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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We are a family of 4 (I'm pregnant with #3). We live in Nevada but shop in California at Vons. We spend about $700/month, but just redid our budget and plan on spending $550. We buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, which really adds up. I don't think California is all that much more expensive than other parts of the country (I'm talking about regular grocery stores...we don't have Aldi, Walmart, or anything near us). We drive across the country and visit family across the country several times a year. Some things are cheaper in California (fruit for example) while some things are more expensive. I think it all evens out.


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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

I TRIED to get us to $110 a week...I did ok for 2 weeks then spent $175 the I've spent about $60 this week so far so I could probably do $120-125 a week for our family of 4- in Canada.
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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

I spend way too much for my family of two. I get pork and beef free from my parents and still spend about 250 a month (including paper products, cleaning stuff, etc.) I find milk and yogurt to really kill me. I like organic or goat milk and I pay about $5.00 a liter. I live in a smaller community so organic is really expensive.
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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We used to spend a lot and not have hardly anything to eat it felt like. I've really changed the way we buy our food:
--weekly CSA during the spring, summer, fall (I pay for it now and get it during those months)
--we have a meat shop here locally that buys free range chicken from a local farm. There is a group of us that buys it in bulk from the meat shop. The meat shop packages it up for us and gives us the bulk rate. About $40 for a case of whole chicken roasters, $90 for a case of boneless/skinless chicken breast. I store it in a deep freezer.
--I also belong to Azure Standard and purchase a lot of veggies/fruit through there during the winter months. I buy it in bulk and freeze it. I will buy 20lbs broccoli for about $22 and freeze it in bags. Same with apples. I also buy our bulk dry goods from here: flours, rice, beans, dried fruit, etc. I live in Indiana and they do deliver it here once per month. If you sign up on their website it will tell you where the nearest drop of point is for your area. Ours is at a Meijer right off the interstate.

I cook a lot of our meals. I will roast an entire chicken, eat from it, and then shred the rest of it and freeze it for a later meal. I've found that shopping at big box stores costs me more. I never shop at Walmart, I despise walmart. Find a local butcher or meat shop. They run weekly specials and stock up. Ask around and see if you can find a local group to buy meats in bulk.

I make pancakes, muffins, granola, oatmeal, etc from scratch. Those things are easy to make at home. We try to limit processed foods as much as possible because you do pay for the plastic and paper packaging.

I often will make a lot of beans or soup in the crockpot and then freeze the leftovers. Or make enough to have leftovers.

We spend about $500-$600 per month on groceries for a family of 5 with one on the way.
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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We are a family of 3 (2.5 year old) and one on the way. We spend $400/month and I basically buy everything organic; all meat is free-range & organic, all fruits & veggies except avocados, bananas, pineapple, potatoes, onions, cabbage, asparagus, melons and a few others I am probably forgetting..., bread is organic and all dairy, ice cream is the exception. I can't give up my blue bell. lol

I mostly shop at Costco, sprouts and whole foods. I mostly make our food from scratch but I buy conveniences, too like stony fields yogurt to-go pouches and happy tots organic fruit/veggie pouches for quick snacks on the go. We eat very few premade foods, though.

We're in Tx, fwiw.
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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We're in SoCal, and for a family of 4 eaters, we spend ~$80-100 a week. This feeds me, my husband (heavy eater), 4 and 2 year old (both who can eat as much as me!) and includes my protein powder (about $80/month). We manage to eat 50% organic (fruits/veggies), grass-fed beef, and organic chicken/eggs/dairy.

I menu plan and re-use leftovers. (ie, we have meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, mixed veggies on wednesday. leftovers are turned into shepherds pie. might need *some* extra veggies, but thats only $1-2). We load up on meats when on sale (WF had a sale recently where whole chickens (organic) were $1.99/lb. I bought 4). We shop in season, visit farmers markets weekly. I menu plan around the circulars.

We don't buy pre-packaged foods, juice (except for OJ with breakfast), sodas, etc. We rarely have pasta/grains. 2-3 nights a week are vegetarian. We have leftovers for lunch or dinner (if theres enough), sometimes I make breakfast for dinner (rarely though, its not one of my favorite meals to make).

Pretty much, if my family wants it, I make it from scratch. I make most of our bread, but not sandwich bread (sandwiches are rare though). i make cheeze-its, goldfish, challah/cinnamon bread/bagels/doughnuts/biscuits/rolls/etc.
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