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Birth Center Birth Plan?

I need to have my birth plan written by Monday (my next appointment) but I'm a little bit stuck. Since I'm delivering at a birth center, not a hospital, my midwife said to focus on things I DO want during labor. I don't need to worry much about interventions since they don't use/have them. She said focus on the ambiance I want and what kind of things I think will help me.

I'm just not sure what to put because my last delivery was a hospital delivery with pitocin and an epidural. The only thing I know to say is whether or not I am ok with massage (yes, I am!) and that I would like to try laboring in the tub. What other kinds of things should I include?


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Are any smells relaxing or any kind of music? Also do you want to labor/deliver in water? Those were things my doula suggested I put on the birth plan. Things that you think will help relax you
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Re: Birth Center Birth Plan?

Heating pad or rice socks for your back
Counter pressure on your hips
being able to move around

Also, bring snacks and drinks you might want during labor.
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Re: Birth Center Birth Plan?

I've just finished up writing a similar plan for myself. I've copied it here, feel free to use it if you like it! The format came from MDC.

Birth Plan for

Statement of Purpose
My husband and I have planned and prepared for a peaceful and natural childbirth. We would like to allow our labor and delivery to unfold naturally, with as few interventions as possible. We would like to be informed about all procedures and tests before they are performed. We want to be aware and informed of all of our options in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Our Preferences
• A water birth, if the birthing tub is available
• Husband and midwife present throughout labor and birth
• Freedom to walk, move, and change positions as desired throughout labor and birth
• Freedom to eat and drink throughout labor and birth
• Use of the shower or a tub as desired/available
• Ability to use relaxation and pain relief methods as desired
• Ability to control the environment including temperature, lighting, and music
• Use of gentle, controlled pushing
• Use of an upright labor position
• Natural methods of strengthening labor, if needed
• After the birth, immediate contact between mother and baby: baby placed on mother’s chest, breastfeeding encouraged, and any newborn procedures performed after placenta is delivered and mom and baby are ready
• Delay of clamping and cutting umbilical cord until blood stops pulsing
• Placenta delivered spontaneously
• All baby examinations done with the permission, and in the presence, of a parent
• We are delaying newborn screening until baby’s first well exam at 1-2 weeks of age
• Should mom’s health be endangered, dad will stay with baby at all times
• Should baby’s health be endangered, mom and/or dad will stay with baby at all times
• We would like to go home as early as we feel up to it, ideally, within 24 hours of the birth
• Rooming in with baby

What We Wish to Avoid
• Medications. Please do not offer pain relief. We will use natural pain relief methods and welcome positive encouragement and relaxation support.
• Interventions
• Electronic fetal monitoring
• Stripping of membranes or breaking of bag of waters
• Use of Pitocin or other drugs to induce, speed up, strengthen labor, or encourage uterine contractions after birth
• Supine position for pushing stage
• Episiotomy
• Use of forceps or vacuum extraction
• Unnecessary medical tests and procedures, such as medical circumcision
• Eye ointment and vitamin K drops to baby after birth
• Abdominal massage for mom after baby is born
• Immunizations. We follow a delayed schedule.
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Re: Birth Center Birth Plan?

I've also been told the same thing. Since my birth center does all of the things I like, and doesn't do the ones I don't, my birth plan is much shorter. Personally, the things that are really important to me to have are:

1) laboring in the tub and water birth if I choose
2) listen to my music
3) I want to catch my baby
4) I want to announce the gender if we don't find out
5) I want to cut the cord
6) I want my placenta to take home
7) I want me or DF to bathe baby

Things they do that I don't want:
1) vitimin k
2) eye goop

Interventions I plan on asking for:
1) break my water once I'm 6+ cm if labor isn't progressing (I generally stall out around 6-8ish CM and my water has never broken on its own in the past)
2) shot of pitocin after birth before placenta delivers to help with excess bleeding which has always been a problem for me.
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Re: Birth Center Birth Plan?

I had googled birth plan and one from earth mama came up. It is almost like completing a survey and then in the end you can print it and send a copy to your email. It covers most things I thought of and gave me a lot of things I hadn't really thought about. Here is the link and good luck.
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Re: Birth Center Birth Plan?

I need to write mine as well. I think what i see missing from those above, is a catergory for "In the event of hospital transfer". I'm not exactly sure what would go there, as a transfer would indicate a problem, but maybe list preferences and include in the header

"In the event of a transfer, we understand that our above preferences may not be met. These are our most important needs/wants IF possible:

*discuss all interventions and allow us time to discuss them before taking action unless a true emergency exist.
*allow to be mobile during labor, no internal monitoring (this confines you to the bed, but they often don't tell you that till after it's in- either you, your DH/support person, or a nurse can physically hold the external monitor in place if the baby is squirmy)
*pushing as desired
*minimal medical staff in room
*Immediate skin to skin after baby is born
*delay cord clamping until it stops pulsing

-etc, include the things you know are done routinely that you wish to avoid in hospitals that are not done at the birthing center
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