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Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

I thought we could have a place to share our stories or links to our birth stories.

I have mine written out on my blog and will post the link, but also want to post a year later retrospect thoughts.

I will add mine in a bit.

Feel free to share yours as well.

Be it good or bad, here is a place to share the joys and vent the struggles of unexpected emergency csections past, present, or upcoming


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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

Mine wasn't exactly an emergency, but it did happen a lot sooner than we were planning. I needed to have a c/s bc of complete previa and that was planned for 37wks, so that I wouldn't have a chance to go into labor. Around 32.5wks, after my baby shower I noticed some bleeding and went to the hospital. They put me on bed rest and scheduled an u/s for the next day. At the u/s they said that my amniotic fluid was low so they gave me iv fluids for the next few days to see if it would get any better. Also ds's growth had slowed, he went from 75th %ile to 25th during the course of my pregnancy. So 3 days later I got another u/s (at 1130 i think) and my fluid was even lower than before so the doctor recommended delivery. DS was born at 330. It wasn't an emergency in the sense that they had to knock me out, I had time to be given a spinal and called my mom to come to the hospital, but it was definitely a scary experience.
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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

Mine is very long and I recently posted it elsewhere... I will find it and post it here.
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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

My pregnancy was entirely uneventful to begin with. I felt good, just the normal aches and pains. Routine tests were all negative and I denied all elective testing. No real morning sickness, but I did vomit a few times at very inopportune moments, such as in the ICU when dealing with a patient, or in my own lap in the car. I knew I was having a boy early on and no one could tell me otherwise. I dreamed it on several occasions and felt it in my gut. I confirmed it by doing an ultrasound on myself at approximately 18 weeks, and then confirmed it again with the OB at 21 weeks. In November, I started having dizzy spells and chest pains, and went to the ER for the first of 4 trips during my pregnancy. I was anemic, as I had always been before, and my blood sugar and blood pressure were low. Labs were drawn and my hypothyroidism was in check, but I had to have X-rays done and later CTs to rule out blood clots and with every consent I signed, I wondered if I was helping or hurting my baby.

My due date was April 12 by my LMP and the fact that I knew the one time I could have conceived, since I had only weeks before stopped my BCPs. My husband has severe spinal disease and praciticing baby-making was not something we did often. According to the ultrasound, I was due April 11, which I held onto for 2 reasons: it was one day earlier and it was my dad’s birthday. At the beginning of February, I started swelling dramatically in my feet and legs. My OB guessed that most of the 7 pounds I gained that week was water. At the end of March I developed a large, painful rash on my belly: PUPPS, which had me scratching in my sleep til I bled. Since I was so close to delivery, the OB refused to treat it with steroids and had me wait it out. On April 6, I lost my mucus plug. On April 7, the baby dropped quite noticeably. On April 8, a Friday, I told my coworkers I’d be back in 6-8 weeks… I planned to work til the day I delivered, and I knew it would be soon. On April 10, I made my fourth visit to the ER/L&D with contractions 5 minutes apart and debilitating back pain. After an hour I was sent home… 2 cm and 50%.

I had a routine appointment with the OB on April 11, my due date. I went in at 1 o’clock and peed, weighed, all the normal stuff. The baby was head-down, facing the right direction, as he had been for nearly 2 months. I was in pain, I was tired and I was depressed. The second half of my pregnancy had been a slow descent into misery. The doctor looked at me and I said “I can’t do this for another week” and she responded, "No, I can’t let you. Your blood pressure is 177/101. We are going to monitor that and your contractions for half an hour and decide whether to admit you tonight or send you home and schedule an induction in the next 2 days. As we discussed, there is a good chance this will end in a C-section." So I curled up on my side in a dark room for 30 minutes while I was monitored…the OB returned and told me my blood pressure was steadily increasing and I was to be admitted. I stayed in the L&D exam room for a few hours, waiting for a room and for my husband. I called family to let them know baby would be there soon.

