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DIY boy's haircut?

I've been reluctant (OK, more like afraid) to cut DS's hair because I don't want to get near him with scissors. He is so squirmy! But over the holidays we were visiting our inlaws and my FIL pulls out a doohickey that they used to cut DH's hair with back in the 70's early 80's. It was a little plastic thingy that had a razor in it. So I was looking online for something like that to buy, and the closest I've found is the Hair Wiz:

They can still be had on ebay, but I'm wondering if they haven't been made since the 70's is there something better that's come along? (Like the flowbee, LOL). If you have a boy, do you cut his hair yourself? DS is only 1.5 and doesn't follow instructions like "sit still" very well. But his hair is getting pretty long so I'm trying to figure out a good way to trim it. Thanks for any advice!


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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

I cut DS's hair. He is almost 22 months and not fond of sitting still. My DH sits with him at the table with some toys and super special snacks to keep him occupied while I cut. We take our time, but we do get it done.

You can probably find a razor blade guard at a beauty supply (like Sally), but the cut will be very different from what you would get with scissors.

Good luck
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

I cut all four boys hair myself with clippers. I use a longer comb, approx 1 inch on the top, and then switch to a short comb, about 1/2 inch for the sides. I cut in a dpwnward motion, think like combing hair, when doing the sides and back so it blends the two lenghts. The top I cut staright from front to back, and then side to side across the crown (the higest part of their head) because they all have cowlicks (little whirls of hair) that makes it hard to cut. I use the longest comb all over at first and then the shorter one. Then I take off the guards and clip the extra hair at the back of the neck and use scissors to get around the ears. sometimes the baby 2 yr old won't hold very still, so I just let him fall asleep in my lap and trim his hair with scissors while he sleeps. I can usually get the bangs, ears, and neck neatened up. Then I take him to the salon if I have to and the lady distracts him with a fine mister spray bottle and does the rest.
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

I cut everyones hair in the fam...I just recently started cutting my youngest sons hair, he's 23 months. He was always being called a "girl" or "she" so I knew we had to do something about it.

I cut his hair at bath time when he's in the tub. He sits still for me (he's usually playing with his little water toys) he can't run away, and it makes for easy clean up (just pull the plug and rinse the tub)
I use just regular hair cutting scissors. A razor will make the cut more frayed at the ends, but this is what most hair dressers were trained to cut with before scissors back then.
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

Ha ha you are talking about a flowbee.

Our family friend used that and we used to think it was hillarious
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

i got a pink bikini trimmer with the blade guard from walmart and just used that lol he doesn't have much hair but he had a mullet so i evened it out
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

My mom used to use that on my brother. She used scissors too though. That really did a good job thinning and texturizing my brother's super thick hair, but it didn't give a good all over cut. One word of caution, my mother did accidentally cut my brother's ear with it once. And he wasn't like particularly young and squirmy at the time, he was 7 or so and had been getting haircuts since he was 1. So if you try it use caution. I would advise using a pro, but we have had alot of bad luck with that lately. If you just want a short cut you can always get a set of clippers with a long gaurd and do it one length all over. I use clippers on dh, longer on top, short on sides and back. And then I give Tharen a mohawk.
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

My older Nephew didn't get a hair cut til he was 27-28mos old. The original plan for his 1st haircut was a couple months before he turned 3 his bday is in Jan. That my parents would take him to Walt Disney World for his 1st hair cut.
Harmony Barber Shop at Disney World makes a big deal out of it "First Haircuts" is the establishment's specialty. Young Walt Disney World guests who receive their first haircut at the Magic Kingdom barbershop are treated to many delightful surprises, from "pixie dust" and bubbles to Mickey Mouse stickers and an extra-special "My 1st Haircut" set of Mouse Ears and certificate. Haircuts for children age 12 and under are priced at just $14.

For whatever reason my parents didn't do that I think it had a lot to do with the way the Economy is at this time. My sister just takes him to the same Barber that his dad goes too.
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Re: DIY boy's haircut?

Well, Ds2 has beautiful curls, but we have not been able to get the right hair cut, so everyone thinks he is a girl. I finally decided to use dh's clippers with the 1 inch guard and cut it all off We are going to let it grow out again and try to keep it tamed while it grows. Here is a before and after pic- but the before pic is from early December and the after pic is from 2 days ago. Way shorter than I like, but it is even which is more than I can say for his previous style!

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