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Was not always the best eater, but got even pickier. 3 12.50%
Other, please explain 4 16.67%
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For those with picky eaters..

My 2yo has always been a really great eater. Recently he's been giving me problems, but I had always assumed that he'd remain unpicky (if that's even a word?). I'm trying to determine (over time, by watching him I suppose ) whether he's really turning into a picky eater...or if he's trying to trick me. By that, I mean that when he's at MIL's, he eats JUNK...and that's pretty much the only thing she offers...which...anyway, i won't get started on that. Anyway, he's always eaten anything....and if it's something he doesn't like, he'll at LEAST try it...and he's suddenly asking for things..and then shunning them...completely REFUSING to eat. And if he does manage to take a bite, he'll gag. It doesn't seem like an honest gag, but a mental thing....maybe that's some of my dad coming out in me. I'm really not wanting to be flamed, but I'm just wanting to understand him. And I do believe that this particular child would be capable of that, even at only 2.5yo. He's incredibly smart and just...I believe he could do it. I don't know necessarily that it IS what he's doing..just that it's a possibility. I'm trying to figure out if he's becoming honestly picky (which just shocks me), or if he's trying to avoid real food in the hopes of getting junk food (which we don't keep at home, so he's holding out for no reason if that's what's going on).


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Re: For those with picky eaters..

Bruce will be 20 months on the 11th. There are some things that he doesn't like but, I wouldn't call it picky yet. lol I hope he stays a good eater. It might just be a phase and he will grow out of it. Good luck!
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Re: For those with picky eaters..

Both my older kids ate anything. If they didnt like what I cooked they didnt eat. so they eat everything. Now I wont make them eat things I wont eat (like green beans ) But if it is a resonable request they have to eat. and if they ask for more they must eat all they take. Other wise they eat it for the next meal until it is gone. lol. I may appear cruel to some people but I now have 2 kids that will eat whatever. Nice not having picky eaters lol.
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Re: For those with picky eaters..

My older son ate everything in baby food, everythin califlower whatever. Once he made the switch to solids he hasn't eaten anything fresh ever again. No veggies no fruits. We are excellent eaters and we eat at least 2 vegetables with every meal. Luckily DS2 is an excellent eater who'll eat anything and loooves fresh foods.

I think at your son's age some toddlers begin to assert control by being picky over foods. It's one of the few things they can decide in their lives. I know from all the reading I did to try to help DS1 that most kids grow out of it and it's a phase. Good luck!!
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Re: For those with picky eaters..

david is/was picky from the get-go. im hoping its a phase too.
figure withthe therapists at school he eats better than at home. ithink he knows he can control me that way. he use to only eat certain things but i take him new foods at school and the behavioural therapist makes him eat it and hedoes!! (his reward is an M&M) . ido it sometimes at home with his beloved newman oreos it does work as he never ate breakfast for me.
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Re: For those with picky eaters..

My DS eats anything in sight since he was a baby. The only things he stays away from now are spicey foods since they bother his belly. Otherwise he loves everything and is not afraid to test it out either.

My DD is the same way. She'll try anything I give her
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Re: For those with picky eaters..

In our case, DS isnt picky, he has an oral aversion and food allergies. Its taken us 3 years just to get him to eat more than one bite of food a day.

One thing we found out works well with him is to leave healthy snacks accesabile to him at all times. He has his own snack basket in the lower cupboard, and his own area in the fridge. If we are eating something, that I know he has tried before, I put it on a plate/bowl and set it by him with whatever he is doing (unless it is super messy) and let him pick at it. We dont ever force him to eat but we do try to get him to atleast sit with us while we eat.
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