At 6 o’clock, I had a room. The OB working that night told me I had until 7 to eat so I called my sister and begged for one thing: Outback bacon cheese fries. She was already 2 blocks from the hospital and refused to go out of her way. At 7, Pitocin was started just as my husband came back with my things. I was 3 cm and 80%. After a few hours, I was crying for pain meds, which I had always intended to use. I was checked and had made no progress, so the Pit was stopped and Cerdavil inserted. Though it was supposed to stay in 12 hours, it fell out after 6 when I got up to pee. I had progressed to 5 cm and was allowed to rest for a few hours before I resumed Pitocin at 6 on April 12. Shortly after they restarted the Pit, my water broke: meconium. At 9, the anesthesiologist came to start my epidural. She told me to let her know if I felt it more on one side than the other. As soon as she started, I said “I can feel it all over my right side.” She said to wait a bit, she’d be back to see how I felt. When she returned an hour later, my right foot was tingling and I still had severe pain from the contractions and spasms and cramps in my left hip and leg. She started a new epidural and instructed me to lay on my left side.

The epidural never took. I had temporary numbness in my right leg from the knee down but never got the relief I was promised. My contractions were off the charts and they put me on an internal monitor. The anesthesiologist came every hour to give me more meds, to make me drowsy rather than numb. I was semiconscious for hours. Even now, I recall things suddenly that my mind or the drugs made me forget. I groaned and wimpered but never cried or screamed, I’m told; I only remember the groaning. My contractions came every 50-60 seconds and I would lurch forward like a woman possessed: this I remember vividly. The drugs made me tremble, full-body convulsions that shook the bed like there was an earthquake. My husband held me down by my shoulders and my mom laid herself across my legs so I wouldn’t hurt myself thrashing against the bed rails. I dry-heaved intermittently, gasping suddenly for a basin, convinced I would vomit but only producing spittle. Doctors and nurses came and went. I heard my grandmother crying and praying, my mother, mother-in-law and 2 sisters coming and going, talking to the nurses and my aunt on the cell, a long-time OB nurse. My husband was tired and sore, angry that he couldn’t do anything to help. He fed me ice chips and stroked my head.

More than 24 hours after I was induced, the OB on call came in and announced I was at 10 cm, time to push. I was shocked at how informal it was: he put on gloves, someone pulled in a lamp, and my legs were lifted. My family (all 5 women) stood to the side of the room in anticipation, and my husband held my leg. I pushed 4 times with great progress. The OB could feel the hair and told me this would be a very quick delivery. I pushed again and he told me to stop; he could feel the head and the baby was occiput posterior, sunny-side up. I was instructed to lay on my left side, nearly on my belly, for one hour, with my right leg pulled up at an angle. My husband was told to push that leg up and down to encourage the baby to turn. I opened my eyes once to see his face swollen from the pain of sitting in that low stool, leaning towards me and holding my leg, trying to help bring our baby into the world. After an hour, we were told the baby did not flip but I could try to push again. After 2 pushes, I was stopped again; his heart rate was dropping and the doctor decided it would be too traumatic to both of us to try for a vaginal delivery. I would have a C-section.

I was okay with a C-section. I had told my husband and my doctor all through my pregnancy that if the baby was in distress, I preferred a Ceasarean to vacuum suction; I had researched it thoroughly and my mind was made. But in that moment, my only thought was “how?”. How was I going to have a C-section when my epidural failed? I was told I would get different medications in the OR and if they didn’t work, I’d be put under. That was a possibility I never prepared for. Why should I, when a Tylenol can make me drowsy and pain-free for a day? The men in our families came in to see me before I was wheeled away and when my dad kissed me on the cheek, I broke down. “Daddy, I’m so scared.” I never called my father daddy before and until that point I hadn’t shed a tear. But I didn’t want to go under, and I was sad and at the same time, angry. Right before she cleared the room to prep me, the nurse had me sign consent and said she’d be back soon to start the surgery. “How soon is soon?” I demanded. She walked back in and asked what I meant. “I said, how soon is soon? 15 minutes or an hour? I want this baby out of me.” My mother laughed. “She’s back!” she said, and my grandmother stopped crying, realizing I wasn’t about to die. The nurse promised to be back in 20 minutes and assured my family the whole thing would be over within 15 minutes once I was in the OR. My husband put on the gown and mask and I was wheeled down the hall.

