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supplementing again?????

Okay, I used a lactation aid for the first six weeks and then weaned him off of it. He seemed to do really well but in week 9-10 was getting very fussy in the evening so I assumed colic. I got colic tablets and that seemed to do the trick. I weighed him yesterday and he'd only gained 2 ozs in 4 weeks! The doctor wants me to go back to supplementing but wants me to use formula. I have tons of pumped milk in a stash in my freezer. I hate to go back to supplementing again but maybe he just can't empty my breasts very well? I did notice that my supply has gone down slightly. Anyway, I was very discouraged.

My plan was to try to supplement for a couple of days in the afternoon and see if that helps the fussiness. I would also pump a few times a day just to boost supply. Has anyone else been through this? Did it ever get better when they didn't need any supplement? I need some support and I definitely won't get it from my ped.

BTW: the lc told me he looks great and is delopmenttally on track. She was surprised the doc didn't want to see him before making that evaluation. She just thinks maybe he's slow to gain. Anyway, I'm so torn. I want to do what's best for the baby but also am getting weary of all the work that bfeeding has turned out to be.


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Re: supplementing again?????

How often is he nursing? And for how long? On both sides each time?

How's his diaper output? Is he generally happy, besides the fussiness in the evening?
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Re: supplementing again?????

Even if you supplement with your pumped BM I would be worried about your supply going down. I might suggest getting a good sling and wearing him during his fussy times.

Formula, if anything, could increase his fussiness by upsetting his stomach.

My dd was very fussy at that age and the sling really made a big difference for us. It will also encourage him to nurse more because he is close to your breasts. Also, unless you really need to pump, I would ditch pumping and just nurse, nurse, nurse for a while - your baby will set your milk supply to exactly what it needs to be this way. Good luck!

ETA: if you don't already - co-sleeping can help get more milk into your baby. I believe I read somewhere that during the night and early morning, your milk is the highest in supply and calories. If you are using a pacifier, you can try ditching that so that he nurses for comfort which will also help with supply.

If there is one in your area - Le Leche League groups are wonderful for getting support and meeting people who have had the same issues and can offer advice!

Editing again to add this link to for ways to help your baby gain faster:

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Re: supplementing again?????

I nurse on demand about 2-4 hours depending on what he wants. He saturates his diaper at every feed (he has about 7-8). I do co sleep but that makes him sleep longer and more contented. He's happy and smilily guy but when he tries to nap he fusses to go to sleep (about 5-10 minutes.) He nurses about 20 minutes each side. I've been trying to switch sides more often so he stays interested otherwise he tends to fall asleep or just play with me. I have a slow let down response which caused so much frustration at first. I tried the moby wrap but he hates to be worn. Ironically if I hold him in the tummy to tummy position he loves it but heaven help me if I put him in that thing. Go figure! I only use a pacifier when he's nursed a lot and just wants to go to sleep in the evening.

I'd like to take a nursing vacation but I have 4 other kids so it's just not realistic!
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Re: supplementing again?????

Hey mama!
Sorry for all the troubles. Have you thought about reflux? Fussiness in the pm is a classic sign. Does he arch his back when you try to nurse?? Does he cry like something hurts him when he is fussy? I had a reflux baby and didn't know really hurts little babes to have acid coming up their throats and they often start to lose weight/gain slowly because it hurts to eat. My little guy was much happier upright or with a reflux wedge we used to prop his head up for sleep. He also got on Zantac, and it was like 1000x better after 48 hours.

Hang in there!
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