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Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

The last few nights my almost 3 year old DD has wet through a BG OS with both inserts and a BG OS organic AIO, like major wet through. I am going to sell the last two AIOs we have because I just don't love them like I hoped I would. So anyway I am hoping you all can give me some suggestions to try. She is PL during the day, she is sick right now and not really herself. She usually doesn't pee at all at night but the last few nights she had had major wetting. I do NOT want her back in pull-ups but I don't really know what to try.


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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

My almost 3yr old is day trained but still wets occasionally at night. Currently we use a lrg fuzzy bunz with the mf insert it came with and 2 hemp ovals made by happy heiny. I originally bought them to work with the hh hemp stuffins but he didn't like how stiff the dipe was so now I just use the ovals. works great! I haven't had a single leak, and they don't add bulk to the entire dipe.
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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

You are probably going to think I am crazy, but if she is in underwear during, put her in underwear at night. I know - you are saying she is no where ready, right? I am speaking from recent experience. I have twins that just turned 3 in June. They were day trained, wearing underwear during the day but wearing a trainer with extra insert at night. They were wetting so much at night - at times - that they were soaked as well as the sheets. A mama on here told me the same thing - put them in underwear. I thought she was crazy - they would be soaked and wake up - not what I was looking for. Then one day I just decided to try - we had tried everything else (night trainer, diaper, etc). It worked. It has been probably about a month now and I can count on one hand how many times they have wet at nap and night (in underwear) since we started. That is awesome for two kids!! I do cut back on drinks before nap and nighttime and make sure they go to the bathroom before bed. I was amazed- shocked that this approach worked. The other mama said that they are being trained during the day to not go in the underwear and then we put something on them that they can go in and they do - because they can. I was questionable of this, but it worked. Now they are in underwear 24/7. I did do a chart for nap and night and when they got up dry they got to put a sticker on. They were excited - it worked Good Luck - feel free to as questions if you have any.
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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

I would have to gently agree with pp! That is what we did for my oldest daughter and I was so nervous for nighttime but she didn't have any accidents! It is so strage that it could work but for some reason, it does...maybe its more psychological than anything! Good luck mama!
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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

there always has to be someone who disagrees and screws up the theory right? that's me. my 3 1/2 year old is day trained but usually wakes up wet even though she pees right before bedtime. her problem is that she won't go to sleep without a cup of water in bed with her. And I gotta be honest, I don't blame her. I wake up thirsty at night too. So I diaper her at night because I dont' want to wake up having to change her sheets at night along with her nightmares that keep me up and her 7 month old sister waking to nurse all night. I'm single, I don't have the luxury of sleeping in after a particularly awful night when my significant other watches them. So a diaper it is. Our nighttime diaper is this:

toddler prefold
infant prefold trifolded inside
fleece liner

under a large thirsties cover or a pair of recycled wool capri's

She's 3 1/2 and 31lbs. It works for us. I have one cover, one pair of wool capri's, 2 fleece liners, 2 infant prefolds(and sometimes if I kow she'll wet heavy because she downed a cup or two of water or milk before bed I'll add a microfiber towel), and 2 toddler prefolds. It's cheap, it works, and she's got tons of room for growth. Can't beat it!
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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

My 3 1/2 year old wears a fitted (a CuddleBuns with a night doubler) covered by windpro fleece snap cover or wool (either a Luxe pull on or CuddleWool snap wrap). She's either dry in the morning or soaking wet, but the windpro fleece or the wool will keep her bed dry.
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Re: Nightime solution for my 3 yr old

This is where we are too. DD was actually waking up dry most mornings (or even waking at night to use the potty). But then we went on vacation and it seemed like that completely messed her up at night. We tried just putting her in underwear and telling her she needed to get up and use the potty and we really thought that would work well with her since she had been almost night trained before. The problem is that she doesn't wake up after she pees! She would wet the bed and then sleep completely soaked for several more hours. She was getting rashes and it just wasn't good. After a few nights of this, we decided we just had to put her in something absorbent. I'm still looking for a good solution without snaps so that it can be used as a pull up.
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