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clingy 3 yo and preschool??

My son Mark is supposed start preschool this fall. he is pretty social so I wasn't too worried about it. We have been talking about it a lot and he seemed excited. Well, we just recently had vacation bible school at our church. we go every single sunday and wednesday while he doesnt always stay in the nursery he knows all the people and kids in the nursery. he is pretty good in the sanctuary so if he wants to come with me i bring him, sometimes i leave him and he cries when i leave but is fine as soon as i am out of sight. Well, at VBS i made him go to his preschool class and he threw a fit about it every night BUT once he was with his class he had a great time. Well, VBS is over and all of a sudden he is a cling-on! Every time we go anywhere he freaks out that i am going to leave him, I mentioned to him we are going to Chicago this week to see his grandma and grandpa and he freaked out saying he wanted me to come too, i told him of course i was coming. we had a wedding last week and it had a "kids room" adjoined to main room in the reception hall, Kids just ran back and forth between the rooms since it was open. my 18 month old loved it but even though Mark was able to see me in the next room he refused to go alone or even with his brother. they ended up doing a pinata so I took him in there there to participate and he wouldn't let me out of his sight! I mean i know its normal toddler behavior for some to only want mom but Mark isn't usually like that. He was even having a nightmare the other night and talking in his sleep about me leaving him, I felt HORRIBLE. Its like VBS tramautized him! I was there in the church the WHOLE time he at VBS and I checked on him often an he truly was fine once i was gone and he seemed to be having fun. My younger son isn't like that if i leave him crying he *stays* crying the whole time so I figured it with Mark stopping after I left he was ok. Well, now i am really nervous about him starting preschool this fall...he is supposed to start in Septemeber and I am due with our 3rd child on septemeber 2nd and I am worried it will be too much on him and i don't want him to connect the 2 and think that he has to go away to preschool because of his new sister. On the other hand i think he will LOVE preschool once he gets used to it. He is such a busy boy and he loves other kids. I just dont know what to do...Any advice? Did your kids go to preschool? how important do you think it is? WWYD in my situation? I should mention he is only 3 so if he doesn't go this year he could start next year but a lot of the reason i wanted him to go this year is bc he has stutter he is eligiable for headstart and speech therepy through them. he is starting therepy next week at our local hospital so its not the only way for him to get help but he will get MORE help at the school (meaning 4 times a week at preschool opposed to once a week at the hospital) I am so torn, on one hand i dont want to "baby" him but on the other hand I dont want to tramautize him!


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Re: clingy 3 yo and preschool??

Can you simply plan to take it one week at a time and see how your son does with the program? It sounds like the added therapy benefits could be a good thing for him. Otherwise I'd just wait it out a year. But maybe just try it for a few weeks and see how he does. If it's not working for him, you can always pull him out but at least that way you'd know you tried.
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Re: clingy 3 yo and preschool??

This is just me, but none of my children will be headed to school until they are of kindergarden age. There are lots of reasons why i have decided this, but i won't bore you with those -

I think you need to just go with your gut instinct as a mom. You know your son best. What decision puts you at ease? Go with whatever "feels right"....

If you put him in the program the worst that can happen is you take him out of it later on.... If you don't put him in the program the worst that can happen will be you might lose a little bit more of your sanity.
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