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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

Originally Posted by brendaRN View Post
This is a great thread! That youtube video was amazing!! I had a very traumatic experience with DS. I got stuck at 5cm dilated and the epidural wasn't working (tried twice). I kept feeling the urge to push and was retching and vomiting like crazy, I evenutally was begging for a c/s, anything to make this all stop. The only option was a c/s under general anesthetic. I was unconcious, intubated, DH couldn't come was awful and bothered me for a long long time. I still feel a disconnect between the birth and my son. We decided to go for a repeat c/s because I have zero desire to every go through a trial of labour again. According to u/s, this kid is gonna have a big head like DS and I don't want to risk getting "stuck" again. I have some very clear ideas of what I'd like to happen, but I never really thought of making a "birth plan" because I figured everything would just go according to what the docs said. I'm a nurse, so I know the other side of things, but this is probably our last baby and I want to enjoy the experience as much as possible. I want DH to watch and take pics of as much as possible, I want DH to announce the gender and to cut the cord, if I can't stay with the baby, I want DH to never ever leave the baby's side and I want to breastfeed/skin-to-skin as soon as possible and for as long as possible. I'm so so hoping that this experience will give me better memories than with DS. I'm a bit worried that my section is scheduled a little bit too soon, but we had to go according to my OB's schedule.

Oh mama, we had very similar experience! Although my DH was with me in the OR (after getting stuck at 5cm after 36hrs laboring), I got really sick right after DS1 was born and they had to gas me because I was moving and throwing up so much. My c-section with DS2 was so different and my recovery was like night and day. I bet you'll have a great experience 2nd go around!


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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

I've been thinking of this as well. As far as myself is concerned, I don't have a lot of requests other than my allergy issues. However, when it comes to my babies I get pretty demanding. Here's my first draft at a birth plan:

This birth plan is intended to express the preferences and desires we have for the birth of our baby during our planned cesarean.

Jaime is allergic to Iodine and is on a restricted diet due to the following food allergies:
Wheat, Rye, Soy, Shellfish, Whitefish, and MSG sensitive
Most, if not all, of her food will be brought in. If it is not prepared by us, we need to be able to read the ingredient labels before consuming.

Any medications should be compatible with breastfeeding please.
We would like to hold our baby as soon as possible after surgery.
Chad would like to stay with the baby at all times after surgery while Jaime is in recovery.
Jaime would like to breastfeed as soon as possible.

Baby Care
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is our baby to receive any vaccinations or injections of any kind. They are against our beliefs. This includes Vitamin K shot and Hepatitis B Immunization.
We are perfectly willing to sign any forms needed to accomplish the above request.
We plan to room in with the baby and not need the nursery services.
Breast feeding only. Please do not feed our baby by other means, no bottles, formula, or water.
Please do not offer a pacifier.
I prefer that no eye drops or ointment be used in my baby's eyes.
I prefer the PKU test be delayed if possible to at least the second day. We would appreciate a warm wash cloth or heat pack to help the process.
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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

Originally Posted by Cristin View Post
Are you familiar with "natural" c-sections? They are gaining popularity - thank goodness! Here's a great video that explains them. If I end up having to have another c-section, I'm definitely going to request this type of experience!
Now that is exactly what I would want in a cesearian. I still would rather have a vaginal birth, but if DD2's placenta doesn't appear to be moving and C-section is the way I have to go, I'll send this video to my midwives and see what they think. 2 of the group at least are British trained initially and then recertified here in Canada, so I'd imagine they're not unfamiliar with something like this.
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