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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

I can understand feeling a little miffed by not getting a "Thanks" from CB, but I don't think I would have sent them that email. I may have sent something along the lines of being a little disappointed at not even receiving a "Thank you" so they can use the situation to improve their CS, but that email was a little too angry and blew the situation out of proportion. You asked how to send them back, they told you how. Yes, it would have been better for them to say thank you, but I don't think they did anything that horrible.

That said, I have had nothing but amazing customer service with them. Maybe that biases me towards them. They have stood by their warranty and have sent out replacements without me even having to send the bad item back. They have free shipping on all orders and offer their seconds up for sale - most of which are you can't even tell are seconds. My CB seconds have been better quality than many first quality items from other stores/brands. I think they do strive to have great quality and great customer service. I'm so sorry that you didn't get that from them.

Some of the smaller shops that have been listed here as favorites for their awesome CS have actually been negative for me. I have moved on from shopping from them just like the OP has decided not to shop at CB anymore. We are all entitled to our opinions on stores, since we all can have different experiences with them. Unfortunately, I don't think a store can please everyone every time. We are all human and make mistakes.

OP, CB does like to try to make things right with their customers, so I hope you get an apology from them since you feel like they didn't appreciate your helping them out.


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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by buko View Post
I actually do totally, 100% agree with this, which may not have been clear in my previous comment. Of course, doing the right thing should be its own reward... but it does kinda deserve a thank you OTOH. Kind of like how Miss Manners says brides shouldn't expect wedding gifts, because that's not why they're getting married, but on the other side of the coin, wedding guests should feel obligated to give gifts (no monetary value required-- but some thought!) if they care enough to attend and celebrate someone's wedding. YKWIM?

I think it's the fact that she will "never order from Cotton Babies again" that makes me a little...

That is, that it would be such an affront as to cause her A) not to ever shop from them again AND B) intentionally post about the affront on an influential board... that's where I got stuck. Maybe not that you, OP, would expect "so much" gratitude, but that you would expect gratitude "so much" that this would inspire a pretty significant personal/public reaction.

THAT said, this is only my impression from an online thread. It might not be that serious to you to stop shopping a certain retailer, so it might not take much to tip you over the edge. That is-- I could be interpreting your post to mean you were highly offended (because it might take a lot to get me to stop shopping XYZ retailer), but maybe you feel you have plenty of options, or generally prefer other options, etc., anyway, so the fact you won't shop CB doesn't reflect extreme offense taken on your part, just annoyance.

This is how I feel. Sure CB should have said thank you. But to take such offense as to post and complain saying I will never shop their again just seemed a bit extreme. Perhaps though as this poster said it didn't take much to make op head to another of the many other diapering stores.
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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Agree with the last few posters.

Personally, I too would have probably expected a "thank you" and would have even been hopeful to be able to keep something from the order as a token of their appreciation. That would have been a sure way to win my affections and continued support of their store.

A few years ago at walmart, the cashier handed me back an extra $100 in change. I don't even know how she managed it. But this was back when I was only shopping once a month and my grocery cart was overflowing. I had tons of stuff. So I pointed it out. And it literally took an hour and a half to resolve. I was beyond irritated. I did the right thing. And they had to get management over. RETURN every single item in my cart. Go through all the money in the register. And then RECHECK me out. I was pissed. I expected some gratitude at least. When it took so long, I expected some sort of gift card to compensate me for my time. But I received nothing. Even after asking for some sort of compensation. Such is life.

That being said... to say you will never shop their again because of this is a little... extreme. You did the right thing. Because someone didn't go above and beyond isn't a reason to never shop there again. Or if it is for you, then so be it. But it seems like with that kind of attitude you are setting yourself up for many, many disappointments in life. Personally, I have bigger fish to fry. I prefer other stores to Walmart, but I'll still shop there on occasion. It still has it's place. I vented to my DH about it, and have not talked about it again or even thought about it until reading this thread.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But just don't get offended or upset when other people have different opinions and experiences than you. There are enough CD stores for us to all be happy.
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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

I'm sorry that you were disappointed. I've ordered from them (and Kissed by the Moon, btw) and have had great customer service. But I'm a low maintenance customer. I'm not one to send 6 messages to the owner asking about a tub of CJ's or anything. I go on the site, I order, and if everything comes in a reasonable amount of time and is correct, I'm a happy camper. Handwritten notes of thanks (actual notes or on the invoice), free samples, etc. are a nice touch but I don't feel slighted if they don't happen.

As for the specific situation in this thread, I probably would notice they didn't say thank you but I don't think it would upset me. I had the same thing happen with another store; they sent me the wrong color diaper. I told them and their response was basically "oops...we'll send you a postage paid mailer". No thanks, really. Not even an apology for messing up my order. It didn't really bother me. It was resolved and that's what mattered to me.
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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by lakemama View Post
Here's a note that I wrote to Cotton Babies, because our time matters, and they need to appreciate that.

I ordered on Black Friday and received my order this past Monday. However I also received a duplicate order of a cart that I cancelled, valuing $75 in merchandise. I checked my Paypal and wasn't charged. So I sent an email to customer service indicating what happened and advised that I would gladly repack this order and send it back if they would send a call tag. Two days later I get an email reply with instructions what to do. NO THANK YOU included. NO thanks for being honest and doing the right thing. NO thanks for taking the time to let us know and for repacking and shipping it. NO thanks, we appreciate your time.

Really?! I would have been a happy customer with one simple thanks.

You made a mistake, which happens. I was honest and I let you know and returned the goods that I didn't pay for. I could have kept them and you'd have been none the wiser. I'm trying to help your bottom line because I value small business. But what I value about small businesses is customer service. Which didn't happen.

So you're welcome. But you've lost my business going forward, and there are MANY other appreciative customer service oriented companies that I will support. Because that matters to me and a lot of other Moms out there
I sincerely apologize you were not properly thanked for your honesty and consideration in returning the extra products. On behalf of Cotton Babies, I can honestly say that we greatly appreciate your honesty, and are very thankful that you were willing to return the products. I'm very sorry that this was not conveyed to you in the beginning of your communication. I'm not exactly sure who answered your email, but I will mention this situation to our Customer Service manager so she can address this issue with her team.


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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

It's my understanding that the op needs to be personally congratulated on not being someone of low moral quality or she is literally going to throw rocks at an establishment. I think that outlook is outrageous. I can understand throwing rocks if I was way overcharged for junk, if a product injured my child, or if shopping there was an agonizing long process & no one was willing to answer questions for me......but a public bashing over this

I guess this could be viewed as more of an 'European outlook', but a store doing all the work to give me a great product at a great price while quickly answering my questions deserves my thanks - not the other way around.

This bashing worked the opposite for me. I'm not going to jump on her 'I'll never shop at CB again" bandwagon. She clearly stated she had a problem & they quickly answered her questions so it could be fixed - I'll take that as a recommendation.

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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

I get it. In my personal experiance cb was great when I had a dipe under warranty that needed to be fixed, but the next order I placed was AWFUL! I couldn't get anyone to call me back, then they threw some random tracking number on my orders that had not shipped (it said they were delivered before I even ordered) again I could not get anyone to call me back! Email was just as bad. The lady who finally called me back was nice at least, the lady who was emailing back and forth with me was not friendly or helpful at all. Needless to say I will not order from them ever again, and I have previously been a loyal customer. Good customer service is more important to me then saving a few extra dollars, and theirs is most definitely lacking. And just for the record I am not the type to get upset about waiting for my orders, but I do expect some sort of communication...
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