There was a large digital clock on the wall that read 10:09 PM. I was moved and draped and more drugs were pushed through my IV. They waited to see if I would get numb. I still felt each contraction down my back but when they pricked my abdomen with a pin, nothing. I begged the nurse to talk to me, talk about anything but the procedure. I was nervous and my husband was watching around the curtain, entranced. I felt my body open in layers, pressure and then a feel of being unzipped. I moaned “Owwww”, startling the doctor, but I wasn’t in pain, not physically. It was the pain of the unravelling of my dream of childbirth. I heard the doctor through his mask and thick accent say “Do you smell that?” and the nurse confirmed. “Infection.” I looked at the clock: 10:43 PM and turned back just as my son was lifted over the curtain.

If my life were a movie, the first moment I saw him would be a still-frame. He was silent, unmoving. And he was beautiful. Two drops of blood fell from his body onto my face and I heard him in my heart in that: drip, drop. “I’m here.” And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone. A nurse grabbed him to clean him and rouse him, the doctor turned to clean me out: Chorioamnionitis, an infection that occurs spontaneously in less than 1% of pregnancies, usually during labor. My mind spun, waiting for a cry. I screamed at the nurses “Why isn’t he crying? Make him cry!”. My husband gripped my hand and watched what I couldn’t see. One nurse tried to calm me, telling me he was just sleepy. She said she was giving me a muscle relaxer, and I wouldn’t remember much after that. Finally, a wimper and a squeal and he was handed to my husband for a few moments. He moved to give him to me, but I felt ill-equipped to handle him, flat on my back and trembling. I watched a nurse put him in a bassinet and roll him out of the room, to the NICU, my husband following. Nearly 28 hours had passed from the start of induction. I later found out my family was in a panic: more than an hour had passed before they saw my baby leave the OR, and when they left at midnight, I was still being cleaned up and sewn back together. I had massive bleeding and the infection was hard to clear. The hospital played an overhead lullaby whenever a baby was born, but someone forgot to push the button in all the chaos. They feared one or both of us had not made it.

I woke up 2 hours later in a panic. The nurse pushed me against the bed and pulled blankets up to my chin. She said I had a fever and shouldn’t get up, my baby was in the NICU and my husband was with him; the pediatric pulmonologist would be in to see me soon. I freaked; why did we need a pulmonologist? The nurse called the NICU to have her come immediately. When she arrived, she warned me that it would be hard for me to see him when I was allowed to get out of bed. He was hooked to an EKG, pulse oximetry, a tube to pull fluid from his gut, and was under an oxygen hood. He had swallowed and aspirated meconium and had a small hole in his left lung. They couldn’t stabilize his heartrate or respirations and he had a blood infection. After shift change, my new nurse wheeled me to the NICU. I touched my baby but couldn’t hold him. I couldn’t nurse him and because of the fog of the hood, I could barely see his face. I cried and took pictures and prayed like I had never prayed before.

My family returned the morning of the 13th, and one by one, I walked them down to the NICU to visit. I walked out of the maternity ward, through the hall and the waiting room, past the second nurses station, carrying the bag from my foley catheter, wearing a huge, stained hospital gown, and with limbs swollen from IV fluids and antibiotics, to the NICU over and over. Nothing could keep me from my son and after 23 hours, I was allowed to hold him; I had to try to nurse him because if he could eat, they could start to step him down from some of the machines. I watched the monitors beep and buzz while he struggled to breathe and when they put him on my chest, they stopped; his respirations and heart rate stabilized completely. I tried to nurse, but had nothing to offer at that point, and he cried. And I cried. A doctor came in and gave me good news: the hole in his lung had closed. Then the bad news, in the form of a question: they had to find the root of his sepsis and suspected bacterial meningitis. They needed to do a spinal tap, did I consent? If it was negative, it was E-coli, likely from the meconium, and he would be treated 10 days with antibiotics. If it was positive or I refused, they would have to treat him for a minimum of 21 days. My husband and I felt we had no choice but to proceed so I signed consent and returned to my room to tell my family.

