, out of town. We are spending the night here b/c the surgery is early. He's in the shower now but after that we're heading out to sushi (don't raw). So I'm not going to take the time quite yet. I'll do it tomorrow.
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Elise

Number of children: 1 Isabella born 8/31/2010

Occupation: before getting pregnant the first time I was a preschool teacher. Now I am a SAHM. I wish I could say I love it all the time but there are some days I'd love to have a job again just for adult interaction. That being said I wouldn't give up aven one day I've had at home with my baby girl.

Favorite Color: Blue/ Green

Favorite food: right now its changing... prior to the pregnancy it was buffalo chicken and chocolate... as of 2 weeks ago I have no idea.

Hobbies: Reading

Number of months TTCing: we started trying when DD was 6 months, she is 17 months now so about a year.

How many babies: I'd love 4 hubby wants 2, I'm secretly hoping for twins so that we have to even it out with a 4th. He doesn't want an odd number of children.

Type of birth: unmedicated hospital birth, hopefully with my MW this time... she was on vacation last time.

Anything else you want to share: I am so very excited to be pregnant again but also very scared. I was sick for 5 months with DD and I don't know how I would take care of a little one while vommiting 4-5 times a day. This pregnancy while very much wanted by DH and I puts a kink in my baby sisters wedding... I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid in August. That should be a sight to see... 8 months pregnant in a bridesmaid dress.
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Sara

Children?: Grace(Almost 2)

Occupation?: I was an EMT, but i let the liscense expire due to the crazy amount of money required to stay a liscensed EMT. So for now i'm a cashier at Michaels Crafts and soon to be a SAHM once this new bean is born

Favorite color?: Blue.

Favorite food?: Ummm. Peaches? Any fruit really/

Hobbies?: Sewing,crafts of any kind.

Number of months TTC?: 1 year. This BFP is a shock to me because i was convinced AF was coming.

How many babies do you want?: 5. But however God grants me is fine. Right now im hoping for 2.

Type of birth planned?: Hospital. Most likely a schedualed C section since I had a c section with my daughter and you are hard pressed to find a doctor who is willing to attempt a VBAC on a HR Diabetic patient around here.

Anything else you want to share?: I am a type one diabetic and any and all pregnancies i have will be HR and super duper complicated. But it's ok because i've been diabetic since 1 year old and it just comes with the territory

Oh, and, if you couldnt tell, im a very chill person.
Sara Wife to Dan SAHM to Grace02/27/10 and Joey 9/28/12
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Jenny

Children?: 3. Logan is 6, Felicity is 4, and Kian is 2. + 2 angels

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: I like color combinations more than just plain old colors, and my fav combo currently is gray and orange.

Favorite food?: Avacado, salt and vinegar chips, Its It, mushrooms sauteed in onion.

Hobbies?: SEWING! I'm seriously obsessed. Its my therapy. I also like crafting in general and have been getting into crafts using old book pages lately.

Number of months TTC?: We stopped preventing in March of last year I think, and this is my 3rd pregnancy since then.

How many babies do you want?: From here on out, its in God's hands. So we shall see. I honestly love the thought of a big van full of kids.

Type of birth planned?: I don't know. My kids were all hospital births, and I learned so much through each of them. I'm now a TOTAL home birth supporter, and REALLY want a homebirth, but we shall see. We live VERY far away from a hospital. The OB wanted to take my daughter via C section b/c she was having SCARY decels the whole labor. Thank goodness her labor was fast b/c when the ob had had enough, I was pushing. But, those thoughts of her coming out bone white and being strangled in the cord haunt me. If not a homebirth, than birth center. BUT, the birth center is far away too and my last two came so fast. I think if we attempted to get to the birth center (or hospital for that matter) we'd likely have a car delivery. So, then I go back to the home birth idea. So we'll have to think about it carefully, but we lean towards homebirth.

Anything else you want to share?: I'm a homeschooling Mama. We are in our 2nd year and its never been easy. I had no idea it would be like this. BUT, we WANT to find our groove, so we continue on. I am currently ordering another curriculum, so we will try a different path as soon as it comes and I have high hopes in that. My sister and I will most likely become doulas together. Its just a matter of finding the right time in life. I absolutely LOVE my husband. He's amazing. I love God, and that flows out of me sometimes, but I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I never intend to. I just type my train of thought and He is in it a lot. We are urban homesteading wanna bes. Last Spring was our first go at it and we are looking forward to making changes and learning more this Spring. I LOVE to garden and love love love eating food we grew. My friends call me a hippie (b/c they don't know the term "crunchy"), but compared to a lot of mamas on here, I'm not even close. I am scared to death of losing this little one and I'm praying hard they will be in my arms and nursing away this October. Feel free to "meet" my family and I on my blog (in my siggy). Just don't mention the pregnancy. We don't plan to tell people for a long time.
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Chemical is an early m/c. I think the term is derived from the fact the pregnancy is only confirmed by hormone levels.
Wife to Ivan, Mama to Leon Andres 2.2.13 and furbaby Soqueta
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Kim (Kymdenise)

Children?: 3 girls, 1 boy

Occupation?: Hairstylist

Favorite color?: I'm a blue kinda gal

Favorite food?: Coffee. With tons of flavored creamer. Shortbread too.

Hobbies?: I knit more often than anything, secondly I blog.. I scrapbook too.

Number of months TTC?: 4 months this time

How many babies do you want?: Can I say a litter? Is that pc?

Type of birth planned?: Hospital birth. I adore my OB. She makes me feel safe.

Anything else you want to share?: I see myself with a ton of kids, and though I'm not quite sure how it will all pan out, I'm trusting God's plan. I say it over and over, so that when I feel unsure, I still can stand on my claim. I wish I could homeschool, but the hubbins is not okay with it. I'm pretty conservative, and oh how I love babies.
Mama to 3 sweet girls, and one handsome little man
Cautiously expecting number 5 in October
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