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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

* Dr Hales website is a great recource for checking on meds, as is this one-----------> LACTMED . good luck!!!!

FWIW I use Imitrex Nasal Spray - the pills were a nightmare.


Find your local LLL or IBCLC
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

800 of motrin as soon as I can feel it coming usually works.

Imetrex didn't work, even in injectables. Tylenol never works and I tend to throw-up when I take it. For some reason very, very faint TTO smells are great. Pressure point therapy helps for short periods. I don't do narcotics.
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

okay, im NOT breastfeeding currently, but I've had severe migraines for 9 years now, and I thought i'd add my

I've tried imitrex, maxalt, zomig, midrin, vicodin, darvocet and inderal for my migraines. Not one thing worked. EVER. I had to quit my job cuz Inderal completely exhausted me, and no pain meds have worked. So, Here's what I take for mine:

Neurontin. It is an epilepsy med, and it helps me SO much. I don't get a whole heck of a lot of side effects from it, which is nice. I've also talked to doctors and done some research, and side effects in a fetus were ONLY shown at doses above 500mg, and I take 100mg (which is actually a ridiculously low dose, lol). Also, this study I found shows me that a dose of 100mg wouldnt even show up in breastmilk, so thats good too.

Now, aside from the preventatives, i have found only ONE thing that gets rid of my migraines. And whats kind of freaky, it works just about IMMEDIATELY for me-- dark chocolate. I've had to gag down 100% cacao chocolate, which is absolutely vile, and found relief from the easier-to-swallow, but equally effective, 70-75% cacao chocolate. So, I would try somehting like that.. I mean it can't hurt to try.

(sooooo sorry this is so long!)
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

Interesting that I found this thread tonight. I was just thinking about posting something similar to this. I've never been diagnosed with migraines, but I think I have them. Before I got pregnant with DS, if I had a bad headache I would take some ibuprofen and drink a mt. dew (caffeine) and that would usually take care of it. Now it seems that sometimes the only thing that will take care of it is sleep. I dont do caffeine while pregnant or nursing, and dont usually do it anyways because it seems to make me have UTI's (sorry if TMI).
I've never tried any medication besides ibuprofen, because I've never talked to a dr about it. I think I will bring it up when I go in for my annual checkup this year though.

I was wondering if there are any homeopathic migraine treatments.
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

There are homeopathic meds. I’ve been on ultram, imitrex, zomig, midrin, vicodin, and darvocet. The neurontin helped w/the cluster headaches but not the migraines.

Honestly, the thing that helped me the most was going on an anti-yeast diet, seeing a chiropractor and a homeopath.

Now, if I feel one coming on, I can usually take Excedrin (Yes, it has asprin) and it goes away enough to cope. If I wait and get to the puking stage, nothing will help. If I can get to the chiro during an attack, she’ll clear it for me but they’re about an hours drive away and I cant always make it.

I never leave the house w/o sunglasses and for prolonged outdoor time I wear a baseball cap as well.
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

Aw migraines suck. I used to take zomig, before that imitrex and amerge. Now I take T1s (tylenol with a small bit of codeine and caffeine. It doesn't make the migraine go away like zomig did but it allows me to function.

But you said you are allergic so that doesn't help at all!

Hugs momma.

On the bright side, my mum got awful migraines until she hit menopause and now she hasn't had one in years. So...less than 30 years to go.
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Re: NE BF mama have migraines? What do you take?

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 5 years old. I was on meds for a few years in jr. high. Still get about one a week, worse when pregnant. Way worse. My doctor gave me Percocet, but I only took it a few time when I thought I would die. Otherwise I try get through them without anything. Sometimes caffeine will help if I catch it early on. Chiropractor is a must. Massage helps me a ton because I usually get them from neck and shoulder tension that builds up, but insurance won't cover it and I can't afford it. I would suggest trying acupuncture. That's next for me. I do take Magnesium, which helps, especially for tension issues. I would also highly recommend seeing a holistic nutritionist, as many migraine sufferers get relief by cutting out a trigger food, like dairy or meat or refined sugars. Make sure you're not eating nitrates/nitrites in processed meat. That's a trigger for me. When it's too late and I feel like I can't take care of my 3 kids with a headache, Excedrin Migraine usually does just enough to make the day bearable.
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