I was told the tap went well; he never even cried. The results were negative and he was treated for 10 days. I was able to room-in with him and we established breastfeeding after my milk came in on day 7. The LCs believed the delay was caused by both the trauma and distance the first few days and the fact I had been taking antihistamines: I was treating severe allergic reactions to basically everything that had touched my body in the hospital… mesh panties, binder, tapes and adhesives, even the bedsheets. By the 10th day, my swelling and PUPPS disappeared and I had an oversupply of milk. I grieved for the things I wanted and didn’t get, then got over it because my baby was going to be okay. Thank God I had a Ceasarean or more time would have been lost in diagnosing both his infection and mine. It sounds so wrong, but the day my son was born was the worst day of my life. April 22, the day they removed his IV and tracking bracelet and we took him home, was the best. And I didn't even care too much that I never got my bacon cheese fries.
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Mine I went into labor at 4pm on wed Sept 4 2008. After my water broke on Friday morning finally I was given stadol which did nothing to help. As they tried to hook the pit pump up again the nude noticed my babys heart would stop beating every contraction. So I never made it past 7cm. Within 5 min I Ed scrubbed down and into the surgery room. They tried to get the spinal in but it didn't take and he didn't know until they started to cut. So off to sleep I went! I woke up to a beautiful 7 lbs 13 oz 21 1/2inch long little boy! He was born at 8:05pm. It was scary but I wouldn't go back and do anything different now. My second was planned and this last baby will be a scheduled section as well.

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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

My first pregnancy went perfect. From zero issues during pregnancy to a vaginal delivery on her EDD. When I was expecting my second I had no thoughts that anything would be different. The pregnancy started off with bleeding for several weeks and then we found out that my little boy had Choroid Plexus Cysts that needed to be monitored and he was checked for other markers for downs syndrom. Later in the pregnancy I had back issues and found out that my little boy was breech at my 36 week appointment. I had to make the descision by the next morning to either try and flip him or schedule a c/s. So after getting home DH and I decided to do some quick research and decided to schedule a c/s for 38 weeks and hoped that he would flip on his own. He was scheduled to be delivered on April 5th. March 31st came and I started getting irregular contractions for several hours, so I decided to call the birth center(it's attatched to a hospital, so they do both c/s and vaginal deliveries there). They told me it was nothing and not to worry about it. I waited a few more hours and I truely thought that I was in labor, but my contraction would go from 3 min. apart to a 30 minute break and slowly work back up and repeat. I called back again and was told it was nothing. At this point I was really worried with him being breech and DH was going to be going in for a 12 hour shift in a couple hours. I then called the birth center again and told them I was coming in and I wanted to be checked. We dropped DD off with my ILs and headed in. By the time I got there, I was checked and was at a 6 and the doctor could feel his foot coming down. They not so quickly got me ready to wheel into the OR and decided to try and flip him in there. They gave me my spinal and as I layed down for her to check me and try and flip him my water broke and his feet started coming out. They quickly brought in DH as they started cutting me open. I layed down at 6:24pm and he was out at 6:27pm.
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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

I was admitted to the hossy for monitoring at 26W6D. Monitors showed I was contracting every 3-5 minutes. They never did an internal so I am not sure if I was dilating at all. They started an IV and gave me meds to stop the contractions and steroids for lungs development. The contractions slowed and by the next day they moved me to antepartum for the duration of my pregnancy. That day was actually my baby shower, so DH and my sister-in-laws had to stand in for me

We were aiming for 32 weeks for a planned c-section on the 4th of july. I did ok for the next 2 days or so...still contracting but they were allowing a certain amount per hour before they got concerned. On the third night things started going down hill. I was having a very difficult time breathing. I was on oxygen but still couldn't walk the 2 steps to the bathroom without my lips turning blue and feeling very lightheaded. I also realized that I was having a really hard time peeing despite the tons and tons of water I was drinking to help keep the contractions at bay. The contractions were stepping up and getting painful to the point where I couldn't breathe. I had the most horrible intense epigastric pain that would literally make me completely unable to take in a breath. At about 3am (after this going on all night) the nurse sent the resident in to look at me. She checked my reflexes and they were very hyper-responsive which made me think, uh oh. The resident looked terrified like she knew this was way over her head. They called in the head of the dept to look at me. They knew it was either heart failure, pulmonary embolism or eclampsia. Things were set in to motion very quickly from there on out. I had chest xrays, EKG, blood work & UA. I called my husband b/c they were already talking delivery. This was the morning of 27W2D. By the time my husband got there they moved me back to L&D. I was in pretty bad shape by this time. I had a horrible crippling headache. My kidneys were shutting down. I couldn't pee anymore despite the bag after bag of fluids they were pumping in. They sent me down to the CAT scanner to look for a pulmonary embolism. They were loading me on to the table trying to strap me down. I was on full on oxygen and was freaking out b/c i could not catch my breathe sitting up and they were trying to lay me down. It was horrible. Then the nurse came running in and stopped them from putting the drugs in to my IV just in time. The blood tests showed that the drugs used in the scanner would have put me in full blown kidney failure. They rushed me back up to L&D. My liver was very enlarged and my blood was losing its ability to clot. They needed a 30+ person team for the delivery and they had started assembling the team & equipment hours before and were finally ready.

