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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Best of luck to you with a natural hospital birth! It is TOTALLY possible to have one, even with your first child. I did, and I'm even considered "high risk".

I went into labor at 38 weeks, 6 days. I actually did not know that it was labor at first, as I had not felt any Braxton Hicks contractions prior to that. Anyway, I started to feel contractions and did just what you were describing- I labored at home as long as possible. DH and I hired a doula, since it was our first baby and didn't really know what to expect. She came to our home and helped me to labor there and also helped to determine when it was the right time to go to the hospital. We left for the hospital about 9 hours after labor began, arrived at the hospital at 8 centimeters dilated (!!!) and had the baby with zero meds very quickly. Pushing took around 20-30 minutes. The OB actually broke my water when I was 9 3/4 centimeters so that I could start pushing already. I wanted to sooo badly. I had DS in my arms an hour and a half after arriving at the hospital. Total labor length=11 1/2 hours!

My birth was a wonderful experience. It helped A TON that I arrived so far along, since they literally did not have enough time to push unwanted interventions on me. The baby was coming out and there was nothing they could do about it!

BTW I would highly recommend taking a natural birthing class to prepare yourself. We took Bradley and were SO glad that we did. It helped a ton!


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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

yes, I went on not opposed to drugs or help if needed but kept telling myself that it was going to get worse before better and before I knew it it was over. Birth is definately a mind over matter situation for most women. Is it going to hurt? Yes, but don't run away from the pain make it work for you and go with it.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

With my first my water broke when I was 36 weeks. I went right into the hospital as soon as I'd finished packing my bag (mistake). They checked me and it was indeed my water (no kidding) and I was three cm. They had me move around and walk for about four hours and I was still not having any contractions so my midwife talked me into starting pit she agreed to start with a very small dose and up slowly. Five hours later my dd was born, the pit contractions were rough (I have since had non pit contractions to compare to) but I was able getting any pain meds or an epidural. DD was fine and overall it was a good experience but I think if I hadn't rushed in and given my body time to go into labor and start having contractions naturally it would have happened and been a bit easier to handle.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I just want to let you know that it is possible to have a natural birth the first time. I also agree that a traditional hospital setting is a hindrance to a natural birth.

I had my first in a hospital, but it was a very unique, pro-natural birth hospital. I labored at home as long as possible, about 5 hours. My contractions were very strange and not what I had been told to look for. They were very short (20-ish seconds) and very close together (1 minute apart) pretty much the whole time. Because of how short they were, the hospital told me over the phone not to come in. So I called them 30 minutes later and basically lied to them about how long they were lasting. I was very afraid that I would get there and they would tell me I was not in labor. The pain was so bad that I could not walk, not speak in sentences, not eat, not drink, kept puking, and could hardly open my eyes. I was pretty much screaming non-stop. Just before leaving I decided that I would get an epi and if they refused to admit me I would demand a c-section (baby was 42 weeks and amniotic fluid was low according to last screening). That is how bad the pain was and how out of my mind it was making me. The whole time I was pregnant I was the biggest natural birth advocate you could find and determined not to have a c-section. I was prepared for the pain, but not how out of control it made me feel.

As soon as I walked in the door they put me in a room and checked me and confirmed I was dilated to 4. This knowledge made me feel much better. The nurse came in and said that my chart said I wanted a natural birth (that I had filled out weeks earlier) and asked me how I was feeling. I screamed (not intentionally I was just in so much pain I couldn't help it) that that was the dumbest idea I have ever had and that I wanted an epidural. She left the room. A half hour later she came back in and the mid-wife checked me again. She said I was at 7cm. I think at that point the adrenaline/endorphins caught up with the pain and it was more bearable -- or at least I was getting used to it. I thought the pain was going to get worse and worse, like that 8cm would be double the pain of 4cm, but that wasn't the case. I told the original nurse that I no longer wanted an epi, and she left the room.

After the baby was born, I saw her again. At that point I was in love with every person I saw, and it was truly the best moment of my life. I told her I was sorry for wasting her time and changing my mind. She just smiled and said that any time someone's chart says they wanted a natural birth, she doesn't argue with them, but she makes them ask 3 times for an epidural. I really do believe she is the reason that I didn't get one. There is no doubt in my mind that at any other hospital I would have gotten one.
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It's totally possible! Our dd was born at home with 2 midwives. We are planning another home birth for baby #2 due in May.
I have many friends that have had natural hospital births. They had Drs that were on board with no meds unless necessary & hospitals that were the same. A doula might also be helpful though none of my friends used one.
I spent a lot of time in the tub laboring with dd. that & my yoga breathing helped so much. Would you have soaking in a tub as an option at the hospital? I also found a lot of courage in reading Ina Mays guide to childbirth.
Good luck mama! Remember you can do anything you set your mind to!
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

To the pp who mentioned the hip squeeze.....ITA!!! Cant say enough about how helpful that is.

I posted on this subject and have since had another natural hospital birth. I dont agree with those who said hospitals hinder natural childbirth. I know myself and I think I would be a total spazz at home. I actually feel "safer" in a hospital to some degree....but that is jmo and not meant to step on toes. To each his own.

Back to the hip squeeze, dh never did this for our first birth but did for our second. I think he did it during every contraction in the hospital. It saved my life! You have to find something that works for you. My best advice: go with what feels right. If you want to lay down, lay down. If you want to stand up, stand up. I agree with others who said not to "fight" the pain. Go with it. Remind yourself that every contraction brings you closer to meeting baby and being done with the pain.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by waitingforbaby View Post
I'm wanting to hear some stories about first births, especially natural ones. I'm pregnant with my first child and really wanting to have a natural hospital birth--no pitocin, no amniotomy, no episiotomy, no pain meds...

If you had your first naturally, can you tell me about it? Was he/she late? Did you know it when you were in active labor? If you had a hospital birth, how was your experience? How was recovery?

By the way, both baby and I are looking perfectly healthy so far. Also, I'm planning on laboring at home as long as possible to avoid the hospital rushing me.
My DD was an amazing homebirth She was born at 39 weeks 3 days. (FWIW our ultrasound was way off, it said that she was 35 weeks...) I had false labor several times, but I knew when it was real because my water started leaking. I got up and walked 20 min after she was born. I only bled for 4 weeks, 3 of which were really light. Everyone was amazed at how well I was walking afterwards. No tearing, and I was in labor for 11 hours total.
DH and I have been together since April 2008 and welcomed our DD June 2011 and DS July 2013
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