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What were/are the biggest obstacles?

ok, I'm pretty convinced I'm going to hs, but i'm not convinced i am totally prepared! what sort of objections did you get? how did you research cirr. etc.? what sort of cost is involved?

thanks mamas!


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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

My biggest problem is sticking to a schedule.
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

The biggest objection was they arent going to get the social skills...not true.

My biggest with 5 in school it may be dividing my time....but I have 2 in 6th, 2 in 2nd and a, I still havent even really found that a problem. Even with 2- 2yr olds I dont have trouble. They want a page too they call it. So they have number coloring pages and alphabets and shapes and colors...they all school really i

Cost....I have mainly used Christian Liberty Press curriculum and the cost varies....I have saved the reading, science, and history books , oh and the teacher books, so that has saved money. Preschool is the cheapest.

My oldest are now going to start Switched on School house and we have been blessed that my sil uses that for her kids. They are ahead of all of mine and she has been giving me them when they finish the grade!!

You can also do unit studies by the week or month and build your lessons around that and not much curriculum is needed. Everyone does hs differently and that is what is so great. WHat works for one child and/or family isn't going to work for another.

The first obstacle is just diving in! You will get a feel for what works best for your daughter. Prayers and hugs!!
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

I agree with the pp that the biggest obstacle is just diving in. I knew my DD would be homeschooled when we moved out here, but I had to put blinders on because I got some pretty bad comments.

Right now it's sticking to schedule. I get bored with some of the material (it's 1st Grade) so I have to get over my own boredom. It's not the curriculum or my DD's fault.. it's me.

I've got a 1st grader, pre-K and then a 17 month old.... so it can get challenging but I keep the baby engaged while working with the oldest and when she's finished, she keeps the baby engaged while I work with my middle. My middle is the most patient and she'll just work on little things while I'm working with my oldest.

I also use Seton which is very structured. But I love it. It's the only program that I've found that is challenging enough because my oldest is gifted. So the work is intensive enough for her but not enough to drown her, kwim? We also have guidance counselors through the program if we need them (which I've called them enough that they know me by caller ID now ) and we can also get official transcripts from them for the work. Will this program work for my middle? I don't know... we'll see next year. She might not be up to it.

Good luck!
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

What sort of objections did you get? I didn't get any. Everyone knows I'm a driven type of person and research things to the max so they knew I could handle this.

how did you research cirr. etc.? has a great review section. I read up on the different types of styles and bought a few things to see how they would work. Once you get started you will find what works and doesn't work. You don't have to stick with something if it isn't working. Try something fresh and new.

what sort of cost is involved- There is a whole $ range you can go through. Just like cding. You can find some really expensive stuff out there but it doesn't mean it's any better. Try saving some of your tax return for buying curriculum.
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

Well, my kids have just finished their 2nd week at home with me schooling un-schooling/schooling them. I say it like that because only a small portion of their day is actual workbook/core curriculum work. The rest of the day is following their own interests and practical life lessons.

I have found that everything in life is a lesson and if you are tuned into your children, you can expound on just about everything they are doing at the time.

For example: I took my 4 kids to the grocery store and that in itself is a bi-weekly field trip for us. We learn home Ec., math skills (for my 6th grader it's about finding the best deal between brands), learning different foods, weighing and figuring how much produce is, asking about differing fish's, discussing where lobsters in the tank come from, what they eat, etc.

Oh I could go on and on about that. We also have a recycling bin that the kids know they can get boxes from and make other things with. That is their free creative time and they love to do that for hours! We have gone to the library 4 times in the past 2 weeks and the kids get information books with tons of pictures and information in them and they ALL love to look at the pictures and have me or the older kids read to them while learning.

BTW, we have 4 kids and they all are homeschooled in some small way. We like the Montessori way of schooling for our 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old and really like the Practical Living lessons that they practice in their schools.
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

Originally Posted by daisyprincess98 View Post
ok, I'm pretty convinced I'm going to hs, but i'm not convinced i am totally prepared! what sort of objections did you get? how did you research cirr. etc.? what sort of cost is involved?

thanks mamas!
I would suggest checking to see if there is a HSing group in your area. It would probably help alot just to see other mamas HSing and hear from them what books they use, etc. The groups usually have book fairs where mamas sell their used books (which is alot cheaper than new and they work just as well) and reps from different publishers are there to help you see what their curriculum is about - gives you a great overview and a chance to page through some books from lots of different publishers.

The biggest obstacle from other people is probably the dumb socialization arguement, and like a PP said, the biggest personal obstacle is probably just jumping in there and making the decision to go for it, do the research and choose a curriculum. (Which you are never really stuck with, you can always change, add, supplement, whatever...)

Cost - alot less than private school! More than public school obviously, but its not too bad, especially if you have a used book sale in the area or a HS lending library, etc. Like PP mentioned, things like grocery store lessons and the library are all free!

Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to HS my little one, she is only one but I think about it sometimes and am excited about all the fun we are going to have!
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Re: What were/are the biggest obstacles?

what sort of objections did you get?
My family was very supportive, the big objections came from outsiders. My Dd goes to public school still, my son is homeschooled and the other kids will be when they are bigger. My son is autistic and the concept of homeschooling a special needs child really bothered some people. He did go to public school until 2 years ago (we moved and the special ed. dept. here is terrible). The most common questions I get are on socialization and special therapies. I don't worry about either one, lol.

how did you research cirr. etc.?
E-mail lists,, message boards.... After working with my son a bit I got to know how he learns/what works for him. There are a million different curric. but once you narrow it down to the style you want to use/the way you want to teach and look at the the way your child learns it does narrow it down a lot.

what sort of cost is involved?
Cost can really vary a lot. We usually spend about $200 to get a big chunk of materials in August/Sept. and then buy other stuff in bits through the year. It also depends on what you consider a homeschooling cost. We just went to a Ren Faire where the kids tried weaving and leather working (and other cool stuff). It was educational, but I don't consider it a homeschooling expense. I will make a note of it in his portfolio/records, though. My best cost saver is I list their old books and swap them for new stuff. There is a pretty big homeschool community on there and workbooks and texts go up sometimes, too. As a homeschooler you can join scholastic as a teacher, too. They send out coupons at the begining of the year for teachers in their book clubs. If I order $20 from the "Lucky" book club I get $10 in free books. I also earn points to use toward free books or other things. Orders over $20 ship for free, too.

What are the biggest obstacles? My current biggest obstacles are setting a schedule and sticking to it and trying to teach my son with my currently very needy 6 month old wanting all of my attention, too.
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