They took me back to do my epidural. By this time my kidneys were in failure so I had gained 15 lbs of fluid. Needles to say, my normally skinny body was very bloated. The anaestestiologist was having a hard time finding the space b/w the vert. The nurse was holding me forward which made the breathing issues much more magnified. He hit the nerves on the left the first try and i screamed and about jumped off the table. He pulled out and tried again and hit the nerves on the right. After about 30 minutes of digging around he declared it was a good as it was going to get b/c they were afraid i was going to bleed out if they didn't get going. They put the catheter in and i was not at all numb yet. They was unpleasant. Not to mention the huge crowd that was assembling during the process.

They laid me back...and started right away b/c of the resp distress & lack of clotting. I still wasn't numb yet. That hurt really bad. But i was pretty distracted by the suffocating feeling from all of the fluid in my lungs. I was screaming and crying. I felt like i was being ripped apart...from the spine out. They pulled the first baby out and there was no crying. They rushed by me with #1 and a team was working on her to the left side of my head. Then they pulled out #2 and were working on her by my feet. No crying. They pulled out #3 and were working on him along my right side. And then #4 and still no crying...they were working on her the right side of my head. I remember how scary they looked to me. So small and frail and tiny and no crying. I thought they were all dead. The anaesthesiologist put me under completely as soon as the last on was pulled out.

I was in recovery for about 6 hours. I was on a lot of meds and mag and was really out of it. I do remember begging for a drink though...that was the most thirsty I have been in my whole life. I heard the neonatology team talking to my husband about what they needed to do for the babies and their prognosis etc but I was still pretty out of it. At some point the anaesthesiologist came back in and wanted to give me a trans-abdominal block. He accidentally got some epinephrine on the tip of the needle and it made start having convulsions That was scary. The whole thing was scary. I am still trying to digest it all. I have nightmares about it now and I always die in them. I am kind of relieved that their will be no more babies for me...this whole pregnancy, birth & nicu stay were extremely intense and I am not sure if I could handle any of it again.

thanks for letting me share:-)
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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

Long story short...

Was induced a few days shy of 40 weeks on pitocin for no good reason. Slowly progressed with labor, around 4cm they broke my water. Contractions were increasingly getting stronger and I asked for my epidural. Before the epi, the babies heart rate started to drop a little bit, and the noticed quite a bit of meconium in the water. Got the epi, within minutes over a dozen people zoomed into the room and said babies heartrate dropped down to 40's(hubby heard 20's but i didn't) and I was rushed quickly to OR. 15 minutes later baby was out and they said it was due to her head pushing against the umbilical cord.

I really regret being induced. I regret laying on back the first half of the labor, with the IV(had group b strep, btw). It was totally traumatic for me and for hubby. Since it happened so fast, he swears he saw them pull out my bladder before baby(no curtain was put up in time and they knocked me out fast because i guess I was screaming

Baby #2 was an elected csection just 15months later because i was terrified still from the experience.

This baby will be a VBA2C

forgot to mention the recovery was terrible..just terrible. i was numb for hours afterwards, couldn't breastfeed for the longest time. Didn't see baby for a couple hours. Hubby just ran back and forth with pictures on his phone. I was woozy and couldn't think straight for the first couple DAYS.

Second time was much better. Had a spinal and besides slower time for stitches to heal, overall was a huge difference and way better physically and emotionally.

