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I had a procedure done this morning and I had to take valium and demeral and tordol so I have to pump and dump for 24 hours. I"m pumping every time DH is giving DS a bottle. I feed on demamd so I really dont know when to pump other then when he is eating. I have pumped 3 time today so far. First time I pumped 3oz DS ate 4 from bottle 2nd time I pumped 4oz DS ate 4oz the third time I pumped 2ozz DS ate 2.5oz from a bottle (all frozen milk). I really thought he was eating closer to 6oz a feeding. Is this just cause its from a bottle or is he still only eating 4oz on average? IDK what ot think. He went for his 9 month check up yesterday and the DR is all worried about his weight cause he fell off the chart and is only 10% for height. But My DD was the same way and at 6 month I stopped BF and formula didnt make a difference in her size. I just have small kids but the Ped. is freaking out wanting to do testing on DS just like we did with DD. We go back in 3 weeks and I am to try to fatten him up in the mean time by adding 2-3tsp of formula powder to his baby food just to give it extra calories. You think I should try to get him to drink more milk? I mean he just wont drink anymore when offered more. HELP how do I get him to drink more? Sorry this was a confusing post but I'm seeing exactly how much he is taking in milk today and it doesnt seem like enough


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You don't need to pump. Those meds are ok while nursing.
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My son never took more than 4oz bottles or sippy cups. He still won't take more than 4oz. If he feeds frequently there shouldn't be an issue with how much he is taking in. Does he feed at night? Can you try to feed him 15 min. earlier than he usually does with each feeding and maybe you will be able to get in an extra feed or 2 that way?
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My son when he takes a bottle on occasion only takes an ounce or two. I don't think he likes the bottle very much, that's it.
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My YDD is the same way- I know she's eating more at the breast than she does from a bottle....maybe with a bottle they also swallow air and that fills them up faster
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I've known a lot of kids who will barely take enough milk from a bottle to get by because they nurse as much for comfort as to resolve hunger and they miss the closeness of nursing. Of course, neither of mine will take a bottle no matter what...well, once or twice my firstborn took an ounce or two from a bottle, but not w/o much distress and a great deal dribbled out all over everything. Who knows how much she actually got.

There are different things you can do to try to increase what your LO takes at the breast. You might try offering more frequently...trying right when he wakes up from a nap...try going into a location w/ as little light and distraction as possible (I know one lady who could only get her LO to nurse in a dark room once she hit about 6 months).
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