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I've had 3 csections, one vbac,and this next one will be another csection. With baby #1, my pregnancy was fine and everything was good until the week before my due date. We moved out of our apartment and even though no one would let me lift anything, even a pillow, my water broke the next morning. It had rained that day so our mattress was wet so we stayed at my sisters'. I pretty much woke straight out of sleep saying my water had broke. It was a gush that didnt stop until we got to the hospital. DH freaked out and broke all kinds of speed laws so we were lucky it was early Sunday morning and no one was out. Once my dr examined me at the hospital she said she thought DD was breach. They checked and she was so they wanted to do a csection. I asked why they didn't try to turn DD, but the dr said because my water had already broke there was danger of infection so she didn't want to. I never felt any contractions although the machines said I was having them. The actual surgery went fine and DD was fine. I had no complications and the recovery was super easy.

Baby #2 was Ds1 and he was a vbac that went horridly.

Csection 2 was fine except I ended up getting a huge blister at my incision. Apparently I'm now allergic to latex. That blister caused me an unbelievable amount of pain. I thought it was my incision. It wasn't until they were removing my staples that a nurse told me I had a blister. I couldn't move for weeks until the blister healed.

Csection 3 was scheduled for a Wednesday. On Saturday DH decides we are getting cows. That day. He's gone all day getting them. They are going to be at my parents across the street. I walked over there three times that day making sure everything was ready. Dh goes to bed at 7 because he has to work that night. I'm tired as well so around 8 I get in bed as well. I'm reading when I feel some liquid. but just a little. I didn't know if my water had actual broke because it felt so different from DD. I ended up googling it to make sure and realized it probably was my water breaking. I wasn't having contractions so i decided to wait a little while so Dh could get some rest. Around 1030 I figured my parents (our babysitters) were probably going to bed so I called them up to come over. I woke dh up and told him he wasn't going to work. We drove into the hospital, about 45 minutes away. By the time we got there I was having contractions. They monitored me a little and did some test and then it was off to have the baby. It took about 3 hours once we got there until Ds was out. This time I had a spinal and it went loads better than the two epidurals. I also felt good enough I wanted to go home after three days but I would have had to come back to get the staples out the next day. I knew there was no way I would make the drive so we stayed in the hospital. I'm hoping to ask for stitches this time so if I do feel better I can leave when I want.

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Re: Emergency c section mamas, share your stories :)

I have had 2 c-sections... the first due to FTP on an induction that should have never happened (same old story)...

The 2nd I wanted a VBAC, but at my appointment at 38W the Nurse Practitioner wanted to schedule a C-section and I did not want to so instead she set up an U/S to check on baby's size, etc. and then I could talk with my Dr. the following week. Went in for the U/S at 38 w 5 d and the tech walked out of the room right in the middle of it. She came back in and said they were sending me to the hospital for a c/s due to the extremely low amniotic fluid. They wanted to hook me up to monitors while they waited for the hospital to call when they had a bed available, but then 5 minutes later (right after getting hooked up) they told me to go over to the hospital. They were very concerned with my amniotic fluid levels- the highest one was a 2. The Dr. was at the hospital on a delivery, so they just sent me over. Come to find out she came back to the office to talk with me, but I was not there. I went home and packed a bag (on the way to the hospital) and see DD1 for just a minute as well as make sure my Mother in Law was set for watching DD1, and then drove to the hospital. While on our way the Dr.'s office and hospital called to see where we were as they were waiting for me. I got into the hospital and within the hour DD2 was out. They got me prepped as quick as they could. While they were registering me the nurse answered the phone and was trying to explain to someone's husband why they were not allowed to come in for the elective c-section they were scheduled for this afternoon ( I had bumped them out of the schedule). The Dr on call for the OB/GYN practice I was going to (not my DR.) came and explained why they were going ahead with the section and honestly I was ticked. I did not want another c-section, but they would not induce me because of my prior. The recovery both times was not too bad (up and walking within a few hours), but I was so much more educated the 2nd time around. I changed Ob/Gyn offices after my PP visit as none of the Dr.'s there are "VBAC friendly" as they had stated when I started going there. I switched at 27 weeks due to moving to a different state and needed someone to pick me up, but they assured me that barring any problems a TOL would be ok. Every single Dr. and CNP there told me over and over again I should just do repeat section and none of them were supportive at all. I should have known I would not jive well with them when at my first appointment the CNP told me that my BMI was high (duh I was 27 weeks preggo at that point)- she forgot to take into account that I was not the standard 8 week preggo patient in the first interview. I had only gained 10 pounds at that point and my BMI was normal (higher end) when the pregnancy started. OH well- live and learn!
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